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JULY 2022

Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On June 22, 2022 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On June 22, 2022 (Map Update)

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  • The AFU reportedly took control of the village of Pavlivka
  • Russian forces took control of the village of Ustynivka
  • Russian forces took control of Myrna Dolyna and Pidlisne
  • Clashes between the AFU and Russian forces continue in Zolotoe
  • Clashes between the AFU and Russian forces continue in the Azot plant in Severodonetsk city


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Kirk Ontario

The Russian troops have also just taken according to local reports: Rai- Aleksandrovka and Loskutovka. There is also a full cauldron now near Lisichansk.




Last edited 10 days ago by Kirk Ontario

In order for cauldrons to work, you need to eventually capture the territory, so far, they have just been doing a whole lot of fighting but no winning.


Absolutely pathetic Ukrotard drivel. So far they have been doing a whole lot of killing of unfortunate dupes of the failed Ukrainian CIA project. The map around the big salient looks like Russian phagocytosis destroying the Ukrainian microbe. SF should make a time-lapse video of the elimination of the salient. Total Banderpite failure.


Sounds like you are writing the definitive history of the effectiveness of the ukrainian army? “doing a whole lot of fighting but no winning” perfectly describes their history of running away from new material and surrendering. usa chickenshites taught them all they know…



Whoever invades a foreign country will historically be blamed for it, and of course be “the bad guy”. That’s how it goes, always. Therefore Putin should have find other ways to settle the dispute with Ukraine. Maybe a coup, or assasination of Zelensky would have worked, but bottom line is,: All should havebeen done in 2014. Waiting 8 years and then starting all-out war against a foreign country in 2022. Sorry but that was a madman’s act of open aggression, and unneccessarily put all of Russia into a bad light. (But it helped to deflect the worlds attention away from the global mRNA death-jab vaccine holocaust, which the jews committed, and which was to blow up into their face, because the stupid lies and corona-bogus-stories became more and more obvious and it became obvious even to the whole world that it was nothing but a large satanic genocide committed by jews against all other people.)

So they ordered Putin to play ‘the bad guy’ and start a little war to deflect attention away from that ‘vaccination genocide’ topic.

Now there are thousands of UKR and Russian christian soldiers dying every week, for what ? Russian soldiers dying for Putin’s and Zelensky’s jewish NWO/JWO ambitions. Great Red Army ?

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Interesting that the AFU decides to take Pavlivka. Russians hold positions nearby that are of higher elevation to the south. Was reading conflicting reports earlier today that claimed the AFU entered the town, and are now skirmishing with various Russian Allied units for control. Might be a short lived adventure. That said, the Russian Army has limited numbers deployed in that region, so any actions taken will be by the Republics most likely with Russian support aviation and artillery support.


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Muhammad your Prophet

Because it’s already been liberated by Ukrainian forces. The shitty Russian army can’t do shit about it. Higher elevation or lower elevation. Get used to it.

Kirk Ontario

I’m sure your dads vagina was liberated by all the ukrainian forces. They are good at only that.

Muhammad your Prophet

Well, your dad’s vagina has already grown used to getting gang raped by the ruskies. Tou should know all about it.

Muhammad your most stupid Nazi troll

here we go again

Yankee Go Home!

We are all getting used to Russia taking more territory everyday. 🤣 And no force in this universe can stop them.

Muhammad your Prophet

Maybe the obsolete Soviet tanks will steamroll directly into the Black Sea they’re so fucking morons. They’ll conquer that territory. The bottom of the ocean. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Last edited 10 days ago by Muhammad your Prophet

Your coping skills are on a level of a heavily autistic child with Down Syndrome and Cretinism all wrapped in 1 package.


So, you’re saying that the Ukrainians counter attacked and pushed the Russians out and you’re hoping that the Russian artillery will hit them but thus far has not. Your propaganda is almost as bad as the Ukrainians.


You mean like what happened in the Kharkov and Kherson region?


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Last edited 10 days ago by PatriciaMcKinney
Kirk Ontario

The LPR army officially confirms the complete encirclement of the AFU grouping in Gorskoye and Zolote. Thus, June 22 will be officially considered the day of the formation of the Gorsko-Golden Cauldron. The operational encirclement took place a few days earlier.

