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Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On MAy 5, 2022 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On MAy 5, 2022 (Map Update)

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  • Russian forces took control of the village of Svetlichnoe;
  • Russian forces took control of the village of Korovii Iar;
  • Clashes between the UAF and Russian forces continue near Dibrova;
  • Clashes between the UAF and Russian forces continue in Popasnaya;
  • Clashes between the UAF and Russian forces continue in Avdiivka;
  • Russian Army resumed artillery shelling and aerial bombardment on Azovstal plant;
  • The AFU shelled a civilian car with a missile with cluster munition in Izyum. As a result, civilians were killed.


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Is it just me or does it look like there is some encroachment to the rear of Izyum?


Yup. Looks like everything north of Slavyansk will be encircled. Or the city itself. Or… Kramatorsk too?

Omas Bioladen

It’s just you and your own encroachment of your own rear end.

jens holm

I relate to the milimeters of change as small vital facts. You should do to.

It makes no sense to studdy his behind too.

jens holm

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Unlike my dildo.


It’s possible that both are the case.


On twitter yes

Bigg Chungus

Ukraine has been trying for a while now to cut off the rear by attacking East/Southeast of Kharkov. It’s not going to succeed, but hit and run is about what they’re reduced to. Every day that they don’t sit down and sign the surrender documents is leverage in the negotiations that they are wasting, solely for the benefit of the bloodthirsty, arms dealing Americans. Soon Zelensky will have nothing but an unconditional surrender and a prison sentence.

jens holm

Yes. The best is to cut a finger like that.

It makes a lot of supply to keep. We soon will see. Ukras try to delay supply to it.


Those maps are not 100% accurate

Holms Jen

There are absolutely no advances of Russian army at all. Here is the map from the April 7th, from SouthFront: https://southfront.org/military-situation-in-eastern-ukraine-on-april-72022-map-update/

Literally 0%. And don’t forget that SF maps are optimistic in favor of Russia, not objective completely. So if optimistic map doesn’t move, imagine Russia is losing the war badly.


Best army in the world advancing 1 village a day. By 2050, all Eastern Ukraine will be fully liberated.


Another dumb homosexualised dumb comment,with no clue whatsoever about ukranian ammo,seriously who do you gutless cant fight for shit girly poofs think you are mocking not just the most tactfull milita in the world but also the most serious resistance ever put on the historic map since the cccp? Grow a set sporty are you a man or a mouse? with your trump magic wand,you fekn gutless wonder,insulting even the fallen like that! cia/soros cocksuka! Heck even any nazi nowdays rarer hetero would shoot you dead too!

Last edited 10 months ago by NY TIMES HAS AIDZ

The Russians make excuses for the presence of Western countries supporting Ukraine, but the Western countries are only providing old-fashioned weapons. This is the tragic reality of the so called second largest military state in the world. I don’t know who will win, Ukraine or Russia, but no one will buy Russian crap weapons. Russian weapons only work effectively when they are used against armed groups.

Last edited 10 months ago by Rosuke

They’ve lost at least 10 thousand soldiers for 2 months since the invasion against undersupplied Ukraine military.

Replace it with NATO with 12 US aircraft carriers surrounding Russia, the war won’t last for a month.

Last edited 10 months ago by Annon5228
jens holm

Ukras are not undersupplied as much as You assume. They has digged themself well for years and know the terrain better.

But they now need resupply and the well educated parts.


“Ukras are not undersupplied as much as You assume”

How you know that?

jens holm

Vitals also is a complete modern USA/UK/Nato defence system. Parts of the commands alos are decnetralized. Those parts and the rest also are coordinated much better by relible contacht.

Here Yo have to add the many kinds of drones as well as TOWs.

Ukras also use a lot of stuff in age of the russian kind. So when they fight in better structures things are not as bad according those weapons.

Crap very much is descriebed as being not maintained well. It goes for the soldiers from the bottom to the top too. Russians are low educated compared to the ordinary parts of the Ukras.

Now Ukras us more and more reserves. They are like the Russians or even lower in quality. Therefore its very important Ukras can add them more hard stuff such as modern artilley and killing drones to beyound the fighting zones.

Holms Jen

Actually all Russian weapons worked as advertized. I’m not sure if you thought that T72B3 or T90As have any solid protection against top down attacks(Javelin) or on-back attacks(Stugna-P). If you look at destroyed Russian tanks and APCs, you can see that they were destroyed because someone placed them in a bad way, and opened their weakest spots for the ATGMs. Especially Stugna-P videos show that in 90% of cases, Ukrainians were smart about strategy and angle of their attacks. No Russian tank can survive an ATGM to the back. No Russian tank can survive top down attacks, and it says so on the paper too.

Russian failure is mainly and foremost a tactical and strategic one + the army and infantry were almost completely untrained. You can see Russian solders behaving like bots in videogames when under fire, while Ukrainian solders know how to duck, lay down, move and run/take cover.

Last edited 10 months ago by Holms Jen

> Best army in the world advancing 1 village a day. By 2050, all Eastern Ukraine will be fully liberated.

Russian Defense Minister in 2050: today we shot down 100 fighter jets. Today we killed 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers. (but no progress)

Russian civilian: Yay! The Russian army is the best! Glory to Russia!

………Russians are simple, pure, childlike people who don’t know how to doubt.

Last edited 10 months ago by Rosuke
jens holm

They are learned that by birth.

Tides can change. Some remember their wars too.

Arzt Injektion

One Homosexual talking to to himself.

jens holm

Homos are the best. They dont make children like You.

Jens Holmosexual

They only make dumb turds like you from their assholes.

Ask clyde

Wagner nazis do not exist?


jens holm

very ironic


Junto a Crimea la superficie de territorio tomada por Rusia en Ucrania es el equivalente en km2 a todo el Reino Unido

jens holm

Not in km2.

You use a bad map projektion.


Without Crimea is about the size of Ireland. 40000km2


The guys who attacked the Russian Army recruitment building in Nizhnevartovsk in Russia not only filmed themselves doing it, but shared the video across Russian social media.



Even their own citizens are fed up of the invasion

jens holm

Ukras are spread in the rest of the empire too.

Mariupol was 100% liberated

Is this Phase two?


Azov Nazis liberated yet?

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