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Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On December 28, 2021 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On December 28, 2021 (Map Update)

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  • DPR forces shelled UAF positions near Maryinka with 120-mm mortar launchers;
  • DPR forces shelled UAF positions near New York with grenade launchers;
  • DPR forces shelled UAF positions near Hnutove with a UAV;
  • Two Ukrainian servicemen were wounded in the last 24 hours;
  • The UAF shelled DPR positions near Alexandrovka with small arms.


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Going strictly by the CDC and virus tracker numbers we see that the death rate from Covid-19 is about .4% (.004). We also see that the death rate from the Vaccine is .004% (.00004). This means that the Vaccine death rate is 1% of the death rate of the Covid-19 virus. If the vaccine saves 99 out of every 100 of those who would have died from Covid-19 with only one out of 100 dying then that sounds like a great thing and it makes a vaccine mandate sound like a great thing.

Here lies the problem. The one that the vaccine kills is not necessarily someone who would have died from Covid-19 and could even be someone who has already had Covid-19 and recovered. So in fact to save the 99% of those who would have died from Covid-19 an innocent person has to die when the vaccine is mandated.

But it gets worse. Even though 65% of the population has been vaccinated the new cases of Covid-19 are spiking above pre vaccine levels. This cannot happen if the vaccine actually worked. So we know that the vaccine kills people meaning it’s not “safe” and we know that the vaccine is not “effective”.

Also, 80% of deaths from Covid-19 are among those over 65 years of age, though they make up only 16% of the population. If you look at the 5-11 age group you find that more will actually die from the vaccine than from the Covid-19 virus itself. This means that a vaccine mandate would sacrifice the innocent and otherwise healthy young to save the sick and elderly.

In times past certain people would offer human/child sacrifice to allay their fears of some “god” believing that the sacrifice of one would save the lives of many. Of course we all know that that was a lie and that those people died for no good reason. The very belief that killing and innocent person to save another person is somehow right is ungodly in the first place.

Just like those people of old who sacrificed innocent people to appease their fears because they believed in a lie, so are those today who demand a vaccine mandate. The innocent people who will be sacrificed will have died for no reason and those who live in fear and demand a vaccine mandate will be guilty of murder and human/child sacrifice.

Last edited 1 year ago by IMHO
jens hoIm

I see ten dancing queens there. Ypou seemes so highly inncorrect. I recieved 4 vaccines and Iam still alive.

Peter Wallace

Don’t look like any of those vaccines helped in any way jams. Best take another shot and see if it helps. I found 762 long always does the trick. Have a good NY’s eve and keep up the entertainment next year.


Apparently you suffer from a lack of reading comprehension.

Just goes to show how stupid some people think.

The proclamation that one of the millions of people who take the jab and won’t die took the jab and didn’t die has nothing to do with the truth of my post.

Jens Holm is a perfect example of how people can’t think past their own ignorance and bias.


jens is still alive but his brain not so much (if he ever had any)

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