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Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On May 26, 2022 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On May 26, 2022 (Map Update)

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  • Russian forces took control of most of Lyman town. Clashes continue in the southern parts of the town;
  • Clashes between the AFU and Russian forces continue on the outskirts of Severodonetsk;
  • Clashes between the AFU and Russian forces continue near Avdiivka;
  • Clashes between the AFU and Russian forces continue in the Zolote.


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Muhammad your Prophet

The Putin cockroaches are trying to cut off the highway north of Popasna. They still have to deal with the entire northern corridor to Severdonetsk. Ukranian forces continue to be well supplied even if the parasites try another moronic siege like Mariupol. The red zone is smaller. There’s less breathing room. But that was expected.


Trolling is just your way so this response is not in reply to you but to give others an accurate report.

The resupply situation will eventually become critical. It won’t cause an overnight collapse but anyone who can read a map sees resupply of heavy material is largely eliminated. Mariupol has been one of the best Russian-DPR operations of the conflict. One who can read a map as well as see towns and villages being taken control by RF-DPR-LPR proceeding at a faster pace than previous. This will be due in part to AFU resupply issues and also due to existing-well laid entrenchments, along with fierce AFU resistance, now being untenable. Entrenchments on a front line will often rely on a multiple area interlocked layout. When one or couple fall, a number of the remaining becomes much harder to defend.


Exactly as always russians start slow but adapt fast and get into tactics changing leading to domino effects

Patricia Carswell

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Last edited 1 year ago by Patricia Carswell
Muhammad your Prophet

This response is not a response but a response from a Putin lunatic. I guess that describes the level of idiocy I’m dealing with. The accurate report is that there are two main roads. The Putin cockroaches are trying to cut one of them off. The other one is solidly under control by Ukranian forces, as well as the entire city of of Severdonetsk which will is being attacked from the north east by Putin murderers randomly destroying infrastructure and murdering civilians as their only tactics. The Russian terror tatics.


you are so lost that you could not find the exit in a field of lettuce

John Wallace

Why would he when he has the head of a lettuce and the intelligence of a slug in the lettuce.

Pawel Pawel

Du bist geistig behindert


Pathetic, desperate, always talking only to yourself. Sociopathic being with serious cancerous mental state

Muhammad your Prophet

Putin cockroach. It means that you’re a terrorist just like Vladimir Putin. Because terror tactics is the only thing you have left. To destroy everything you can because you despise the people you want to murder. Just like any other murdering freak.

Pawel Pawel

D bist ein Schwuler Schwätzer ohne Gehirn. Nur dämlich , ein Looser wie die Nazis. Stirb in deiner Scheiße.

John R

Cry baby , you are a fountain of bullshit , a chronic liar .


STFU you retarded sand nigger

Muhammad your Prophet

We got a racist piece of shit now too. They’re all out in the open as if being human scum is the most normal thing in the world.


Die in a fire assface

The ukrop encircling and collapse is not a matter of if but when.

Just like you predicted a hard long fight in lyman and it collapsed in 3 days lol

Muhammad your Prophet

It’s a matter of time before you finally receive all the Russian corpses waiting in Kiev from your failed special moronic operation. You can’t even call it a defeat because you’re a fucking deranged delusional idiot.


lol look at this fucktard raging 😂

Muhammad your Prophet

Not as much as Putin raging from his bunker when the shitty Russian army was obliterated in Kiev. Nobody beats that one.

Last edited 1 year ago by Muhammad your Prophet
Bernard Davis

Obliterated? Come now my man, surely you exaggerate a little. Perhaps you should consider that you might be mistaken. A little reflection never goes astray.

Pawel Pawel

Dein Prophet ist Schwul und tot wie du.


More delusions and raging from Ukrofucktard

Gemini Joe

If the Russian army “was obliterated” as you so eloquently stated, then please explain who Ukraine is fighting now.

Not only is Ukraine losing, but Ukrainian refugees are getting the boot from it’s neighbors.

Nobody enjoys footing the bill for these unappreciative people. Not only do they steal from the hand that feeds them, they seem to delight in disturbing the peace of others.

Ukraine reminds me of a woman scorned. If she is unhappy, nobody can be happy.

Peter Ukhueduan

Quite sad that you are talking like this! Honestly it portrays dementia,no wonder your online name is Muhammad your Prophet,very telling i need to say.

Muhammad your Prophet

This the deranged Southfront Russian troll farm, right?

Pawel Pawel

Deshalb bist du hier??? Weil du geistesgestört bist!

John Wallace

You should be preaching in a Synagogue as I am sure you would be better received there than here. Just tell them Just let them know who you are first. Also best you gain some knowledge on what you talk about before spewing forth and proving total naivety.

John R

It’s fun to watch you Nazi lovers gnash what’s left of your rotten teeth . Soon the Ukraine military will be in full retreat , those who are able to escape encirclement that is .

Last edited 1 year ago by John R

Ukraine admits major defeat

Top Zelensky adviser concedes loss of Liman, a major Ukrainian stronghold in Donbass

Russian troops have taken over the town of Liman in the northern Donetsk region, the government in Kiev revealed, on Thursday evening. Ukrainian forces have reportedly withdrawn west-southwest towards Slavyansk.

“We have lost the town of Liman,” Alexey Arestovich, a key adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, admitted in a livestream on Thursday.

