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Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On April 28, 2022 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On April 28, 2022 (Map Update)

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  • Clashes between the UAF and Russian forces continue in the Azovstal plant area;
  • Clashes between the UAF and Russian forces continue in Maryinka;
  • Clashes between the UAF and Russian forces continue in Popasnaya;
  • Clashes between the UAF and Russian forces continue in the south of Rubizhne;
  • Clashes between the UAF and Russian forces continue in south of Izyum;
  • Russian forces took control of the village of Krymky.


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Putin was absolutely right! In fact it should have followed right after the Crimea. Anti-Russia plans were under the table all along! Force Russia the battle is fair!


People need to understand that Russia can’t win this war. US is sending 33bn USD to Ukriane, and Senate just passed the bill to send more. Theoretically, US will invest 100s bn of dollars to Ukriane defense. This is more worth than several Russian military budgets.


No! The bill is not passed and will not pass the Congress. Here Inflation is high, gas prices are high, homelessness is prevalent. Joe is mentally unstable he does not know what he is talking about. The midterms will be the end of dems domination in the congress. 2024 Trump will be back and will reverse everything… Then 🇷🇺 can wipe out Nazis all over the EU. I admire Russia Bravery all the wast fighting a proxy war against them and they are still winning 🤍🇷🇺. I think the world has forgotten the Hiroshima and Nagasaki … Need a reminder once every 80 years & I believe 🇷🇺 has ever right to use thei Nuclear arsenal.


Dude it passed the Congress: https://www.rt.com/russia/554628-congress-lend-lease-ukraine/ I’m on the Russian side, don’t get me wrong, but there is no way to fight against basically US military budget in this case. For each factory Russia destroy, Ukriane can build a several new ones, especially because most of Ukraine is not under constant attack. I agree, using nukes is the only way to win, but Russia doesn’t even use carpet bombing. I’m sad to say, but there is no way to win over that much money for Russia. I’m also from the US, I know how life changed with enormous inflation, but nobody cares here for us citizens. We will live even worse just so that shithole Ukriane can have more weapons.


Ukraine does not have the manpower and will not be able to rebuild at a fast enough rate. Pumping millions into Ukraine is a logistical failure, as Ukraine cannot sustain a rebuild program. Supplies and equipment will logjam, leaving them at risk of the Russians destroying most of them. Russia is just too powerful and has too many very effective systems to destroy any efforts on the part of Ukraine. The only way is providing manpower as well and that will mean an escalation of and the start of tactical nukes and hence, the start of a nuclear WWIII. It seems that potato-head, dementia patient Biden is being guided that way by the globalist warmongering cabal in the Democrat and RINO ranks.

Captain Hohol

You know it’s funny that while the U.S throughout the 90s and 00s was developing stealth technologies and other advanced technological assets, Russia was developing missiles and ballistic rounds as their realm of specification.

It kind of seems like the “minimum viable” approach to defense such as emphasizing ways to shoot down hundred million dollar aircraft or blow up ground assets with as much of a cost to cost ratio favoring Russia was a way better deal.

And as another poster had put it, I highly doubt the west would field an F-35 in Ukraine for many obvious reasons (I’m happy to be surrounded by so many sharp and observant people in the comments here).

The blow to western technical prestige would be tremendous if an F-35 was shot down in unceremonious fashion, not to mention trivializing the massive budget that was allocated to build and produce them, and the potential contracts that will evaporate once it’s realized they’re not “invincible” on the battlefield.

It is only a matter of time before such an expensive aircraft to field has an effective countermeasure, optical imaging is becoming an increasingly viable alternative given the intense and deep resolution cameras that are now available, it does not help the BVR question, but imagine a 200 – 300k launcher firing an 80 – 200k rocket that visually tracks and triangulates the location of a plane like that within visual range and then the missile tracks terminally all at high resolution – is still massive orders cheaper than the F-35 itself.

What’s more you could make them man-portable making it an even worse nightmare for such an aircraft.

It is only a matter of time before the F-35 is trivial on the battlefield. But the frogfoot will still be a tank with wings.

Last edited 11 months ago by Captain Hohol

The F-35 is a piece of junk–an enormously expensive piece of junk. For the most part, none of the NATO weapons have been very successful in Ukraine.

