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JULY 2020

Military Situation In Idlib-Aleppo Countryside (Syria Map Update)


The Syrian army and its allies are reportedly deploying forces and facilities for a military operation to expand buffer zone in the southern Aleppo countryside. The map below shows the current military situation in the area.

Military Situation In Idlib-Aleppo Countryside (Syria Map Update)

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  • Trustin Judeau

    The goverment should continue its offensive in Aleppo countryside.My only fear is that the loser Lavrov again will stop them with phony ceasefire like he always does.

  • Ronald

    One problem the SAA has , is its too predictable . They even announce what they are going to do , before they do it . Giving the enemy time to prepare does not help. I’d like to see a Lightning strike from the north , Dar Tizzah , or really take Khan Tuman . The Syrian Arab Army”s biggest problem , is it needs some numerical back-up . Recommend Assad create his own Syrian Sikh Regiment . The Sikh’s have a 500 year history of dealing with “extremist ” Islam. Their home is northwest India , trained from childhood in military arts , they are honest , honorable , and affordable !

    • Aung Naing

      Sikhs? from India?How can he achieve that?

      • Joseph Scott

        Probably with some deal very similar to how India contracts for Ghurkas from Nepal.