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JUNE 2021

Military Situation In Libya On January 11, 2018 (Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in Libya on January 11, 2018.

Military Situation In Libya On January 11, 2018 (Map Update)

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British and French are Proud of their Crimes
and force immigrations toward Europe
for destabilizations to please the Nato/Zionist Disgusting Colonialism !

Tommy Jensen

Whole Europe were actually involved and accepted the idea; Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Turkey.
Everybody were wagging.


Europe is NATO,
run by US/CIA appointing the Leaders.
Roman Polanski did a nice movie parody on Tony Blair memories,
The “Ghost Writer” Mainstream Medias did all they can
to discredit and Arrest him with forge documents…

Most “terrorisme” Europe had since 1950
was done by the US/NATO”Gladio”
EC & Euro is mostly an US “Creation” and is going to change or fail…
Look at the Philippines, Peoples and Government
is two different things, in the US and EC too.

— Seventy years of harassing political establishment and people of Europe

The Only place I know where Government is under peoples Control
is Switzerland, a “Miniature” Europe since centuries, different languages,
Cultures, Religions living peacefully together is a successful strength,
none wars since 1515, it’s about “Magellan” times.

What happened in the Middle-East is an unacceptable “Human”
shame run by the US/Zionists manipulating the World with
a “weird” political correctness.


Manufacturing “Failed States”

by Edward S. Herman

Only decisions improving Masses Lives and Environment are good
The US imperialist “Damaged Culture” will implode by it’s own
junk failure at home…


“The US imperialist “Damaged Culture” will implode by it’s own
junk failure at home… ”

And this failure will lead to open acceptance of globalism. When the masses are hungry, dying, living in fear, they will accept whatever is shoved at em. But the US imperialist culture will not implode, until the banksters stop supporting it. And that wont likely happen, until the useful idiots have served their purpose and the globalist mind is universally in power..


Mad Max movie ?
To predict Future show it’s always wrong,
but “Systems” fails by themselves will see…


FIAT monetary system always fails. Whole world has this system.

And banksters control that switch.


During Years,
my Disney World was to spend some times with
with some banksters “masters” competing each others…

My angle viewpoint is a bit more confusing
and complex than yours.
There is a great diversity of Bad and Good everywhere
you go, excellence is seldom and didn’t last !

Biodiversity destruction and disappearance
is the most worrisome for the Humanity uncertain Future…


Indeed, yet we see for the whole of modern history the deconstruction of current societies and the re education to the sickness we call modern civilization. The rich use destabilization to take control of countries, we`ve seen it repeatedly, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine et al.

They do not need, nor do they want to drag the whole of the population of this planet into a new world order. They have said repeatedly that they think the world is over populated, although from a factual standpoint, it is not.

Good and bad may be everywhere, but the worst of us, ( money grubbing , greedy, envious, ego-maniacal money whores) control everything, and everyone of note.

The right answer is always the simple answer. The world has chosen a monetary system that is designed to create gross inequality, and is destructive. Banksters know it, rest of the herd is clueless.

They control the interest rate, they control to the day when this world wide FIAT economy will crash in upon itself, transferring real property to the hands of the banksters. transferring control of our countries, to banksters. Who else is prepared to take over WHEN the roll over into open fascism occurs. WHo could resist. Those who would resist, are being regime changed, bombed, and destabilized as we speak.

World bank says more than 60 % of countries will be bankrupted before mid century. And those who pull the trigger, DO know when the shot will take place.

As to what comes of globalism. For sure many of us will die. World will be restructured into a globalist perspective, and sustainability for the herd will be common place. While the rich will consume what they want. Because the rich know that we cannot all consume inordinate amounts of resources via consumption and not expect to kill our planet.

But the world will work fine in inequality, if only a small amount are allowed the privilege of luxurious consumption, and the rest are kept in line. Serfs.

Want to know when the end of the lies called democracy is near. Watch for the concept of basic income to become reality, like it is on the country I was born into. Technology is taking jobs, creating useless eaters , more and more everyday. What to do with the slaves….I am sure, the rich do not really care to maintain the masses of the planetary virus called the human species..

