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MAY 2021

Military Situation In Libya On July 12, 2020 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Libya On July 12, 2020 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments in Libya:

  • Libyan National Army (LNA) artillery shelled GNA positions in the al-Washka area;
  • The LNA has sent more reinforcements to the frontline near Sirte, and in central Libya in general;
  • Since last night, a heavy fighting has been ongoing in one of the neighborhoods of Sebha. The fighting is a result of tensions within the youth from the same tribe. Tribal elders and security forces work to put an end to the violence.


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  1. LibertyIsGreat says:

    Both sides are losers.

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  2. The LNA should reserve some of it’s components and attempt to go around those trying to encircle Sirte ( soon ) and go for their base camp where ammo and food are kept. Delay here, but not a win if accomplished.

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