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Military Situation In Northern Latakia On August 9, 2018 (Syria Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in northern Latakia on August 9, 2018. According to pro-government sources, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other radical armed groups have concentrated a large number of their members and equipment in the area. At the same time, the Syrian military has also deployed reinforcements strengthening its positions there. The sides are preparing for military actions, which are expected to be started in this part of the war-torn country soon.

Military Situation In Northern Latakia On August 9, 2018 (Syria Map Update)

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That “wing” of jihadists to the northwest of Highway M4 , looks like a good place to start the house cleaning. Do us proud SAA.

Feudalism Victory

Looks pretty mountainous around there. Google maps shows a nice plain with what looks farms going to idlib city. A nice classic armored blitz seems to be a bettern option and defend rough terrain till troops are withdrawn to block a center thrust.

Taking the farms around ghouta worked well before.


No doubt surrounding the city of Idlib is a good, its just the far north west “wing” , is just the kind of staging area you don’t want the jihadists to hold.
Too easy for the Turks to resupply and then come up on your back.

Feudalism Victory

Im not sure but im guessing it would be easy to list all the passes and categorize them by size to intercept them with air or artillery strikes from their own local high points. Just zero in on all of them send some 24/7 spy drones(or russian military satellites) and fire away on movement.

Maybe spread word that civilians should bunker down till the end of operations and shoot everything that moves. Thats what Id do if I was Assad.

I guess I like my idea more lol.

Sage Durham

I am wondering – The enemy holding the territory must expect such
attacks – and i’m assuming they will place IEDs/mines on roads etc. How
does an attacking group clear such obstacles?

Feudalism Victory

Use tracked or off road vehicles. Perhaps throw jihadis onto the road to test for explosives. They can do that job dead or alive.

Realistically I guess they go slow and endure the casulties. Ieds cant stop the advance just slow it and increase the cost.

Maybe robots once the jihadi supply is used up?

Chris P

Mine Sweepers and Smoke screens. A large group of terrorist, means each air strike will be deadly. The SAA has a lot more experience now and so do the Russians. It will be bloody, but the Turks are no longer really supporting the Terrorist anymore. Russian Nat Gas is far more important now. they got what they want. The battlefield is constantly changing, and the hit and run techniques will not work anymore. Dealing with mines is done with tanks and Russian repair crew who are 10/10. A mine will disable a tanks tracks, but this problem has been diminished.


A push out of Al Ghab Plain on right side of map? This is my thinking also. SAA will also need to take control of the hills just west of that route.

Feudalism Victory

Classic blitzkrieg. Go around the strong points cut their supply and use infantry to besiege them till dead.

This time the syrians need to kill every enemy they see. No survivors from the pockets.


If you want to trap a lot of militants , there is a large force around Khan sheikoun and Morek in the south. They would be easier to encircle counterclockwise, so you’re not impeded by hills.

The problem isn’t a lack of opportunity. It’s what to do about those Turkish observers sitting on the front lines. Russia is trying to court turkey, to leave NATO or otherwise switch sides. Putin doesn’t want Assad to attack turkey. But turkey isn’t retreating.


As he said, blitzrieg around the strong points, especially the Turkish observation points, the Turks will have no excuse to be on Syrian soil when the jihadists are gone.


The dominant terrain north is hills with enough trees to hide ground troops. A blitz would only work on the ghab plains, but you’re really not safe in the valley unless you control both mountain ranges east and west. The east range was grabbed by the militants after the fall of jisr shugour. They said jisr shugour was the key to ghab plain. It reasons that taking the ghab plain is the key to retaking jisr shugour.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

yes the plains would def be good for an armored blitz, i just hope its not mined/booby-trapped


While not an expert in this field, from previous offensives, SAA probes all fronts for weakness then proceed from there. Lasting in three stages, looking at the landscape, the Turkish border is paramount, but to shut the border completely Afrin region needs to be liberated. Could possibly see a limited border offensive and as manpower and equipment is moved to the mountains, a Dara’a style offensive takes place along the M5. By then it would be too late for Al Qaeda and co, only time would tell (they are already being sent to Yemen). SAA has leverage in every sense of the word.

Richard M

The Orcs can always retreat into the Ottoman Empire when the battle turns against them. They can also count on constant resupply and the ability to transit Ottoman territory to reinforce threatened sections of the front.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

dont give them ideas lol!

svenne svensk

They are going to need the russian airsupport to be able to win.


May Victory come Swift SAA….


I think they are going to clean up all the border between the Idlib governorate and Turkey, and I suspect they are going to attack also by south and east. Lets see.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

rest in shit HTS lol :))))

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