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Military Situation In Libya On April 27, 2019 (Map Update)

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  • Clashes between the Libyan National Army (LNA) and forces loyal to the Government of National Accord (GNA) continue in the Al Hira area. Both sides are conducting offensive operations;
  • According to local sources a new batch of equipment, including ammunition, weapons and high-precision missiles from Italy, arrived in Misrata. The equipment was delivered to support GNA forces;
  • According to Al Jazeera, a French frigate reached the Ras Lanuf oil terminal on April 25 carrying ammunition and military equipment for the Libyan National Army;
  • Pro-LNA sources claim that GNA forces in Tripoli are supported by foreign mercenaries.
Military Situation In Libya On April 27, 2019 (Map Update)

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Is this a war between the Pentagon and the CIA?

Saddam Hussein

Libya is the worst mess of them all. At least in Yemen and Syria we have /ourguys/ like President Assad and Houthis. Here theyre all crap.


This is a war against Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists in Tripoli. The ‘GNA’ legitimized by UN recognition, are actually a large fragmented number of Militias who conduct organized crime in Tripoli. This is documented. ( Actual – real war criminals and terrorists ) are under GNA echelon. one of them is Salah Badi, Legitimized by Turkey as he has a base there. Salah badi destroyed Tripoli Int Airport, Massacred some 100 People, and killed many civilians through crossfire. Destroyed 20 civilian planes and caused uncalculable damage to Tripoli. Since 2011, He was not designated as a Terrorist, or a War criminal for some reason.

Haftar who ( Yes ) was interrogated by the CIA, does not make him a CIA agent, infact, he is a Nassirist and a Secularist, who wants to – *( Yes ) take power, but in the process defeat and remove the strong Islamist presence, solidified by Turkey’s Muslim brotherhood and Erdogan.

FYI Tripoli has been Hijacked by outside powers, specifically Turkey and Qatar. Their Money influences have radicalized people in Tripoli, and have turned them more Islamised.

Haftar must be supported to remove the Islamist scourge, ( Even though ) he has extremists under him, His Iron fist keeps them in Check, and if he is to be allowed to take Tripoli, Then all the militias in Tripoli who for 8 years enjoyed total chaos and organized crime, have to answer to Him.

The UN seems to be supporting the Islamist and Militia crime syndicate in Tripoli, to a shocking extend, as it seems Qatar and Turkey have Lobbying power somehow in UN and US.

The Turko-Qatari conspiracy in libya needs to end, and the Islamists in Tripoli need to be Exterminated.


Moreover, the String of Kidnappings and Murders since 2011 revolution is direct result of the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist presence killing off, kidnapping and destroying any political opposition to them, meaning Ex Gaddafi Loyalists, or in other words, secularists.

These Ex Gaddafi Loyalists accept the fact the revolution came about, however wanted to see a return to a secular state with Islam being less centered.

The Unfortunate case of Libya is that there are many payed, Brainwashed people, through Radio and Television who gobble up the GNA crime syndicate Islamofascist Agenda, and these people believe every word told to them.

During the War in Tripoli, there is even evidence that Grad Rockets fired from GNA militia side, was aimed at residential areas in Tripoli, hitting peoples homes and causing casualties. The blame was intentionally placed against Haftar and the LNA to incriminate his advance to cleanse tripoli from these savage – Criminal parasites. THAT is the truth.

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