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JUNE 2023

Military Situation In Iraq On December 17, 2022 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Iraq On December 17, 2022 (Map Update)

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  • On December 17, one Iraqi serviceman was killed by ISIS attack in the Dyala province, according to ISIS announcement;
  • On December 16, ISIS attacked vehicles of the Iraqi Army in the Taramiyah area with and IED;
  • On December 15, General Michael Erik Kurilla, commander of the US CENTCOM met with Mohammad Shia al-Sudani, the prime minister and commander in chief of the Iraqi armed forces in Baghdad.


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Abu Al Tamer

As an old West European man I have planed to visit the beautiful Russian County Side maybe in 2024.


The American invasion of Iraq was a travesty of epic proportions, war crimes of epic proportions, that no american that entered iraq shall leave this earth unpunished and all who conspired are liable.

To see america and iran conspiring in Iraq is also a warcrime.

And anyone who understands Shia Hadith knows that Ali said anyone who claims to be a Shia is not.

So some guy from Sudan who claims to be a Shia is no better than a filthy zionist jew.

Turkiye should form a 100km perimeter around Iraq to make sure no terrorist gets in or out, and that all oil can get to the Countries and People that need it most.

Turkiye has a Right of Return to all of Ottoman Turkiye and anyone who supports Palestine should therefore recognize Turkiye as the original inhabitants and inheritors of Palestine, especially when considering Ezekiel 38.


You lower caste guppu, Iran’s behavior toward you dalits is not driven by religion. You need to understand this. Iranians consider you lower caste since millennia now!


Im a canadian japanese, and lived in Iran for almost 2 years.

Iranians were very polite and respectful to me, and I was invited into many homes.

I met hundreds of Iranians daily and played with thousands of Kids.

I taught in classes and met entire Madrassehs and broke fast with Basij.

I visited as far as Tabrizi.

So you are just the athiest type of irani.

Its your leaders who are filthy subhumans because of khamenei just like poo tins dictatorship.

You are just one of many probably a phaggot.


lol…..You a canadian japanese now?……what about your half a dozen Al-Qaeda nicks here? One day turkish guppu, next day Greek Abu-Donkinios, third day the objective-ulla Baghdadi of Istunbul and today ‘Canadian Japanese’……?…….lol. I’ll smack your face in and turn you into a real mongol. You are the biggest muzlim wahabbi bullshitter here. Just admit that you are a wahabbi Azeri type moghal guppu…….I won’t have any problems with you.

Last edited 5 months ago by Ahson

Ive been JHK for 20 years, starting on japan today, alex jones, shia chat, presstv, fb, all supporting Iran & Russia & BRICS, before most people even knew about Iran & BRICS.

It wasnt until after Russia entered Syria and experimented with weapons on Civillians that I stopped supporting Iran & Russia.

Am I supposed to support a Murderer?


Ive been on sf basically since it started, and not once have I used other than JHK, but you delete my comments and use fake nicks against me.


Your story here is the same as the millions of online wahabbi drones. You are an online islamist. A pan islamist, nothing else. Like a zombie you present your case of failure. Why are your countries failures? Is there any Sunni/ Wahabbi country which is not a western toady? Why is that? Is it because you are a dalit? A lower caste muzlim convert?


No you are Malik Alpha da baqistani dalit living in Sawdi Judea as a cabby. You think we don’t know? We know everthing! I’ll fukk you up if you don’t start behaving. You got that?

Von Clausewitz

Weapons for the modern national socialist state of Ukraine are ending up in terrorist groups posession on an unprecedented scale: it’s no accident but a new policy of openly arming the us created groups in a more visual way to scare the world into submission.

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