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Military Situation In Libya On May 16, 2020 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Libya On May 16, 2020 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments in Libya:

  • GNA warplanes and drones have targeted the al-Watiyah airbase 57 times since the start of May 2020;
  • GNA forces shelled LNA positions in Washaka and the coastal road wounding several LNA fighters;
  • LNA artillery units targeted the Mitiga airport. Some Tripoli city council election ballot boxes were set on fire;
  • Clashes and artillery duels between the GNA and the LNA continue in southern Tripoli.


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Maeanwhile in Erdoganistan :

Nearly one million households in Turkey have been cut off from electricity because their owners were unable to pay their bills by the end of February, Energy Minister Fatih Donmez said in response to a question in the Turkish parliament.

According to data provided by the Turkish minister, about 59,238,582 electricity bills are sent each month, and about 1.52% were cut off at the end of February 2020.

900,426 households were cut off from electricity at the end of February and 118,477 households were referred to court for failing to pay their bills.

Mustafa Mehmet

erdogan should come and ask help from souflaki boy……re do not worry about turkiye we doing fine..at least we dont wait for hand out from germany


hahahaha shit-kebap memetako you always make us laugh with your goofy comments…
…so stupid!
Kebapistan – Erdoganistan is in fact begging China – Qatar even Pakistan for loans.
You dont have electriciy you dont even have toilet paper to wipe your smelly asses!
Oh sorry I forgot you got toilet paper, its called turkish lira ! hahahhahahaaaa

Mustafa Mehmet

Take it easy with ouzo… German waiting for a loan repayment next 50 years not bad souflaki boy


Read it and weep shit-kebap :

Last week, the lira hit record lows — falling to 7.49 against the dollar.

…a 25% fall in gross domestic product (GDP) rather than the 5% rebound the government predicted for the economy at the beginning of the year.

Turkey blames ‘foreign powers’ for fresh currency woes

Meanwhile, Turkey’s central bank has been burning through its reserves of dollars and euros to prop up the lira. The banking regulator also banned Citigroup, UBS and BNP Paribas from trading the ailing currency, a decision that spooked financial markets further.

Ankara stopped three global banks from speculating on the lira after the currency fell to a record low. Rumors spread that the West is trying to harm Turkey, when, in truth, investors were spooked by Erdogan’s excesses.

Yilmaz said Turkey’s political system of patronage, which benefits the 10 million members of the ruling Justice and Development Party, is now showing signs of stress, without a strong coronavirus-related state aid program to support those who have fallen on hard times.

comment image

Mustafa Mehmet

No worries re


Sisi : “If the Libyan army does not fight terrorism, #Egypt will do


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