Captain Hohol

It’s nothing but a bunch of fiat currency, and once more, money means nothing when time and deadlines are working against the Ukraine effort.

You have to understand at some point soon, Russia will take enough territory that their control over the east is assured, and once that happens NATO would be putting a gun to its own head if it tried a counter-offensive.

Having 33 bil isn’t like in some online game where you can materialize a fucking tank out of nothing by spending money, those contracts require months and months to fulfill and the western world is going to run out of their existing reserves of military assets they can spare at the rate they’re being destroyed.

That money is not a sign of attrition, because the things that can be done with that money take too much time to materialize in-field to be of any substantial use.

33 billion is domestic restoration type money, that takes months and years to spend constructively. The U.S could theoretically consign a trillion on paper and it wouldn’t mean shit for the amount of assets, ordnance or people (who are increasingly not wanting to fight Russia from abroad) that would be put in Ukraine’s service.

Russia can always pull the nuke card at any time, and NATO knows this, and even though I believe NATO and the deep state are some psycho motherfuckers, they’re all very attached to their standard of living and desire to keep it that way.

Even if they think they’re above all the regular people in this world, without them, their way of life goes too.

Russia has the world by the nuts, it doesn’t matter how much money the world is willing to spend, Russia and Putin himself are willing and capable of doing things that others aren’t or can’t.

Florian Geyer

Very Very well said.

Russia will win the real war.

Western exceptionalism is only a video wargame with ZioMafia terror bosses pulling the strings.

Vlad the imposter

A budget is just a suggestion. Who knows if missiles come under the military budget, education or Parks and recreation. People think Russia is broke but they self sufficient, sell a LOT of oil and gas and they hide a lot of their economy.


80% is dedicated just for military spending for Ukraine, and with the lend-lease program US can basically pump infinite amounts of cash or weapons into Ukraine. And with western border being so secure for Ukraine that vehicles from Australia arrived safely, US can start sending F35 fighters to Ukraine, and train pilots.


They’ll never send F-35 or it will be exposed as worthless garbage. Not to mention they need years to train pilots. Why would they send that shit anyway? More useful to send long range MLRS. But in the worst case scenario for Russia, if they send weapons to massively target Russian cities they will provoke Russia into full scale nuclear war. Psychos in Washington still think Putin is bluffing. They are playing very a dangerous game. But Putin once said: “we don’t need world without Russia.” If he really has no other choice he will send them all to hell. Although I’m absolutely sure Russia won’t lose this war. They can send whatever they want to Ukraine, unless they send soldiers to replace Ukraine will run out of troops.

Last edited 11 months ago by Theo

F-35 to Ukraine huh? Why not throw in a couple of aircraft carriers and a company of war elephants too? Until Ikea starts shipping F-35’s flat packed with an allen wrench the maintenance and logistics requirements of that aircraft are a little beyond what Ukraine can handle right now.


The President submits a “Proposed Budget” by and for each Federal Agency (12 of them), the House Appropriations Committee “markup” the “Proposed Budget Numbers” for each federal agency, house votes to pass each section and it goes off to the Senate for vote. If the Senate disagrees with the numbers, they perform a “markup”, vote on changes and it goes back to the House for approval. [this is where the “markup” battle between the House and Senate resembles a Wimbledon Tennis match]. When both the House and Senate agree on Fiscal Year Budget, it is sent to the President for a signature. For the last several years, Congress has not been able to pass all federal agency budgets before the new Fiscal Year starts with many winding up on the president’s desk only days before the previous Fiscal Year end and many a month or two after the Fiscal Year begins.

Vlad the imposter

Are you trying to pass off your civics homework as a response to me?

It would be neighbourly for the US congress to suggest where Russia hides it’s budget for ordinance however I suspect the Russians would make those decisions in house.


They spent how much in Afghanistan? More than $2 trillion! How much on Afghani army? Billions! And it collapsed and crumbled 2 days after Yanks run away…

Just one massive money-laundering operation.

Last edited 11 months ago by Realno

If you’re speaking of S. 3522, that is a lend/lease defense assets bill with limitations. Yes, it passed the Senate but the House (H.Res.1065) needs to pass it and that does not look promising (chance of passing: <43%).


