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Military Situation In Idlib-Aleppo Countryside (Syria Map Update)

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The Syrian army and its allies are reportedly deploying forces and facilities for a military operation to expand buffer zone in the southern Aleppo countryside. The map below shows the current military situation in the area.

Military Situation In Idlib-Aleppo Countryside (Syria Map Update)

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Trustin Judeau

The goverment should continue its offensive in Aleppo countryside.My only fear is that the loser Lavrov again will stop them with phony ceasefire like he always does.


One problem the SAA has , is its too predictable . They even announce what they are going to do , before they do it . Giving the enemy time to prepare does not help. I’d like to see a Lightning strike from the north , Dar Tizzah , or really take Khan Tuman . The Syrian Arab Army”s biggest problem , is it needs some numerical back-up . Recommend Assad create his own Syrian Sikh Regiment . The Sikh’s have a 500 year history of dealing with “extremist ” Islam. Their home is northwest India , trained from childhood in military arts , they are honest , honorable , and affordable !

Aung Naing

Sikhs? from India?How can he achieve that?

Joseph Scott

Probably with some deal very similar to how India contracts for Ghurkas from Nepal.

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