Last edited 10 days ago by Kirk Ontario
Kirk Ontario

🇩🇪German journalist Paul Ronzheimer reported that Lisichansk is almost surrounded

Paul Ronzheimer, a journalist for the German edition of Bild, reported that Lisichansk is almost completely surrounded by the allied forces of Russia and the LPR. https://t.me/intelslava/31723

Last edited 10 days ago by Kirk Ontario

Very good news from Deutschland.

Yankee Go Home!

I’m sorry, but this is nonsense. There are no russian or allied troops west of Lysychansk. As they are advancing on Lysychansk, the ukie forces in Severodonetsk are being surrounded. Maybe that’s where the confusion is.


I think you are confused

Yankee Go Home!

Scroll up, and look at the map. West of Lysychansk is all blue. I take my info from maps. Not from some pro-ukrainian, german propagandist. Who makes things up, just so he can pretend to his ignorant audience that he barely escaped the Russians. And merely saying “I think you are confused” isn’t convincing evidence either. 🤣

Yankee Go Home!

Why are you denying what can clearly be ssen on the map? Are you ukrainian? 🤣


The Ukros are losing about 1000 troops per day (captured or killed), soon there will be no more AFU.


It would mean the war ends soon. But sadly the leaders of the world want a long lasting war to do the same businesses as during covid. Covid ends war begins, they get richer and richer. – They live, we sleep!

Last edited 10 days ago by Andrew

Another day, another gay map. So what else is knew? May the warsite South Park go up in flames with Ukraine. I wish Putin was a hero of freedom and truly fighting the NWO, but he’s not. He’s a bum like the rest of the elite. It’s a big club and we ain’t in it.

Kirk Ontario

Why are you projecting so hard? Now have another Budweiser in your trailer home, boy.


I don’t think he can afford it anymore due to the inflation. No more beer for Buddy.


zolote – since 10 weeks no chance for the russians to win there, the same shit as it happens around donezk


To be fair, both Avdivka and Zolote are two of the most fortified locations on the entire front. Tunnels, trenches, traps, minefields, etc. Any attacking force would need either massive numbers to assault, or a complete bombardment resulting in the complete destruction of surrounding areas.

Eddie Truncaro

Russia can solve that problem by using FOAB bombs.

General Pain

Lol you tard the Russians have Zolote completely surrounded. They are in a full cauldron. Cope much?


It is a little strange that Russia can’t close the pliers with their army….totally unexpected of a Russia army.

Yankee Go Home!

🤣They just did. Zolote and Hirske are fully surrounded.

Eddie Truncaro

2,000 Nazis in the bag at Zolotoe. Another 2,500 Nazis trapped in Severodonetsk.

What about Lsyychansk, which is nearly encircled? Is there a large grouping of Nazi troops there as well?

Yankee Go Home!

Where does this idea comes from that Lysychansk is nearly encircled? I can not see this on any map. The maps on SouthFront are not very clear. And a bit outdated. For example, the SouthFront map isn’t showing the encirclement of Zolote yet.

https://defensepoliticsasia.com/ukraine/ <—This map is more accurate.

Last edited 10 days ago by Yankee Go Home!
Eddie Truncaro

Western MSM reports Russian forces just broke through AFU defenses southwest of Lysychansk. If true, Russia can circumvent the Donetsk River without risking a dangerous pontoon crossing.

Does anyone know anything about this report?

Last edited 10 days ago by Eddie Truncaro
Eddie Truncaro

It’s been confirmed.

Ukrainian authorities have acknowledged the loss of numerous villages southwest of Lysychansk, including Ustynivka, Pidlisne, and Myrna Dolyna. They also admit Russia is closing in on Bila Hora. This all happened today.

All these villages are west of the Donets River. Now Russia doesn’t have to bother with a river crossing. The Nazis are hemmed in by land.


Basically, Russia has been able to move nowhere for over a week. Once again, they are playing into the Ukranian propaganda that they are stopped dead in their tracks. Prove them wrong Russian, take at least 100 yards of land somewhere this week….

Dis is retarded Info

OK dickhead, whatever you say! (NOT)


Not true, Russia is making progress the whole time, slow but sure.


Actually it’s going quite quickly now for Russia


dysfunctional inferior amerikan pathetic

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