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Military Situation In Nihm Area In Yemen’s Sana’a Governorate (Map Update)


This map provides a close look at the military situation in the Nihm area In Yemen’s Sana’a Governorate.

Military Situation In Nihm Area In Yemen's Sana'a Governorate (Map Update)

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  • Pave Way IV

    Sand-dwelling Saudi Wahhabi nutjobs are trying to overrun and break through Houthis and northern tribes’ popular committees holed up in defensive positions IN THE F’KING MOUNTAINS! Seriously, WTF are the Saudis thinking? Stick to bombing school buses, cowards…

    My money would have to be on the Houthis, here.

  • Spit

    I cant find the right state of mind. I lied. Im sick.
    I dont smell like death. I am sick. my family is calling me asking me to put something into my mouth.
    But I simply cant.
    I will get better. My word is truth. I ill try my best to get better.