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Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On January 24, 2017


Artillery duels and firefights between pro-Kiev forces and local militias continued in the region of Donbass in eastern Ukraine on January 24. Especially tense fightings were reported  near the villages of Pesk, Svetlodarsk, Zaitsevo, Spartak and Yasinovataya.

The residential areas of the settlements of Stakhanov, Kalinowom Bryanka, Debaltsevo, Uglegorsk and Gorlovka were targeted by Ukranian mortar and artillery fire, according to local sources.

Both sides, Kiev and local militas, blame each other for violations of the ceasefire regime.

Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On January 24, 2017

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  • Trustin Judeau

    There is no sense for Ukraine map.This conflict is frozen and it seems there wont be any change soon.

  • I received some interesting news that MI6’s plans are on hold for the time being for the SAS stationed in Ukraine and surrounding areas. Also, their is a pause in SAS that were being trained in other countries for missions in Ukraine.
    However, my source was not informed as to why MI6 is pausing for the time being.
    My personal thinking is for one of three reasons.
    #1 Because of lack of success so far in operations in the region.
    #2 Perhaps MI6 is planning something bigger and more secretive to shake things up better. Or…
    #3 Because of Trump, waiting to see how he is going to approach and handle situations around the globe.
    These three reasons are my own thinking. And are not tied to any insider.