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Military Situation In Northern Syria On October 14, 2019 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Northern Syria On October 14, 2019 (Map Update)

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The situation in northern Syria is rapidly developing amid the ongoing Turkish military opeation and the implementation of the deal between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA):

  • The SAA entered Taqbah city, Tabqah Airbase and Tabqah dam;
  • The SAA entered Tal Tamr;
  • Several SAA units were reportedly deployed north of Manbij, near the Sajur river;
  • Turkey claims that it had neturalized 550 ‘terrorists’ since the start of its Operation Peace Spring;
  • US forces reportedly wirhdrew its observawtion point from Ayn al-Arab (Kobani).


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Joseph Scott

Who knew the US and Erdogan would would turn into Assad’s PR agents? They just handed him the chance to play saviour and create a stronger feeling of national unity. One marvels at how such inveterate schemers as the gentlemen at Foggy Bottom keep digging themselves into these holes.


Taqbah and Tal Tamir. Today’ https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2ff94513c388dc784fe118c42fe70228887b0f02852eb9494599395ede541697.jpg s start is Terrific. Totally :)

Zionism = EVIL

From all field reports, it appears that the Turkeys have rustled about 130 sq kms of Syrian land and now that the SAA and Kurds are trying to block further advances it is too early to see what transpires on the ground. It all depends if the SAA is allowed to use its air defences by Russia.


Do you really believe that SAA is now going to northeast without air defences and air support?! And the SAA entered Tabqah Airbase with what purpose?

Zionism = EVIL

I believe that a lot depends on Russia and its coddling of the pig Erdogan so far. The area the Turkeys have captured so far is the size of Golan Heights and they want to ethnic cleanse it with Wahhabis. Tabqah is disused and has no strategic value at this stage as it is not activated or can be without air defences. The Turkeys are bombing a region that is 30-50 kms wide at this stage and Syria has enough air defences to down the F-16 which are the key Turk ground attack and interceptor. The SAA move is a blocking move so that the Turkeys do not move further south and annex more lands, which is the real intent, so to answer your question I think the SAA will have to confront the Turkeys and that depends on Russian support and air defences.


What is being quickly created it’s a single great front, from west to east, against the Turks and their proxies.

Zionism = EVIL

But I believe the Turkeys will keep on pushing south and test how much land they can steal and create a quasi Wahhabi state across the Syrian border all the way to Iraq. This invasion did not come out of the blue, but part of a long term plan. That is why it is essential that Syria send some sort of a tangible military signal, and bringing up SAM batteries is the best way to show intent.


And now Russia is gone cheat on the SDF and SAA, bet? Russia is gone give a “ Turkish save zone” in Syria , an Turkish occupation zone in Syria. And then he is gone allow Turkey to resettle all IS scum in between millions of fugitives. So Kurds and Syrians, Russia and Turkey got your balls


If it means getting East Syria and the oil fields back methinks that’s a price worth paying. In one fell swoop Russia would have managed to give most of Syria back to Assad. And without having to start WW3 as some here would have liked. Of course that is not enough for some. It’s never enough.

Saddam Hussein

Make all that yellow into red.

Kemal Büyük

Saddam, I love you. But it won’t happen.

jim crowland

make blue any the color (except black)


These are the main points in the agreement between the #SDF and the Syrian government. #Syria

1/ The abolishment of the #SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces), with all the current Kurdish forces and military groups joining the 5th Corps (Assault Legion) under Russian control

2/ A solid guarantee of full Kurdish rights in the new Syrian constitution with autonomy which will be agreed upon by Kurdish leadership & Syrian state.

3/ Joint coordinated effort by Syrian/Kurdish forces to remove Turkish presence in northern #Syria including #Afrin (Idleb doesn’t count)

4/ #Manbej & #Kobani were agreed upon for #SAA to enter quickly, whilst #Hasakeh has seen a wide scale deployment of Syrian troops, this will continue in #Qamishly and other joint areas

5/ With Syrian forces now on the border area with #Turkey it’s clear that this starts a new phase in the 8-year-long war where some sort of endgame is now taking shape – all border areas and administrational centres will be taken over by the Syrian government

6/ Within one month Kurdish leadership with start to take up some official roles within the current Syrian government to ease the transition period of N. #Syria until an new constitution/government is formed in the future

7/ #Tabqa in #Raqqa was also on the agreement, Syrian forces entered the city and took control of the military airbase earlier today

8/ #Russia had brokered a similar deal a few days ago, yet it was rejected by #Damascus who wanted more concessions from the #SDF.

9/ As per-agreement Syrian forces entered Ein Issa in N. #Raqqa today

10/ The agreement between #SDF and Syrian gov is yet to be fully completed, the finer details will be fleshed out over the next four days.

11/ For now all #ISIS prisoners remain under the control of the #Kurds

12/ The agreement thus far is effectively a military one, based on self-defense and mutual interest with a number of set aims. The governance/land delegation/isis prisoners part will follow later

13/ Syrian forces will deployed on the entirety of the border with #Turkey, this is the first time in 6 years that the Syrian army will have a serious presence in N. East #Syria

from Danny Makki


We need to wait and see whether or not the Deir-Ezor oil fields have also been included in the deal with the SDF. In either case, these oil fields can easily be taken, since the Syrian army is already across the river.

The oil fields are controlled by the Deir Ezor Military Council, which is separate from the SDF. And .. this group is made up of former local criminals and captured ISIS converts. But, without the SDF manpower they are nothing.

The US Defense Department says it will only remain at the al Tanf boarder crossing, which is way to the South of the oil fields.

jim crowland

The US foreign policy ha never been free of contradictions but with this government has become unpredictable

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