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Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine, Slavyansk-Kramatorsk Region, On July 13, 2022 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine, Slavyansk-Kramatorsk Region, On July 13, 2022 (Map Update)

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  • Clashes between the AFU and Russian forces continue in the Verkhnokamyanske;
  • Clashes between the AFU and Russian forces continue near Serebrianka;
  • The Ukrainian Air Forces have carried out 1700 airstrikes since Feb 24th, according to the Ukrainian MoD.


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High time to make a big crater out of the presidential building in Kiev

Muhammad your Prophet

The situation in eastern Ukraine is that the Putin cockroaches have been stopped dead cold in Bakhmut. The shitty Russian army is stranded. Every single Ukrainian artillery missile has penetrated Russian positions. The S-400 is doing shit. The fucking morons haven’t intercepted a single missile.


So Ukraine keep giving Ukraine city to Russia one by one lol.


The relentless focused grind goes on by Russia. For many it’s strange that Russia does not strike wider or take measures against western attempted escalation – weapons supplies. Simply Russia seems to ignore it and stick to the original goals. It seems mission creep is not in the Russian vocabulary. Only time will tell if it has been a shrewd move, but in any case Russia hasn’t got started yet on Ukraine, it has plenty in reserves. One day, maybe in twenty years we will get the inside view of the approach and rational. However, with 22% of Ukraine liberated and more to come, and an area the size of UK taken in months, no one can call this special operation any thing but a success story so far!


You could be correct but the fact the Russians can’t even find a HIMARS, yet alone, destroy one or shoot down its missiles does not bode well for them.


Himars WERE found and destroyed, both in air and the ground. While i agree that they should bomb anything that can reinforce the front, especially bridges. Perhaps this is a secret agreement that means no bombing on the Crimea bridge.

jens holm

Its about 2 Himar units, which migh have been destroyed. I

Its impossible to destroy Himars in the air. They are as fast artillery grenades in caliber 227 mm.

You have to find the bradly version fast and destroy it fast.

I remeber a book about WW2. The Americans in the late of it had assome few very big canons. A soldiers shouted: wauv they shoot with jeeps.

None takes that down with a tennisracket or anything else. The Ukra smaller Ukra drones work well even some incompetents say they dont.

They send the destination by air and most like by the highly accurate Galileo system(better then the older GPS). .

tranny sawyer

are you also in omaha trailer park? leroy will let you slurp his sperm for 15 rubles http://www.morontranny-onlinebrothelamerika.cum 10% discount for dis-idiots

jens holm

Thats how it is. Its very much an escalation game with quantaty towards quality. So its very much about if Ukras get enough in time, can handle it – but very much also its hands are tied.

If Russia advance too much it could be an option Nato went in themself. We dont want 36 mio refugees here and not even 10 or 15.

We have Our own problems too – thank you.

jens holm

The problems are in Your limited information.

It always talk up Russian things and down Ours.

You right here also kind of assume we are sitting ducks more stupid then Russia and maybee You.

You dont see we can and will do counter attempt by the agressive parts of Nato, You hardly see and also ignore, that Nato is very well armed and very much intact.

Many things can happen. Russia can collapse again too well assisted by Our sanctions.snd declining in so many things.

Thats my reflexions.


US has been killing million of innocent peoples in the Middle East lol.


Whoop, whoop, Russian forces are clashing with Ukranian…………..I think Russia is running out of steam after reading todays SF articles.

jens holm

I dont think so. Its a typical thing for the Russian warfare they hit hard and right after that(hopefully winning), the troops are amputated very much down.

So they rest for some time regaining.

But I hope You are right. But the shorter frontline compensate for it. It gives the Ukras important time to improve defence. .


Ukrainian airforce made 1700 airstrikes? Damn those three pilots must’ve been busy.


1700 / 140days = 12 sorties/day (Claimed by Kiev – real number will be lower; one sortie might have several airstrikes) Pentagon ‘confirmed’ that Russia is flying 200-300 sorties per day (real number might be higher) This confirms the Russian superiority 20:1 in air-force not even on the half gas from Russia. Russian air force has thousands of planes and they are using few hundreds in Ukraine

Last edited 8 months ago by good4u
jens holm

It makes sense.


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Last edited 8 months ago by Anglia
jens holm

Typical dummy and remain dummy remark. You not even look up even its free information.

Ukraine airforce had 35.000 members and by that 225 aircrafts as Su-24, Su-25 Fighter MiG-29, Su-27 Helicopter Mil Mi-8 Attack helicopter Mil Mi-24

After that they have got more older fighter jets of same kind.

Its no surprice I see so much dark creations from below the belt, if You cant or dont dare to look up simple facts.


Confirmed by Ukrainian authorities. Ukrainian wonderweapon Himars killed 800 russian tanks in a single strike, including 200 T-90M-s. Haha. Get rekt. 10 himars > the whole russian army

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