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Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On May 21, 2022 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On May 21, 2022 (Map Update)

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  • On May 20, Russian-led forces took full control of Azovstal plant. In total, 2439 Ukrainian servicemen surrendered in Azovstal since Monday, according to the Russian MOD;
  • Russian forces claimed control over Novodarivka, Pryyutne and Stepove villages;
  • Russian forces claimed control over Novoselivka village;
  • Russian forces claimed control over Troitske village;
  • Russian forces claimed control over Viktorivka, Typillya, Volodymyrivka, Nova Kamyanka, Stryapivka, Vyskryva villages;
  • Clashes between the AFU and Russian forces continue on the outskirts of Severodonetsk;
  • Clashes between the AFU and Russian forces continue near Avdiivka.


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They are now within artillery range to control all accesses to the Ukranian forces in the east, they are effectively cut off and surrounded. This is going to be a large loss of manpower and weapons for the Ukrainians, while also getting the Russian forces out of the mountainous regions that have been holding them up. I suspect that after routing the trapped forces, the Russians will encircle Kharkov from the south while redeploying a force on its northern border and start the squeeze, the remaining Russian forces will deploy and start their push towards Odessa. The summer is going to be a telling time for NATO’s proxy war and the billions in weapons they have basically donated to the Russians.

Brad Smith

I think you are right about Kharkov, it might take a while but that’s what will happen one way or another.

I wonder if they won’t use Odessa as a bargaining chip? Will Russia Tell Ukraine that if they want to keep Odessa and access to the sea, that they need to accept losing Crimea and Donbass?

If they say no, then Russia takes Odessa and it’s nobody’s fault but their own that they end up a landlocked rump state. I suspect they will say no, simply because Washington is pulling the strings and nobody in Washington gives a damn what happens to Ukraine, they just want Russia to bleed as much as possible. They think a weak and wounded Russia can be turned back into an easy place to plunder. Well that and as you say, they sell more weapons the longer the war lasts.

It’s too bad things turned out as they did with Trump. He wanted to trade with Russia, that’s why he picked Rex Tillerson. He wanted to make some HUGE energy deals and tie the US economy to Russia’s. Instead he got outmaneuvered (impeached for not selling weapons to Ukraine fast enough) and forced into an anti-Russian position as well.

Now Russia gets pushed towards China instead and I sure as hell don’t see a Russian Chinese alliance as being anything close to weak and wounded, just the opposite. Pissed off and stronger than ever is more like it. it might not look like it now, but five years from now it sure as hell will. Meanwhile energy costs in the US go through the roof and we got No trade deals at all.

Fucking deep state cunts wanted a cold war and more proxy wars and they think it will end with them stealing the energy instead of simply buying it like they should have. Dumb greedy fuckheads would rather risk blowing up the world than to disappoint their arms/energy dealers who hand them all jobs the day they either leave office or retire from the military.

The people of Russia, Ukraine and the US are being fucked by this, same for the people of Europe and around the whole world and our deep state scum still don’t care, they just want to sell more death and destruction.

And I’m not even on anyone’s side other than the one that ends in self determination and peace. I’ve always said that Putin is a tough guy and you don’t want to fuck around and back him into a corner. As for Ukraine, I just see them as a corrupt mess full of suffering people.

I’m a US army infantry veteran and deployed twice. I hate war and want this one over as soon as possible, but it needs to end with the people of Crimea and Donbass deciding for themselves who they want to govern them. If Ukraine had allowed that in the first place we wouldn’t have this mess and it won’t ever really be solved until that happens.


All very much true. But things will change. And their NWO would become the biggest fiasco of all times. Rightly so.

Putin’s Bane

It seems that the RF have found the weak spot of Ukraine, the villages. They keep winning them but get bogged down at the cities. Maybe it is the fact that a village is easier to destroy, it takes a while for artillery to flatten a city. Look at Mariupol it took them 12 weeks to bomb it to the ground.


Lol desperate ukrotards. What you said is the same for any army, its not a secret or weakness you discovered sherlock. Modern urban combat is hell. They already took at least 5 major cities and then there are lots of smaller cities/ big towns they took. Its normal to not directly assault big cities and take all the villages and countryside, cut off routes and encircle before assaulting.

Everyone gets bogged down at cities, the US pre carpet Bombed fallujah and baghdad months before and still took weeks. ‘Russian army sucks’ bla bla bla yet we are winning and the soviets won ww2 and the us spent between 10-20 years in Vietnam and Afghanistan, had the help of the local army and still lost to farmers! Russian army is very good.

Typical iq of a ukronazi supporter



Looks like the reaper was busy today. Another 1000 Ukrainian souls were sent to hell today. The number would be higher but the AZOVSTAL tunnel rats decided to surrender. I’m betting there are still foreign troops hiding in Avozstal.


The clown of Kiev is getting ready to have his ass handed to him. No amount of lies can save him. The whole world will know he is an over-rated clown.

Their front line fighters, or what’s left of them are in the East and being beaten like a red headed stepchild. 50000 plus troops in that region left. They are being ground to hamburger. Worm food. ALL DEAD.


Those who love peace would like this operation end up with russia a winner. What happened in syria, afghanistan, iraq and many others will never happen again

andre zulu



Now the question here is after taking Donbas and keeping Kherson province is it enough for Russia?


In my opinion Russia will go for Odessa until the Rumanian border to join Transdniestria. In Transdniestria, Russia keeps the biggest munitions depot of Europe and that is the reason of additional 1500 soldiers to guard it to the original 500. In total 2000 Russian soldiers.

One side effect of reaching to Transdiniestria will be that Ukraine will end up becoming a landlocked country which will make Russian Black sea navy more secure.

Naturally that would be very atractive to Russians. .

Last edited 1 year ago by Caesar
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