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Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On December 20, 2022 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On December 20, 2022 (Map Update)

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  • Clashes between the Russian Army and the AFU continue in Bakhmut;
  • Clashes between the Russian Army and the AFU continue near Gorlivka;
  • Clashes between the Russian Army and the AFU continue near Debrova;
  • Russia struck the AFU positions near Konstantinovka with high-precision missiles;
  • Russia struck the AFU positions near Nevskoye with high-precision missiles.


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Based US Vet

A good day for a goddamn Winter Offensive would be the 25th of December. When the lazy NATO technocrats and decision makers are with their families somewhere out in the country for some days at least. So, in case of a major threat, the Ukronazis will be left quasi alone to take the quick decisions, and there is when they will make the biggest mistakes. A Clown can’t be a strategist. This is a fact. I hope the Russians think about it.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎

Of course the clown is his junkie friends are not Strategist , who commands the offensives of the Nazi country. It is the NATO commanders who create the offensives, the clown is his friends send the military poorly trained to serve as cannon bushing, is also use the practice of shield against civilians. That’s all the clown is your pothead friends do in the country. Moreover, only the nato that commands the offensives..


Is Nato the scary monster under your bbed🤣


Nope, just the muscle of the criminal US system that illegally attacked Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. Oh, and Russia via their use of Special Forces in aid of the ATO ethnic cleansing operation in Donbas going back to 2014. I always wonder about the Ukretard penchant for the emojis. Is that some Gene Sharp dogshit or are you all secretly fifteen-year-old girls?


Russians dying for Ukraine’s last regime elite. Russians sent in not because ethnic cleansing because Russia old puppet state fell to farmers and reddiTors in the revolution. Russian rushed to grab anything it can before Ukraine could act. I don’t expect old people to understand emojis so don’t worry about it. 😎👌

Michel LeBlanc

I expect to be able to speak my mother tongue in my country and expect government services in same language. That is the problem in ukraine.

Your too stupid to understand that, so dont worry about it and keep stamping emojiis.


Ukraine soldiers and US UK regular soldiers pretend dressing as Ukraine soldiers have suffer heavy losses of life because human wave cannon fodder tactics , sad US and UK will sell their widows and daughters as prostitutes and sex slaves in US and UK .


US and UK have been killing and genocides 6 million of innocent peoples in The Middle East lol.


Us and uk are the boogie men. I would fear their special forces because Russia special forces are weak especial against Ukraine farmers and redditors.


Stupidity said by flaccid piece of rotten fagot beef.


We won? Not yet? What a hell are we waiting for?


I know, right? Eight years into the ATO ethnic cleansing operation and the armed forces of the failed Ukrainian CIA project still can’t chase the last of the Moskals out of Donbas.



Out of 18 comments just 6 are left ? So that’s the glorious freedom of speech, and the well-being and new russian system you want to bring to Ukraine ?

And you orcish flathead criminals really wonder why Ukrainians do not like you, and are fighting to remain free of your terrorist system ? Realize: Who ever censors free speech is an enemy of god !!! I guess 2 more weeks and you fake moderator and your comments will be the only ones left in this whole forum. Funny what a bad really bad picture you and this forum give to the whole world to see. If that’s the russian way then indeed the whole world should united to fight against you jewish-rat army praising scumbags. Nobody like honourless, antichristian judeo-communist idiots !

Likely you not even like yourself because you know you’re a loser since birth !

Last edited 3 months ago by Bridgeindawater
Gneaus stapo

Clyde is sad chase…he used to run with rants about 20% land lost by Ukraine, dreaming about winter offensives and all the kremlins other fairy tales.

No fairy tale came true, no biolabs,no Nato Generals caught, no mass uprising, No collapse of the west, no Support from bric countries…



There is a good Docu from the early months of the war from the Charkow region. Investigative none-government freelance journalist Billy Six is doing a risky tour in that region asking people what they feel, how they think about Russia, the war and all that, see:


(it’s in english, part russian partly german)

Last edited 3 months ago by Bridgeindawater

ukros must be pushed minimum some more 30km westwards, to avoid the ongoing terrorism against donezk city and civilian targets. than build up asap all forces for large scale offensive to southwest, as long the ground is frozen, to liberate odessa and landlink transnistria, before the nato morons start to provoke war between russia and moldova.



As you know, I don t like any of the jewish so-called presidents, not of Ukraine nor Russia. But apart from them both being jews. At least this transvestite clown Zelensky had the balls to come out and go to the hottest frontline like a man, and personally visit the troops, while chabad dwarf Ka-putin not even dared to come to Ukraine, and sits afraid in his Kremlin rathole, hiding from the public and givin nonsense interviews behind closed doors in his bunker.

So from this alone we see that things aren t going very well for the ruskies right now. And that moral is of course very low, as the invader troops feel left and lost, cheated and betrayed. And indeed they have all the right to feel that way.

Last edited 3 months ago by Bridgeindawater

99740 empty bottles of Russian beer! Tomorrow will be the big 100k ! Big hangover offer this party!

Last edited 3 months ago by Rusputin

Hopefully slaves aren’t judged harshly by St. Peter.

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