Though Arestovich cited “unconfirmed reports,” Russian military correspondent Alexander Kots posted a video of Russian troops in the city shortly thereafter, captioned “Liman is ours.” Ukrainian troops “fled” west and southwest, Kots added, while covering their retreat with artillery fire.

The storming of Liman lasted less than a week, with Russian forces entering the city on May 23. There were unconfirmed reports, on Telegram channels, that as many as 500 Ukrainian troops had surrendered. By Wednesday, three quarters of Liman was allegedly under Russian control, with the remaining Ukrainian troops said to be fortifying the industrial zone on the southwestern edge of town.

However, an unverified video posted on TikTok on Wednesday purported to show a group of Ukrainian soldiers clinging to an armored vehicle driving at high speed away from the town, amid an artillery bombardment.

Liman was among the first towns in the Donetsk region to be taken over by militia opposed to the government in Kiev after the 2014 Maidan coup. Ukrainian “anti-terrorist” forces captured it in early June that year, and used their positions to lay siege to Slavyansk, where the separatist militia held on for another month.

News of the Ukrainian defeat at Liman comes amid the ongoing advance of Russian forces from Popasnaya, which threatens to completely cut off thousands of troops loyal to Kiev in the Severodonetsk-Lisichansk pocket.


From Russia Today, published minutes ago. >>> https://www.rt.com/russia/556164-liman-arestovich-loss-defeat-ukraine/

Emperor Tikacuti

In the dual battles of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk, including small conflicts in Zolote, Putin’s army with DPR/LPR troops are creating a pincer attack from Lyman they’re gonna fully occupy soon and villages northwest from Popasnaya, isolating the final territorial bases for the Ukrainian army in Luhansk Oblast who eventually will have no choice but to surrender.


They had to go from lyman as the belgorovka area was hard to cross. River and mountains there are turkey shoot material. Reports of them amassing huge force to try another crossing with new tactics (maybe at night with cas and covering fire plus shelling this time? – as well as multi pronged layered attack would be best)

If they manage a pincer from there that would be even better.

Also the south izyum offensive needs to move again, if dolyna / studenok / svyatohirsk fall after lyman and they can cut off barvenkove – slavyansk/kramatorsk that will be very good too

Emperor Tikacuti

I kinda wonder how many troops are stationed in the Belgorod Oblast (Russia 🇷🇺) to cross again into Izium and other areas to isolate Luhansk Oblast’s (Ukraine 🇺🇦) last two cities in current battles?

They’re planning a pincer attack to isolate the last territorial bases in Luhansk to force depending how many Ukrainian troops are stationed there.

Seems they’re gonna split the Russian army into two sections from Lyman and Izium to occupy villages as much as possible including main roads to send troops and western based weapons into the remaining northern Donetsk cities and towns, including Kramatorsk in time will not receive any support if their reinforced lines are blocked by enemy troops.


A lot. Putin’s not stupid and never sent the full force at once

Emperor Tikacuti

Depending how the situation plays out and let’s not forget that idiot (Muhammad your Prophet), whoever that imbecile is should be blocked in this conversation because I hate when everyone like that idiot claims Vladimir Putin is a tyrannical psychopath but I want to know, is that true or are western governments fabricating such information to build up their ridiculed credibility.


The latter is correct.

The only reason they (Biden, Pelosi, others, Boris Johnson, Macron and Zelensky) are making a big deal about Russia and what happening in Ukraine is they are all freaking out Russia is stopping and will expose all the evil and illegal things that been going on there by the deep state, crooked politicians from all over the world and the neo Nazis. Who are the ones really running Ukraine as the deep state foot soldiers.

That the real reason Russia went in beside to stop the 8 years war the neo Nazi Ukraine’s government was conducting on the Ukraine citizens who was against this type of government and what they were doing.

Already word is out that Putin and Zelensky were ready to meet and talk a deal about ending the fighting. When out of the blue Boris Johnson shown up and tell Zelensky Biden said no deal on ending the fighting and to call off the talks.

This is Benghazi all over again, but instead of Hillary and Obama. Its now Biden, Boris Johnson and others. Instead of a few American hero’s getting killed to hide their crimes and what they were doing plus a country getting torn apart. It’s now in the thousands and climbing and they want a war between America and Russia to tear down both countries and to again hide their crimes and what they are doing.

There will be no active U.S. troops units send into Ukraine to fight against Russian forces and stolen election not POTUS Biden when he first enter office was never given the launch codes to conduct a nuclear strike. Which was keep in the hands of the white hats in the military.


Ed Theman

Does this mean Hunter Biden will lose his job with the energy company in Ukraine?


Yup, but he like others that sold out America for money, fame and power. Will get a lot more then losing their jobs. Depending on their height, about a 5 and an half to a 6 and an half foot drop through a trap door.

We are in the end game now against the deep state and all their puppets, in all industry world wide. Government, business, health, etc.. Just watch the news and have your popcorn ready. WWG1WGA


Which part is true or not? The west lie a lot in general


Congratulations to the Russian nation for learning how to fight.


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Last edited 1 year ago by Brooklyn

The End Is Nigh in Liman and Severodonetsk.


according to Sawyer USA defeat by taliban proves amerikant lgbt soldiers are equal to mutant retards in his special needs trailer park



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