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Military Situation In Iraq On May 8, 2017 (Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in Iraq on May 8, 2017.

Military Situation In Iraq On May 8, 2017 (Map Update)

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Im going to sound like a kb general but pls bear with me. The last january iraq map is exactly the same as this one besides the little (overall/relative) change in mosul. Iraqi army, pesh and pmu have one enemy unlike saa. Only isis. Combined they have huge numbers, even iraqi army alone. And isis numbers have been dwindling well below 150k for a while and more and more relying on old men and kids. Yet they can still only focus on one front at a time? I am sure the entire iraqi army isnt in mosul only at the moment. Mosul is the only (major?) advance in half a year, and still lots of it to go. Pmu have been close to storming tal afar since november. What is happening? Sorry guys. Just my 2 cents….


There is USA army inside Iraq that has been pushing Iraqi army not to kill CIA’s children i.e., ISIS. Everyone knows this excludes the ignorants


Im ignorant and so you know it all? Wow youre full of yourself arent you. They didn’t stop them from taking over ramadi, fallujah, mosul etc tho. Yeah ok, mr conspiracy theorist. I’m ignorant. Try some humility.


You made your point netanyahu


Netanyahu? Now im pro zionist because i dont agree with your ad hominem post and the notion that us controls all iraqi forces and is all for isis? What a grade a douchebag you are.


You think you are winning this argument by provocation just like USA thought they were when American tax payer money was being used for funding terrorists to overwhelm middle East. Maybe you and American oligarchs eat same sh it


I’m provoking? You called me ignorant first. You get back what you give. Eat shit, douchebag.

PS If you knew anything, you’d know the deep state in US itself and even the marines and other soldiers are divided. When they ‘help’ ISIS, its mostly like in manbijj falujah and tabqa, to leave an exit for them so they can be redirected to harass SAA. Otherwise, they bomb the shite out of them all day every day, and even support loads of FSA groups (who I don’t like by ANY means) like they are doing now in the tanf desert and like they did with new syrian army and their failed attack on abukamal.

But the real backers of the terrorists are not US mainly. They are turkey, qatar and KSA.

And US forces dont have a single ounce of control over the PMU which is huge in itself, and if you think they directly tell the IRaqi forces ”dont shoot on ISIS fighters’ you are naive as hell LOL.


Your whole dilemma of not knowing what is going on in Northern Iraq went from accusing Iraqi army, PMU and Peshmerga showing no interest in defeating ISIS to USA being partially supporting ISIS. Now you want to partially agree and partially disagree with USA being the main perpetrator of terrorists in middle east…do what you like and write all sh it, you are just a kid with no pubic value yet.


Don’t twist my words. Not my fault you don’t understand plain English.

”from accusing Iraqi army, PMU and Peshmerga showing no interest in defeating ISIS” –> NO. You said US generals direct Iraqi forces to not attack ISIS. I said PMU which are Iran backed HATE US and would never even take orders from them, and they fight ISIS each and every chance they get.

THat leaves peshmerga and Iraqi army, and if you are so dumb as to think US forces tell them directly in front of everyone ‘dont shoot on ISIS fighters!’ you are one dumb mofo man.

All I said is the US is divided, it is. When they ‘help’ ISIS, its only to redirect them to attack palmyra or deir hafer. What other cases where there? US forces never filmed or photographed actually helping ISIS …. not FSA now, I said ISIS.

Like I said, don’t twist my words pal. You are not wiggling your way out of this, worm.

”you are just a kid with no pubic value yet.” —> LOL what does this have to do with anything? Losing argument so personal attacks needed?


“US generals direct Iraqi forces to not attack ISIS” – YES they do. They have tried everything they could to stop the defeat of ISIS in Fallujah and in Tabqa they are just directing ISIS to go to Deirezzzor and leave Raqqa. I am sure you are dumb enough not to admit this. But your agreement and disagreement has nothing to do with real world.

Hate US?–Hating USA is the rightful thing to do and I would hate any arrogant army that invades a country and destroys its infrastructure under any pretext(I guess USA is still searching for WMD in Iraq). Defeating ISIS was never even an agenda in US administration whether its stu pid army of freedom fighters support it or not.

personal attacks? Its not me and you fighting for life in Iraq, its the Iraqi and Syrian civilians and army. Its far from personal, this is just entertainment for you and me including USA.You are as waste as a worm sh it if you think USA is not directing ISIS.


You are not smart enough to understand that ‘using’ and ‘directing’ ISIS is not the same as making soldiers on the ground not shoot on them. Since they need them to keep Assad in check and weaken the Iraqi army as a whole, yes. But it’s not how you are describing it,

They have tried everything they could to stop the defeat of ISIS in Fallujah —> Which one was that, blowing up all their bridges and boats or the non stop airstrikes? Fallujah was a record in airstrikes fyi. Do you have proof or you just spout garbage all day?

”and in Tabqa they are just directing ISIS to go to Deirezzzor and leave Raqqa” –> Been declared fake news by SDF themselves. SDF are just slaughtering every last pig in there, do you even follow the news here or you just like to look dumb?



At this point, its easy to embarass you.

Why would they invest all those mlns and blns in SDF and FSA and then you think they want ISIS to survive long term or even ‘help them’ according to you?

You make ZERO Sense. I know its the cool fad to say ‘US is ISIS’ father’ but even if that were true in the obama administration, they now have newer cleaner proxies to use …. kurds and ”rebels”.

Ask all the dead marines’ comrades if they were there to help ISIS, dummy.


Oh and one more thing, US is involved in the very major offensives. The iraqi government, peshmaerga and PMU DONT need US help or authority to clean up the other areas. So your argument is still moot, and just hot air.


DID ISIS forget US soldiers were their friends here too?


Jacek Wolski

Stupidity talks and bullshit walks.


It’s like you just started reading on this subject yesterday and you are still in the basic comprehension stage which includes hatred towards the US and you are so happy to tell everyone on Youtube and other websites how smart you are that you know the Zionist empire exists and it created ISIS and are now helping and funding them, and the syrian civil war narrative they sell us is all false, bla bla bla.

Congrats amigo, I been here already. But it’s not that simple as you think.

Baby steps. Child stages, you will grow up eventually and realise the war …. and politics in general …. is more complicated than ‘A is behind B’ and ‘B hates C so C will never abide by B’.


It could be Iraq is in a slow go mode to limit casualties? Mosul has been a tough battle and is still their #1 priority. No doubt the situation will change after the city has fallen. Turkey had threatened to intervene if the PMU moved into Tal Afar. Here is a good article: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/05/tal-afar-iraq-turkey-popular-mobilization-units.html


I see, could be it. They had a lot of casualties and massacred soldiers too, but what I mean and find strange is how they seem to be limited to one major incursion / offensive / governorate at a time. Like they need to have all their major forces huddled into one offensive or it wont succeed. So the anbar / rutbah / alqaim operation has to wait for mosul to end, and then kirkuk hawija pocket in turn has to wait for the latter one to end, and so on and so forth. Seems a problem of mobility rather than manpower.

I forgot about the turks saying they worry about ‘shia massacres on turkmen populations’ LOL ….. but they wont do anything about ISIS there. Scumbags.

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