Why wouldn’t it pass? Both Reps and Dems see this in the same way, a gateway to destroy Russia and make it lose the war. The question of Russia losing the war Ukraine has become a question of national security for the US. US needs Russia sorely defeated.


Warmongering fuck.


ukraine mass mobilized if russia does the same they would crush ukraine in 4 weeks.

Captain Hohol

At this point they will be throwing that money at russian soldiers to not shoot at them, seriously, what do you think that money is going to buy in the short term? Ukraine is running out of people willing to fight, while the morale of Russia may have been shaky to start with this conflict, but Russian resolve grows and Ukraine determination withers.

The world itself cannot divert it’s money and production efforts fast enough to compensate for the rate at which Russia is destroying military assets used by Ukraine, a bunch of fiat money means nothing when what Ukraine is losing and fast, is people able to fight, and in concentrations necessary to put up a defense.

Ukraine doesn’t even have that sufficiently to last three months at the present rate.

33 billion is something Zelensky and his cronies will sail away with if they don’t get killed if nothing else, maybe if the people of Ukraine are lucky, that 33 billion will be spent helping the actual innocent people rebuild after Russia takes the east, that would be the most civilized and constructive thing to do.

But no, Russia will not only win, but they will humiliate the ever living shit out of NATO and ensure that no such planned aggressions are even considered ever again.


What I am trying to say and no-one gets, is that this money won’t be spent on Ukraine’s territory. For example we have around 100bn dollars over here, and all infrastructure in Ukraine is destroyed(but its not due to putins orders), we can simply invest that into Poland and Germany to start manufacturing tanks that UA operators know how to use(yes reproductions of cheap soviet tanks). What can happen due to this, is the same thing that happened to Reichstag in Russia in the WW2, Russia outnumbered Nazis with cheap and easy to build tanks thanks to American money. The only difference is that in this case the tanks will be produced in Poland, but you can have tanks produced completely within weeks if you fuel enough money into people working on it. The other thing is long range rocket artillery, MLRS made in USA that would allow solders in Lviv to shoot at positions in Donbass.

Last edited 11 months ago by Hey
John Titor

The US has wasted hundred of billions in Irak and Afghanistan. And you’re still talking about how western money will make them win ? How stupid you westoid have to be ?


I’m also wondering why some airfield apparently in Kiev is still busy working. New military equipment arriving every single day. Why is Russia allowing this after 2 months? Do they want to try to get most of the weaponry delivered to Russia or Russian troops? I’m confused, why? 🤔 Probably unloading more weapons just now on some airfield as I write.


You think you can write a check and that does it? watch and learn.


The Guys said “the US can spend 100′ of billions…” Lmfao. Bro you are not from the US are you? 26 Trillion dollar debt. We have housing crisis and inflation. People live paycheck to Paycheck. There is no way that’s gonna happen. 2 years later when republicans take the government, everything will be reversed.


I’m from US and I know exactly what I’m talking about. As long as we have EU to suck our cock, and other major economies like Japan and SK, we can print as much as we want and dollar will only get stronger. And it was a Republican from Texas that even introduced the bill in the first place, so don’t dream of Republicans changing something for better. Republicans are just more aggressive variant of Democrats, the core ggoals are the same.

Putin’s Bane

A successful pincer movement by the RF has freed my granny of her ticks

Putin’s Bane

A special military operation that lasts more then two months and with these meager results, I will call it a failure.


How many months, I mean years, oops sorry, I mean decades did the US operation in Afganistan last?


You can do all the wishful thinking you want.


After light weapons, NATO states have also started heavy weapons landing from cargo planes in Ukraine. Russia must target these cargo planes, otherwise the NATO states’ fighter jets will join the war.


Russia should tell Zelensky forces to evacuate the area in 60 miles radius from the Russian military positions before to attack. This will save lives both sides.


Zelensky couldn’t care less about Ukrainian lives. He is a coked out jew. When did any jew in power ever care about Ukraine, same goes for coke heads in general.

Athanasios Hotzoglou

All the the while we are told that Ukraine is winning, yet they are getting godsmacked. Talk about Disinformation in the west.

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