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Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On June 25, 2022 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On June 25, 2022 (Map Update)

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  • Russian forces reportedly took control of the village of Bila Gora;
  • Russian forces reportedly took control of the village of Mykolaivka;
  • Russian forces mop up the Zolote-Hirske pocket;
  • The AFU reportedly took control of the villages of Pavlivka, Novomaiorske, Shevchenko;
  • The AFU were ordered to leave their positions in Severodonetsk.


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Ruskies making mincemeat of the Uki clods. The Jew wally Zelensky needs to start packing for long vacation with other hymies.

Muhammad your Prophet

The situation in eastern Ukraine is that the planned propaganda coup by Vladimir Putin just turned into shit. Because nobody in Russia gives a shit if Ukrainian forces retreat from Severdonetsk. They’re starting to realize that there are 35,000 dead Russian soldiers unaccounted for in Russia.

Funny Kike TROLL

LOL, Pete and Repeat as desperate times at hasbara :)

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Last edited 1 month ago by Anglia

And still light years away from Slavliansk and Kramatorsk…


Less light years for sure than you to cheap oil and gas. You are economically dead nortwestern moron.


Why the rush? all in due time. Rushing will only end up like the failed western adventures overseas with countless civilian losses.


Both within easy artillery range, Slavliansk already nearly encircled, these will be the next pocket of gopniks to surrender or die. Then the entire fortified Ukranian line in front of Donetsk is exposed from the rear – again, run, surrender, die, only options left. That means that all Russian objectives have been achieved, none of NATO’s, and Russia has to decide whether to stop there, or take Nikolyiev and Odessa to link up with Transnistria, or take Kharkiv. Or both. Probably 80% of junta troops worth having are now defeated, encircled or running to an imaginary Kramatorsk strong point, very soon there will be nothing left to stop Russia doing whatever it pleases. Fortunately, Putin is no Clinton, Bush, Obama or Biden, so we won’t see genocide, ethnic cleansing and longterm military occupation, just what a genuine liberation looks like. Think it has been worth sending your country into recession, if not depression, inflation, soon to be hyperinflation, mass unemployment and the military, economic and diplomatic humiliation of NATO?


I would not give it more than 2 weeks before Kramatorsk is fully liberated. Slavliansk much earlier. One of the main reason is the refusal of the forces in west Ukr. to be deployed in Donbas. They understood that it’s certain death.


Where is Severodonetsk occupied?


Yeah, Severedonetsk is already part of European Union…


If Ukraine will be exist then at least 10 – 12 years before becoming part of UE therefore at the moment being a candidat means absolutely nothing. It is just like giving a lollypop to a petit enfant keep him/her occupied/entertained. Keep sucking. 😁

Last edited 1 month ago by Caesar

Today Ramzan Kadyrov announced that his Chechen,s had completely liberated Severodonetsk and 800 civilians liberated from the Azot plant – his men are “cleaning up ” now.


what do the Nazis want in Pavlivka? Lol. Suicidal mission.

Emperor Tikacuti

Between June 23-25, Zolote (Luhansk Oblast) was occupied by Putin’s army, ending southern resistance for more than a month south from two dual cities of Sievierodonetsk (Luhansk Oblast) and Lysychansk (Luhansk Oblast) eventually will be surrounded on all sides, becoming another pocket area like Zolote days ago and Mariupol (Donetsk Oblast) last month or before but according to fake media (Western 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇪🇺) sources whether or not it’s true, today, Sievierodonetsk was occupied by Putin’s army, thus occupying the Oblast’s relocated capital that possibly might transfer to Lysychansk (highly unlikely) due to being surrounded on all sides, by this month or July, all of Luhansk Oblast will be fully occupied by the Russian Federation 🇷🇺 that a referendum 🗳 will take place to annex Luhansk, adding as a 15th republic within the Russian Federation like Chechnya, resulting Ukraine’s 🇺🇦 Oblasts of 24 down to 23. (Donetsk to be the next target to lessen the Ukrainian Oblasts including Kherson and Zaporizhzhia in current battles ⚔️ to join the Russian Federation)

Following the Luhansk occupation, I suspect Vladimir Putin and military command will plan a multiprong attack on all sides within the Donbas Region, troops from Izium, troops from Sievierodonetsk, troops from Luhansk, troops from Donetsk and troops from Mariupol as much as possible to occupy cities, towns and villages before July’s end, marching all the way to Kramatorsk (Donetsk Oblast) as the last base in Donetsk to conclude the Donbas War and the end of the invasion of Ukraine won by the Russian Federation militarily, raising the Russian people’s morale, ending Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s political career, weakening Sloppy Joe’s (Joe Biden) approval rating down to less than 30% for possible impeachment the American people are supporting and the world to see, Russia can still resist despite centuries of violence, terror and corruption they witness but fought back of strength, courage and justice whatever the cost. To you Russian people including Vladimir Putin, stand strong from Peru (Piruw) 🇵🇪🏳️‍🌈, whose the next state to resist foreign oppression ✊✊✊

Eddie Truncaro

Has the Zolotoe pocket really been liquidated? Have all the Nazis surrendered? Yesterday I read 2,000 Nazis were trapped in that pocket. But so far, I have not seen any reports confirming they surrendered.

Today’s Southfront map shows the pocket completely within Russia’s zone of control, implying the Nazis must have been captured. But still, no news agencies anywhere on the blogosphere, alt-media, or Western MSM confirm any sort of mass surrender.

What do you guys know about Zolotoe?

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