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Military Situation In Libya On April 9, 2019 (Map Update)

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  • Forces loyal to the Government of National Accord (GNA) recaptured Tripoli Airport and Swani from the Libyan National Army (LNA). Clashes in the area are ongoing as the LNA attempts to fend off the GNA counter-attack;
  • LNA warplanes bombed a military runway of Tripoli’s Mitiga airport;
  • LNA units kicked off an offensive to enricle the city of Sirte controlled by pro-GNA forces;
  • A group of ISIS terrorists supported by 13 vehicles attacked al-Fougaha, killing 3 people who were recently freed from Ghaduwah. ISIS members also set fire to the Municipal Police HQ and three houses.
Military Situation In Libya On April 9, 2019 (Map Update)

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Hasbara Hunter

Wipe Out the AngloZioNazi Headchoppers in Libya


Hasbara Hunter – .”AngloZioNazi”? What the hell is that? I’m telling you it sounded a lot better inside your head but… Who the hell is an “AngloZioNazi”? Or better yet who isn’t, according to you?

Hasbara Hunter

I bet you are pretty new in here….an AngloZioNazi is a combination between the Anglo-Saxons Zionists & Ashke Nazis…


Because of Libya’s position in Northern Africa it’s important that either the USA, Russia, or China, whoever has the competitive advantage in the field there prevents the 7th century minded Muslim radicals to take over that country. It’s time to think rationally and understand that no matter what, in the end someone is going to take over that country as a dictator because Libya is really a sorry excuse for a country and, like many “countries” in that neck of the woods it is nothing more than a bunch of tribes, each with its own very narrow interests and expectations. So it will be a.A Marxist dictator, and Muslim dictator, or a pro-West dictator. If I could influence who ends up in power there I would strongly recommend a pro-West dictator.

Hasbara Hunter

Khalifa Haftar is going to Chop up the FUKUS, ZIONATO, United ZioNations Sponsored Muslimbrotherhood-Al-Qaeda-ISIS-Wahhabi-Takfiri-Mercenaries

stone cruiser

No surprise here, after barry and Monica’s boyfriends wife had Gaddafi assassinated, for not being muslim enough, the country has been in turmoil..

Hasbara Hunter

Gaddafi was Killed by the Jews & Knights Templar because he wanted to Dump the Petro-Dollar & change it for the Gold Dinar to get paid for Libyan Oil…


stone cruiser

Your tin foil hat is seriously too tight.

Hasbara Hunter

Send my Regards to Langley & Hell Aviv… I hate Hasbaras Boy & I do not give a Shit whether they come from the Divided States of America…Not So Great Britain or ISISraHell…Hasbaras are Dumb pieces of shit…and Losers

S Melanson

I think it is to late to attempt to salvage the situation. The globalists have lost and your trolling will not change this.

John Wallace

This was Hilarys war sold to Obama so that she could show everyone she had balls to be President. With her gloating should have shown everyone what a psychotic nut job she really was yet people still fawn over her as if she was the Messiah.

Hasbara Hunter

And to Steal 143 Tons of Libyan Gold & Lots of Oil from the Libyan Peoples….Who is going to give that Gold & Oil Back?



the people who fawn over her are psychotic nutjobs. if trump had used that video during the 2016 election, he would have been excoriated by the LGBT media.

stone cruiser

So you are saying jew haters hitlery and odumbo were working for the Jews & Knights Templar.

Hasbara Hunter

Yup…Skull & Bones….Every U.S. President is a Puppet in the Hands of the Puppetmaster….


So you are saying a president whose White House staff was mostly Jewish is a jew hater.


And Donny blows Israel daily.


As the map shows, virtually all of Libya’s oil fields are under LNA control, and a growing number of airfields. LNA has secured their back towards the East. Tripoli and the rest of the coastal strip is economically and militarily isolated and is now completely dependent on aid from abroad. Military aid to GNA will prolong the conflict but will change nothing in the long run. It would be best if they admitted reality and started negotiating.

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