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MAY 2021

Military Situation In Northern Syria After SDF-Damascus Deal (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Northern Syria After SDF-Damascus Deal (Map Update)

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  • The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) reportedly reached an agreement with Damascus on the situation in northern Syria;
  • The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) started entering the SDF-held area around Manbij. SAA units will reportedly enter Kabani and move further;
  • Turkey-led forces develop their advance despite the SDF-Damascus agreement.


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  1. Amorphis says:

    I dont like this. Kurda might be trying to trick us into some kind of conflict with Turkey to give NATO an execuse for invasion…

    1. dan kopfz says:

      Any agreement would have been made through the Russians, meaning they’ll be the ones enforcing it.

      Turks don’t care about Syrian Arabs. They just don’t want a Western controlled Kurdish nation on their Southern border, ensuring endless conflict.

      1. Amorphis says:

        I hope you are right.

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          It is obvious, even to the most Libtarded within NATO, that Turkey has invaded Syria illegally on numerous occasions. NATO will not support Turkey unless the Libtards are determined to go to war with Russia and her allies.

          I suppose a plus side to WW3 would be the extinction of the Extinction Rebellion cult and the Zionist Libtards of the world:)

    2. Joseph Scott says:

      No one in NATO would back that. If Turkey gets itself into trouble here, it’s on it’s own.

  2. StafJustice says:

    Just leave the Kurds to die unholy death…that’s all!
    Let the Wahabeasts and Kurd T
    raitors die each other….history is a witness.

  3. Jacob Wohl's Nose says:

    Да здравствуют Cирийская армия, Сирийская Арабская Республика и Pоссийские Вооруженные Силы! Победа над Турцией, Саудовской Аравией, США сионистское лобби!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      Да здравствует Россия.
      Спаситель цивилизованного мира.

    2. Harry Smith says:

      WOW! Kinda weird to read Russian in comments here. :)
      PS: please pardon me for lecturing you, but last phrase should be “сионистским лобби США”. Otherwise it is not connected with the beginning of the sentence. USA zionist lobby sounds perfect in English and in Russian too, but not in the sentence you wrote. It’s all about interconnection of the words in the Russian. Once again, begging your pardon for lecturing you.
      PPS: in fact, the most funny moment, your “США сионистское лобби” translates like affirmation that USA is zionist lobby.

      1. Mish says:

        Wow look at all these people coming out Russian! (put a smiley here)

  4. PZIVJ says:

    Kobani is just a short drive.
    SAA, it’s time hit the road. AWESOME! :))

    1. Sencer says:

      When do you expect them to be there ?

  5. ArcAngel says:

    Safe Zone???

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      It will soon will be :)

  6. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

    Top priority for Assad has to be the south east oil fields.
    Pedal to the metal to secure them first.

    1. igybundy says:

      US forces will leave the oil fields to the last just in case. And the oil aint going anywhere.. There is time to take it over since the equipment is already mostly destroyed.

  7. Ahmet says:

    assad government will enter manbij but it will as enter afrin xd

    1. alejandro casalegno says:

      Afrin will be the last battle……….and the kurds will be in the front line.

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        The consequence of any brutal occupation by rapacious soldiers, Turkish proxy’s in the case of Afrin, is the fact that when the tables are turned, the vengeance is cruel.

        1. alejandro casalegno says:

          And Afrin was always with the SAA……the kurds will retake Afrim for Syria and themselves.

        2. Sencer says:

          LOL. Thats a heartfelt wish dear , not an analyses.

      2. Cronos Sin Apellidos says:

        I don`t think they will try until they have taken Idlib.

        1. alejandro casalegno says:

          I say “The last Battle”…..

      3. Bill Wilson says:

        I think Idlib will be left for last since it’s largest area that holds the largest population plus displaced civilians controlled by several rival factions that are responsible for them.

    2. Sencer says:

      True. Syrian army will not be allowed in 30 to 35 KMs Turkish corridor. Noone can enter there.
      Beyond that everyone can do whatever they like, TR does not care.

      Let pink ass EU citizens , leftists, liberals think whatever they want. Dreaming and BS analyses are not taxed here on SF.

