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Military Situation In Nagorno-Karabakh On September 30, 2020 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Nagorno-Karabakh On September 30, 2020 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of recent developments in Nagorno-Karabakh:

  •  An unidentified flying object was destroyed over the Iranian-Azerbaijani border near Aslanduz;
  • According to the Armenian MoD, Armenian forces destroyed 12 Azerbaijani tanks in the past 24 hours;
  • Azerbaijani artillery shelled Armenian positions in the town of Hardut;
  • Heavy clashes between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces were reported near the Terter area;
  • According to Armenian sources, two Azerbaijani drones were shot down over Stepanakert;
  • According to the video released by the Azerbaijani MoD, 4 Armenian tanks were targeted by 4 Kamikaze drones.


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When all those Armenian tanks, artillery are taken out, we’ll see Azeri army moving in. There are some Syria rats in its ranks too. They are nasty bunch and they won’t die easily.

Armenians have no match to those Syrian rats…. LOL. They are going to run all over N-K.

Graham Steinberg

UNSC ? It’s under control of Tel Aviv Saudi & US……..

These TYRANTS fuel the ‘war economy’ & conflicts in the region.

Its TIME to send them to hell…….

Europe hates America

Azeri, turkish and syrian rats all the same shit at the end


No. I support al people who want to take back their country and their own land. This includes Syrians, Palestinians and Azeris on N-K.

Get rid of all the occupiers and aggressors.


azeris want to take a land that only armenias live…also then you must hate the turks for occuping north Cyprus yes? or just another lying troll?


Brush up on Armenian history first.


Do you support Serbs to return Kosovo? Kosovo is a Serbian land more than any other part of Serbia. Will you support the Serbs to get rid of all occupiers and aggressors? No?


The problem is how you define “who is the occupier” and the “invader”. Azerbaijan claims over Nagorna karaba are totally bogus and a fraud. and you will see why.. for starting azerbaijain was never a country with defined borders and embassies in the world , before the soviet union times.. those lands that azerbaijan claims ,including its main lands and capital baku.. all those are lands that were property of IRAN ,when it was known as Persian empire.. and they lost those lands to the Russian empire.. in a long war.. and negotiated those lands later with Russia for peace. The war happened because Iran/persia attacked armenia which was close to Russia in culture and orthodox religion too and so that provoked Russia to come to the help of armenia and georgia too.. the end result , those lands came under control of Russia empire and IRAN/persia agree to settle differences with giving away the zone that today is Azerbaijian.. so this means.. that baku claims that nagorno -karaba are historical lands of azerbaikan are totally fake.. the armenians who live in azerbaijan always lived there.. those are there lands ..christians lands.. armenia is one of the oldest nations in europe.. is even older than italy and france.. armenia was the first country in the world to convert to christianity..and this made the nation a target of ottomans /turks and iran/persia.. but it was russia empire that forced muslims to retreat from christians countries.. all things said. .Azerbaijan have no moral or ethical or political justification to claim any land there.. azerbaijan as a country was a soviet union creation and the soviet union no longer exist.. armenia (and syria) in the other hand ,is in all historical maps all the way to the roman empire era ,thats more than 2000 years ago. you can find references to those countries in the bible of romam emperors documents. but you will not find a single reference to azerbaijan as a country , with defined borders ,during russian empire times.. azerbaijian is only an artificially created country by soviet union ,using the lands captured from iran. azeris are iranians who ended in russia territories during persia -ruso wars..

Martin Smith

Well, there’s been virtually zero gains thus far. I genuinely doubt there will any at all for a considerable period.


This War is not the same as syria. Those syria rats that did no return in body bag will tell you this. The enemy is heavily militarized, highly motivated and proffesional war maker.


Armenia is the world’s 3red most militarized country in the world. It is getting more militarized with the introduction of women in the armed forces, and a civilian militia for men and women.

Fog of War

Yes, great move, kill off your women also. Then they’ll be no Armenians left to actually populate your hard won lands. Dumbest strategy ever.


We arent muslims that have 4 wives, if one man dies, its unlikely his wife will get remarried. If a wife dies, it is very likely the man will remarry. Dumbo lol

Fog of War

DUMBO LOL ? You’re twelve aren’t you ? Who are the men going to marry when the women are dead ? Seriously ……..


More videos are released by Azerbaijan today. Those kamikaze drones and UAVs have been the nightmare of Armenia. A lot of damage done but still no serious advance: https://twitter.com/wwwmodgovaz/status/1311250796265299968 https://twitter.com/wwwmodgovaz/status/1311315809877270529 https://twitter.com/wwwmodgovaz/status/1311244252974850051


Suicide drones are Israeli ones I think.


what “Serious” advance you talking about ? azerbajian lost all the territories they captured in 2016 conflict.. so the only serious thing is the losses of azerbaijian even with the help of israel and turkey weapons. Remember that turkey that is better armed than azerbajian have been losing systematically territory in syria since russia came to help them..and is not going to be any different.. What azeri terrorist will get its entire military hardware destroyed and soldiers too.. Because Russia will not leave and abandon its support to armenia ,and russia have plenty of power ,plenti of force ,to force azerbajian to retreat any advances they make.. and iran will be backing russia too ,so this is a war azerbajiani terrorist had no chance to win.. not even with turkey help.. turkey and nato are losing territory in syria ,what makes you think they will do better against armenia that have a defense treaty with russia?, and is much closer to russia main territory? just one nuclear strike on ankara and baku is all that russia needs to stop the war ,and make those countries to retreat.. so any dreams of azerbaijan and turkey to defeat armenia that is backed by russia are just flying unicorns stories.. just fantasy dude.. this is what makes muslims so easy to break and defeat ,they are very dumb and don’t understand well when is not right to fight.. versus superior enemy. Azerbaijan is losing the war not winning and this is without russian airforce help.. which can very easily defeat the azeri airforce ,which almost doesn’t exist. and the turkey one too.

Антон С

UFO over Iran is azerb. UAV, second one which crossing the border of IRI. Armenia claims lost of Su-25 after attack of turkish F-16. Azerb-n claims 2 Su-25 of ArAF crashed to a mountain.

Rhodium 10

Azerbajan dont have any chance to retake Karabaj…they can destroy some artillery, tanks, trucks, APC…but infantery are hided inside trenchs and caves in mountain areas…it means that ATGM and Snipers team can wipe off Azerbajan infantery and tanks while they are advancing…it will be similar when Israel tried to advance in lebanon 2006…

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