Western societies, or 20% world population, now consume 80% of the worlds resources. While the rest want their piece of this consumption. Clearly unsustainable. While half the world lives on less than 10 bucks a day. Fools in my country, think we are exempt from the effects of this inequality. As the jobs go, their incomes drop, and their futures do not exist. Delusional voting twats, thinking their politicians work in their best interests.

“The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities. ”

World crash = no big deal. World economic crash = reboot into the openly promulgated new world order. Where the herd will sell their souls for a good feed and protection from mad max and his ilk..

Michał Hunicz

After Derna, LNA should destroy GNA and then Berbers by the end of this year. I hope. And influence area on these deserts are mainly in Tobruk government hands.

Brad Isherwood


So……Empire rips Libya to shreds.
Russia Shrugs it’s shoulders. ..
Years later…..Oil deals for Russian business. …while the nation is a fractured patchwork of crime.

Hey….that kinda sounds like the Ukraine. ..
Lol….go figure.


So are you really gonna blame Russia for shrugging shoulders with Libya, when it had no hand in its destruction. Canada did, France did, Italy did, but Russia did not. As to whining why didn’t they stop it.. Well, why the fukk didn’t you stop it. How could they, when the whole world was willingly duped. And Russia has an oligarch too. Russia has inequality too. And Russians want the good life,. just like the herd in your country does to.

I am not simple minded enough to confuse the oligarch, and blame the effects of inequality, on what you call Russia.

Libya was a wake up call for Russia. The message was loud and clear. The globalists are coming.

And now the globalists,. have surrounded Russia and China.


how long would it take to paint this map blue!? (LNA)


what a mess, russia should send forces here to clean them of rats as well

You can call me Al

I think you may found they have some specials there already.


cool :)))


Libya is a RUINED nation that now acts as a melting pot for a devil’s brew of thousands of terror and crime gangs- just as the Deep State wanted. What’s that? Putin voted FOR the UN resolutions used as an excuse to attack and destroy Libya? Well, well.

Tell me ONCE where Putin used the UN to vote AGAINST the West’s war mongering pro-zionist resolutions (and NO- the rare cases where the resolution ran directly against Russian interests and put Russian lives at immediate risk don’t count- for in those cases Putin had no choice but to vote against).

Did you know Putin voted for the sanctions against Iran that he then used as an excuse not to complete Iran’s joint nuclear power station, nor to provide the Russian s-300 air defense system Iran had signed a contract to buy? Of course Iran’s ‘CRIME’ was to be accused of working to build a nuke, even though Putin KNOWS Israel has a ton of nukes. Racist Putin stated jews are a “special case” and Russia will NEVER act against Israel.

Funny how world leaders say racism is “EVIL”, then vote along RACIST lines to punish the targets of Israel for only doing what Israel does. One rule for the jews, another for the ‘sub-Humans’. Gaddafi found this out the hard way, when after he got rid of all viable weapons of self-defense at the bidding of Tony Blair, had his nation destroyed at the behest of the jews of Israel.

The jews want EVERY ‘muslim’ nation with a sufficient technical capability sent back to the stone age. The final two targets are Pakistan and Iran. But Pakistan is wholly in the pocket of the British, so is of minor concern to Israel.

Potato Potato

Take your meds.


Libya was destroyed by the west. Jews are not the boogey men. Inequality is. And globalism is the plan, not extermination of any one group in particular, by any one group in particular..

1234Adel Fetory

Map of the parties to the conflict Libya
All that is happening in Libya is the result of the Security Council and the major powers that said they went to protect the civilians in Libya from Gaddafi and today after they met to topple the head of state of the UN member and violation of sovereignty and NATO’s destruction of the country and the overthrow of the regime left the United Nations and Libya’s council of chaos and civil war and today it supports the parties to the conflict in Libya to steal its wealth
Today, after seven years, Libya is a shattered country that is living in chaos and causing concern to all the countries that have created it
Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Morocco, which want to get rid of Colonel Ghaddafi and loot his wealth and stop him from the project of uniting Africa and undermining the colonial system that controls the Security Council.
Today, in our country, Libya is living a bad life. The sovereignty of our country has been violated. The Libyan citizen does not have the money in the banks and can not live safely where crime and corruption are the truth hidden by the Western regime who wants to impose false democracy and destroy the countries to steal it under the name of democracy and human rights. Financed by poor taxpayers’ money from Western countries

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