  8. alejandro casalegno says:

    At last the kurdish linteng the reason…………….at last…………..

    1. Uncle Meat says:

      Linteng? Come over to reason?

      1. PZIVJ says:

        Learning to come to reason?
        That is my best guess. :)

      2. BMWA1 says:

        Reason reclaims her throne

      3. alejandro casalegno says:

        “Listening”……….my mistake.

  9. PZIVJ says:

    Reports from Liveuamap:
    Civilians in Al Hasakah are celebrating. Upon agreement with the SDF, SAA units have moved into the city from the nearby SAA military base.
    IT’S A GOOD DAY! :))

  10. John says:

    When I read about the bridge being put up in DE, I really thought it was strange. Now it all makes perfect sense. It looks like this whole thing was a coordinated event amongst the SSA and Co., with the assistance of Turkey. The advances by Turkey are very focused and narrow band assaults, utilizing a miniscule amount of the firepower they have available.

    If this is really happening, the US has been effectively removed from most of Syria in the blink of an eye. Latakia and Idlib are being taken back now in steps. This is huge. If the SAA does drive north and north east, nobody can turn back the clock. SDF is a memory for all intents and purposes. The consequences also crush decades of Mossad work among the Kurds, not only in Syria but, also Iraq. I thought something was up with that bridge. ;)

    1. roland says:

      Has anyone heard Israel’s reaction to this maybe Israel decided the Kurds aren’t good enough and they would prefer to have their favorite headchopers in control of that part of Syria as they are more reliable

      1. Uncle Meat says:

        But will the headchoppers wind up governing that region of Syria? Good possibility yes, but I don’t think, all considered, it will last, if at all would be temporary.

        1. BlueHeadLizard says:

          I guess not if the SAA are moving in.

      2. igybundy says:

        nuyahoo made a sudden trip to the wall to bang his head against it after getting a stroke on hearing the news.

      3. John says:

        Hi Roland. I have not read that. what i have read is that Israeli Security is in a panic over what is happening. Long laid plans and long executed efforts are being blown into the wind in a blink of an eye.

        1. roland says:

          So trumps not following orders on this one

          1. John says:

            Not at all. This was an incredibly damaging event for Israeli efforts.

          2. roland says:

            Yes I think your right as Israel can’t use that airspace for their activities now

          3. dinnedup says:

            Curious about the development…still one must fear something big and dark is about to blow to the surface, to reveal itself. Whew! You would have thought Almighty God was defeated by Lucifer once for all. Nothing, nothing comes close to the deceit, rotten leadership shown by the people who matter in almost all the institution of power around the world.

          4. roland says:

            I believe Lucifer’s time is short but that means he will be throwing everything he’s got at stirring up trouble so I do fear something big and dark is around the corner

        2. dinnedup says:

          Suffice it to say that these are decades long plans the maker, Israel, cannot sustain by pure political, military and financial muscle is hard to believe. No one drops a long held goal without a fight, or it isn’t so?

          1. John says:

            Hello dinnedup. Quite frankly, Israel does not have the support everybody imagined, nor do they have the power they imagined. These factors are slapping them in the face and dropping ice cold buckets of water on their head now, simultaneously. Fantasy is a very dangerous place from which to conduct national policy. My take on it, to be brief.

          2. roland says:

            The Israelis do have a lot of power in fact I’d say they are the most powerful faction in this web but it all seems to be based on fear of them as they are renowned for doing some viceous shit and that means it shouldn’t be to hard to dismantle their network as in getting people to just stand up to them which I believe is already happening Assad of Syria has stood up to them and he is still there the venuzualan government isn’t backing down either and that should motivate others to do the same your sort of right on both points Israel doesn’t have the grip on power it thinks it has but it does seem to have a firm grip on our currupted politicians and yes no one likes the Israelis they just have people who can’t say no to them

          3. John says:

            Agreed to an extent. the head of the IRGC recently stated that taking out Isreal is nolonger a dream but, has transformed to a can do it situation. The Iranians have not fudged a bit on what they say and I see Israel as extremely weak right now, for an abundance of reasons. It is most bluffs. The nukes they have, can’t use or else it is really, completely over, in my view.

