Military Situation In Mosul City On January 17, 2017 (Iraqi Map Update)


Today, Iraqi Securit Forces (ISF) have liberated the Mosul Grand Mosque, the al-Kindi Facility, and the districts of al-Jaza’ir, al-Nu’maniyah, al-Darkazliyah, Sanharib, al-Suez and al-Zira’i from ISIS terrorists. The eastern part of the Mosul city is almost liberated from the terrorist group.

Military Situation In Mosul City On January 17, 2017 (Iraqi Map Update)

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  • VGA

    Wow, ISIS are getting wrecked.

    • NeoLeo

      They are too busy attacking Syrian Army to defend their own position in Iraq.

  • chris chuba

    The best part about the liberation of Mosul is that no hospitals or schools have been damaged and no airstrikes or artillery have killed civilians. It’s amazing. Since the MSM isn’t showing stock footage of the same child being pulled out of rubble everyday this means that it isn’t happening.

    Why can’t Assad and the Russians fight this way and use the artillery shells that don’t kill civilians? There’s a switch on the shell, ‘kill / don’t kill’ civilians on each shell that you can set.

  • John Marks

    “14000 Daesh jihadis” attacking Deir-ez-Zor.
    Are these the ones Saudi Arabia arranged free passage for from Mosul?
    Plus many from al-Bab where the Turks are pretend-fighting?