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Military Situation In Iraq On February 13, 2021 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Iraq On February 13, 2021 (Map Update)

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  • The PMU reportedly deployed three additional brigades to Sinjar to prevent and confront the possible Turkish offensive in the area, according to local sources
  • 30 Turkish soldiers allegedly were killed in recent clashes in Gare mountain area, according to PKK
  • Turkey allegedly killed 33 PKK militants in Gare mountain area as part of operation Claw-Eagle 2, according to the Turkish Defense Ministry
  • On February 12, the PMU carried out a security operation in the south of Samarra area
  • On February 12, a logistical convoy of the US military was targeted by an IED attack in the Samawah area


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Gang, gather around, I’m going to tell you a true story:

There were a couple dozen of ISIS members held in captivity by PKK offshoot, the SDF. By order of Americans, they were freed, moved to an American camp, got fresh training for explosives and saboutage and heliborned to Iraq to an American base and from there, to a safe house in a secluded place.
Based on their training, they rigged a car with lots of explosives, did a fine job, after all, Americans and SAS trained them. Everything went fine and one of them volunteered to go blow himself up with the car in a crowded place and kill a lot of people to give further excuse to the US to stay in Iraq.
2 days ago the volunteer sat in the car, started the engine, two of his… erm… co-workers opened the safehouse garage door and the rest cheered for him as he put the car in gear to go to his destiny. The cheering was so effective that the ISIS driver got excited and accompanied them with honking the horn…
… which was connected to the detonator!! 23 ISIS got killed by their own car bomb in their own hide-out!!

Now you tell me the moral of the true but very funny story…

Fog of War

Cool story bro. However, are the ZioAmericans still firmly entrenched in Iraq ?

Kenny Jones ™

PMF vs Turkey, just as I predicted. of course Iran wouldn’t allow a second Turkish border with Iraq

Samuel Vanguard

Iraq will never be free of foreign forces

klove and light

ty….spot on…..the truth will set u free

Fog of War

” The PMU reportedly deployed three additional brigades to Sinjar to prevent and confront the possible Turkish offensive in the area, according to local sources ”

Yes PMU lets focus on the Turks to help the PKK, meanwhile ZioAmerican troops are sitting around laughing and killing you one by one. Such a smart strategy . When is the great predicted offensive to drive the Americans out ? We were promised so many times.

Johnny B. Allan

In the event of miscalculation Turkey should annex the entire north of Iraq. By the way Turkey will kill these PMU freely and as terrorist elements. There is no deterence against Turkey in that area

Fog of War

The PMU are a bunch of talkers and cowards.I guess Iraq’s best men were killed in the first two Gulf wars. At least Saddam put up a fight, these spineless amoeba are embarrassing.


These people destroyed ISIS caliphate in Iraq which was as big as half the country with minimum arms and supplies, despite direct support of ISIS by Americans who constantly attacks them using the intel which is receives from some sold-out officials in addition to their own means of gathering intel.

I’d like to know what would you do in that situation? Whine to ISIS to death? Pack and go home pretending it’s somebody else’s problem until they come knocking on your door? And having the nerves to call them spineless, cowards and “talkers”.

FYI, Saddam’s forces didn’t put much of a fight up. If they did, the coalition of terror couldn’t invade and conquer the whole country in such a short time.

Get a hold of yourself or don’t. There’s no shortage of Cyber-keyboard warriors on this forum and one more doesn’t change the situation much.


Allow me to refresh your memory.
Sinjar (or Shingal) is a mostly Yezidi town which never had a meaningful Kordish population, it’s the same place where while ISIS started in Iraq in the middle of the following chaos and betrayal of Iraqi army top officers fell under Kordish control, when ISIS got close, Pishmarge asked the residents to gave up their arms and trust Kords to defend them: “we will protect your families as if they are our own”.

What happened next was while ISIS got close, Pishmarge pulled back quietly in the middle of the night (shot and killed a few residents who noticed their betrayal so they don’t inform others) and left all the residents without any means of defence,
The result we all know and many of the captured Yezidi (or Izadi) women and girls are still missing. That was the reason when KRG and Americans push Iraqi government to give up city to the Kords again, many people poured in the streets in protest which ofcourse Pishmarge dealt with live rounds and kidnapping people to silence their family members.
PMU receiving a direct order from the PM, left the town but took position just out of city so the same thing doesn’t happen again and the course of events shows they were right.
PMU us now there to defend Yezidis from the Turkish backed terror groups because it;s clear as day when they get close, the Pishmarge will flee like the rabbits they are and the same wait awaits them but this time under Turkish-backed terrorists, There is no love for PKK in PMU, as far as PMU is concerned, they can go F#ck themselves like they kicked them out of many places like Kirkuk.

What is your issue here? To me it seems that you believe you know better than the PMU or resistance forces. The Americans will leave Iraq when the time comes, we all know that Iraq is an occupied country with a lot of officials taking bribes from the Americans or other western governments, so throwing them out is not a one day job. It takes time but it will happen,

I didn’t take you for someone who tries to put doubts in the hearts of people and do Hasbara’s work for them. The thing is, it’s not easy to know people just from a few comments. If you’re not one of them, I advise patience and keeping faith. PMU and the rest of resistance don’t fight just for their land and people, they do it for the whole world even if the whole world doesn’t realize it.

Fog of War

My patience ran out a long time ago. Its easy to be patient when you’re sitting in your safe home with your family behind a computer. Meanwhile evil runs rampant and is obviously barely opposed. We all have different interpretations and opinions here, Yours is a valid or erroneous as anyone else’s’ . Get off your pompous high horse.


It’s even easier to whine, do nothing, and berate the ones who are really doing something, in this case PMU.

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