          4. roland says:

            Yes Iran and it’s allies could take them out using conventional weapons but what you must remember is Israel’s most effective weapons have been unconventional the media/ pedophelia and the flow of drugs are just some of the methods they use to control us also I’ve also got a nagging feeling that even if Israel was destroyed the powers behind them would survive and pop up somewhere else

          5. John says:

            Yes, it is freaking crazy Roland.

    2. igybundy says:

      SDF will be another arm of the SAA and not integrated into regular forces but like other militias controlled by the SAA.. This was a concession given by damascus to get the deal done. But where SAA is present the SDF will not fight the Turks but remain behind the lines.

      1. Redadmiral says:

        Link to above statement, Igy would be much appreciated. Or, is this your interpretation of what is happening?

        1. igybundy says:

          Well it’s what happened with tiger forces and luwa Al quids and 5th corps. Assad won’t allow private militias and this is better than what they asked before about demobilisation and joining the Syrian army.

    3. Barba_Papa says:

      It’s possible that in exchange for Turkey pressuring the US to leave and the Kurds to submit that Idlib is now hands off for Assad’s forces. Which in a way makes sense. East Syria and the oil wells there is far more economically important to Damascus then Idlib.

      1. John says:

        That a tough one Papa. I think the SAA will move for Latakia for sure but, they have plenty to do at the moment.

      2. Bill Wilson says:

        I don’t Trump made any deal with Erdogan and simply got tired of waiting for Damascus and the Kurds to reconcile their differences so forced them to by announcing a pull-out of US forces. The US will most likely stay in the east to keep an eye on the Iranians while the Syrians and Russians restore production at the oil and gas fields. Damascus will want to retake all Syrian land in the West because those are productive agricultural lands that receives ample rainfall. Syria used to have enough agricultural production to feed itself and export the surplus to bring in additional revenue.

    4. Bill Wilson says:

      The Kurds rebuilt the old bridge over the Euphrates at Raqqa to restore civilian and commercial traffic. The Russians are building a new bridge at Deir-Ezzor for the same reason and probably will build another one at Raqqa capable of handling two way heavy truck traffic since the old bridge load limit is 12 tons.

  11. J Roderet says:

    Wow, what a massive, humiliating defeat for the Neocons. Their dreams of Zionist regional domination have been absolutely crushed by Syria, Russia, and Iran via their negotiations with Turkey. This is like a Saigon in the desert!

    1. Neurasth says:

      Good analogy, they’re evacuating northern Syria pretty much just like they did Saigon.

  12. Kemal Büyük says:

    Dont celebrate early. SAA have no balls to take fight with Turkish Army. It’s just example of Kurd’s betrayal, cowardice and backstabbing behaviour.

    1. PZIVJ says:

      This initial move is not about SAA fighting Turks.
      It is about SAA taking a foothold in Syrian territory that is not in conflict yet, and stopping any attack from Erdogan and his NSA trash. And also Russia is involved between the two groups

      1. Uncle Meat says:

        That might be too complex for his brain to comprehend. It’s violence, don’t you know. lol

    2. Mish says:

      They have balls. Russia would not allow it. It’s a huge no-no

      1. Kemal Büyük says:

        You guys are really have low IQ.

        Erdogan got Putin by the balls by buying S-400.

        Russia is bankrupt and will accept anything their customers demand.

        Russia won’t help Assad anymore on North Syria, because big fucking customer Turkish Rep. is on the phone.

        @Snakeplissken108:disqus Shut your dirty mouth up, loser.

        @PZIVJ:disqus Turkey will get whatever it wants from Syria and it’s worthless land. It will use Syria as if it’s a cheap hooker. Don’t fucking rub your hands anymore. Your time is over. Everything is eliminated for this operation. Russia won’t do anything, USA running away with tail in his ass, SAA is consisted bunch of retarted backstabbing coward arabs.

        It’s over.

    3. Joseph Scott says:

      They probably do under Russian air cover, and by local accounts, they now have that, with the VKS already eliminating some Erdogan’s jihadist SNA cannon-fodder.

