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MAY 2021

Military Situation In Libya On April 28, 2019 (Map Update)

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  • A Libyan National Army (LNA) spokesman denounced Aljazeera reports that that a French warship docked in the Ras Lanouf port. The warship reportedly belongs to the Libyan navy. The name is Al Karama;
  • A LNA warplane trageted Government of National Accord (GNA) forces at the Qaqa’ military base south of Tripoli;
  • The LNA repelled GNA attacks in the Zatarnah area;
  • A GNA warplane struck Tarhunah city. No casualties were reported.
Military Situation In Libya On April 28, 2019 (Map Update)

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Ok ok ok all days southfront claims lna made and made and made but what we look is that lna don’t progress . So stop your propaganda


Yup, SF, never mind the bollocks, and just ignore em, you know, the impisses banana throwers.
After have been debating what is the truth, or at least, an oposition to the PC and fake history we encounter every day, I have arived as something so big it even made me jump.


So, while we are in Africa, and this time, I will give the Africans something, and to me, thru all this years of scratching the surface of empires propaganda and what really happened, I will and have come to an closure and will end much of what I have done in one link, if this dont make your jaws dropp, then I am sorry, you are indeed blind, but this is entirly for the my brothers and sisters fighting for Africans.
This correlates with the narrative I often use, that of, They lie about everything, and that everything is so wast it made the hairs on my neck stand.
So. take an long hard look on this maps in the link, and what do you see, Africans, upto the late 1700 and the begining of the 1800, something happened, what I the question, the implications is clearly in this maps.
Up to the 1700 Sahara didnt exist, this deserts we see to day, wasnt there just 200( to 300) years ago.Africans.
Look at the lakes, the rivers, regions like Somalia, the African horn, it was packed with citys, and to day its all gone, its beried in sand.

How is this possible, and I have another thing to tell you, Africans, the reason I said that our destinys and history is interwoven, its true, because Africans as ancient europeans where all over the globe, incl central America, how is it possible to have maps of America 100s of years before ugh….. Colobus discovered it, that is an flat out fake story, and ask your self, this time dont bother to go outside, I know some people knows what I am thinking, and forget thos that is a part of the faking of Blacks acivments, like Blacks been vikings etc, etc, because of ignoring their own past, because that past, along with the white race, is been hidden, lied about, ignored, stolen or faked and even when we show ancient maps, they riddicule this, but that is exactly what is going on, Africans.
This war against the NWO is ours, untied we have an chanse, divided we will shurly be hanged individually.
WE have everything to loose, I dont know how awake you really are, because the truth, Africans as ours is, is right beneath our own feets.


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