  13. roland says:

    Now the Kurds have a real fight on their hands not that fake war against Isis where the us just handed over Isis fighters to the Kurds to keep them warm it’s really hard to feel sorry for these Kurdish fucks

    1. Saddam Hussein says:

      Hahahah kurds fighting?? Best joke ever.

      1. dutchnational says:

        It is not for nothing SH was hanged.

  14. Assad must stay (gr8rambino) says:


  15. nick1111 says:

    SDF will betray Assad all over again

    1. Joseph Scott says:

      The SDF never betrayed him in the first place.

      1. Saddam Hussein says:

        Look at all that yellow in Syria. Its occupied land by the US and Nato.

        1. Joseph Scott says:

          Occupied by? The total NATO forces there are tiny, and they are only there because Assad has been refusing SDC’s offers for 5 years. They have never claimed their independence from Syria, they simply wanted a secular constitution with equal rights and secular laws.

        2. Joseph Scott says:

          1.) There were never enough NATO troops there to occupy it. 2.) The SDC have been trying to negotiate with Assad since 2014, but since he has refused to accept their very reasonable offers for 5 years, they have had little choice but to work with the only the people willing, which is the only reason NATO troops are there. Assad could have avoided that himself back in 2014.

          SDC never declared an independent country. They simply don’t want to be governed by anachronistic Islamic laws, and think all citizens should have equal rights. They have always been willing to accept Syrian sovereignty under those terms.

      2. RichardD says:

        The SDF partnered with the US to keep the SAA out of SDF held areas and the US repeatedly attacked the SAA with airstrikes whenever it tried to advance into SDF held areas.

        1. Joseph Scott says:

          Something Assad could have avoided if he had accepted the SDC negotiation attempt in 2014, when IS was all over Rojava, and they were fighting for survival. He refused, so the US took advantage of his mistake, and wiggled their way in.

        2. Joseph Scott says:

          Something that only happened because back in 2014, when IS were swarming across Rojava, and the SDC, which which was under-equipped to face IS, went and tried to negotiate with Assad, he rejected any deals. Thus, the US took advantage of Assad’s mistake and wiggled their way in.

        3. Joseph Scott says:

          Something that only happened because in 2014, when IS was swarming over Rojava, and the SDC tried to negotiate withy Assad, he refused toi make any deal with them. Thus, being under-equipped and being overrun by jihadis, they made a deal with anyone else they could, which happened to be the US. Assad has only himself to blame for that. He could have had the SDC/SDF with him back then.

    1. Redadmiral says:

      Not executing! Executing suggests that there is/was some kind of “Due process”. Murdering civilians in cold blood is what they did and are doing.

  16. RichardD says:

    “Ethnic cleansing

    After the Turkish-led forces had captured Afrin District (Afrin Canton) in early 2018, they began to implement a resettlement policy by moving their mostly Arab fighters[43] and refugees from southern Syria[44] into the empty homes that belonged to displaced locals.[45] The previous owners, most of them Kurds or Yazidis, were often prevented from returning to Afrin.[43][44] Though some Kurdish militias of the TFSA and the Turkish-backed civilian councils opposed these resettlement policies, most TFSA units fully supported them.[44] Refugees from Eastern Ghouta, Damascus, said that they were part of “an organised demographic change” which was supposed to replace the Kurdish population of Afrin with an Arab majority.”

    – Turkish occupation of northern Syria –


  17. King Cliff says:

    I will would send small batch of expedition team to to raise Syrian and Russian flags over key settlements in a high points where they could be seen for miles and miles

  18. χρηστος says:

    no that they see the Sultain knife aiming at their necks they run crying to Syria for help. To what used to be even a week ago ‘evil Assad’. there must be noone else on this planet as stupid as the Kurds. its ok to choose the wrong side but have a litlle reason as well. you see that almost all of Syria is now in SAA hands. they are the winning side you stupid baboon !

  19. Saddam Hussein says:

    Its officially called Ain Al-Arab by the Syrian government and not Kobani (the fake kurdish name)

  20. BlueHeadLizard says:

    I eat my own pessimistic words; Syria + SAA going for it, roaring north and east.

  21. Bob says:

    Where are the anti-Syian/anti-Russian resident trolls today? Their silence is deafening.

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