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Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine: August 9 – September 11, 2019 (Infographics)

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Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine: August 9 - September 11, 2019 (Infographics)

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Despite any claims of the Ukrainian government and its president Volodymyr Zelensky that the aim in Eastern Ukraine is to reach peace, numbers stand to prove the opposite.

On September 7th, the 35 for 35 prisoner swap between Russia and Ukraine took place, with some calling it a “tectonic shift” in relations, and a step towards peace. Regardless, activity between the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR) on the one side and Ukraine on the other are on-going.

As per previous times, the Ukrainian Armed Forces claim that all hostilities are warranted since they are in response to those of the DPR and LPR.

The previous report presented a timeline of activity starting from August 9th until September 1st. In the period Ukraine claimed that the “harvest ceasefire” agreement had been breached 258 times, with it losing 5 soldiers and having 14 wounded.

In the following period, between September 2nd and September 11th, Ukraine reported that it had been attacked in breach of the agreement 127 times. As a result, it lost 4 soldiers, and 14 were wounded.

For all the sides September 11th was a day on which the intensity of attacks was upped. Ukraine lost 2 soldiers and 1 was wounded in 18 attacks. On the previous days, 6 Ukrainian personnel were wounded in 6 attacks.

On September 2nd, Unian reported that an unnamed Ukrainian Armed Forces officer had claimed that the DPR and LPR had lost 40 soldiers, while 55 were wounded, not specifying which side lost what. This also remains in question, since neither side usually reports on their losses.

In total, between August 9th and September 11th, Ukraine reported that it had been attacked in breach of the “harvest ceasefire” agreement 385 times and lost 9 soldiers, while 28 were wounded.

The DPR, between September 2nd and 11th reported that the Ukraine Armed Forces breached the ceasefire 126 times, and it didn’t report any of its personnel or civilians were harmed.

Hrylovka continues to be the most heavily targeted region.

In the previous period, between August 9th and September 1st, the DPR said that the UAF breached the “harvest ceasefire” agreement 255 times.

On the side of the LPR, activity there was scarce, but it is still significant compared to the complete lack of activity shortly after July 22nd when the “harvest ceasefire” agreement was established.

The LPR came under attack 19 times by the UAF, while only on September 8th it reported that any civilian structures were damaged, and nobody was harmed in the incident.

In the previous period between August 9th and September 1st, the LPR came under attack 44 times.

The OSCE on its part, through its daily reports shows variable numbers of violations, sometimes more, sometimes fewer. But there are never days without violations.

On September 10th, the OSCE SMM reported that a civilian woman had been killed by an explosive device in Spartak.

On September 7th, a civilian woman was injured in Luhansk.

Essentially, the OSCE noted that despite the “harvest ceasefire” agreement, the situation remained tense, weapons were still present beyond the withdrawal line for both the government forces and the DPR/LPR, as well as more weapons were being delivered.

In all of the reports it appears that Ukraine is deploying more weaponry than the DPR and LPR are.


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AM Hants

Memories of the cauldrons, back in August 2014, so come to mind.

Porkie, when elected, following the violent coup d’etat, thought it would only be a couple of weeks before Donetsk would be begging to be Governed by Kiev. Now they have the child soldiers, grown up, from Sudan, signed up and serving in the Ukraine Forces. IMF debts to be paid back, despite the people of Ukraine not receiving them. Well, you could not deprive the oligarchs, of IMF funds, to prop up their off shore accounts. December, the gas from Russia is cut off. So what does Ukraine want, with regards notching things up in Eastern Ukraine?

Figures from a couple of years ago, provided by Oleg Tsarev, 100,000 dead. Times 9, which makes it around 900,000, with life changing disabilities and millions displaced. Porkie, who received the Rand Corporation Guidelines, advocating the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Ukraine. No doubt assisted by the 13 bio-chemical labs, that popped up in Ukraine, with full diplomatic immunity, advertising for Russian DNA.


This other news has to be good news for Syria, AM.


Some have reached Greece already and all will doubtless feel betrayed by the US/UK and France in particular. It seems Payback for the US Coalition of Terror’s destruction of much of Syria , could well be a violent insurrection in the EU with the UK and France in particular.

It will also be retribution for the EU backed assaults on Donetsk and Lugansk.

Such Blowback of terrorism is frankly what the EU has chosen to ignore. At least the White Helmets now in Britain can get involved as well :) Its something that all the illegal immigrants can ‘get involved’ with as well.

British special forces have trained ‘rebels’ in Wild camping, Womens rights, LGBT awareness and First Aid etc, and now they will be able to practice these attributes in the UK.

AM Hants

I actually think it is planned that way, for complete anarchy. We have been primed down, to find fault with everything, in the hope that it will seriously upset a segment of society, that will want to fight everything that goes against their beliefs. Whilst importing those whose cultures support everything that has been banned in the UK and Europe. Now what could go wrong? Besides each section taking each other out, with many uninvolved, in the process. One way of taking out 90% of the world’s population.

Fully supported by the MSM and our politicians.


Yes, that is very feasible and a US anarchy 2.0.

If a civil war is the result it will be in the enriched cities first I would think and the mayhem would then spread into the countryside as people flee.

I have a White Helmet somewhere :)

AM Hants

Just gone over to your Truth Seeker Site, and nice to see this article. Whether we are in or out of the EU, they have handed over our Forces to the EU Army. I know, near where I used to live, they had sold the MoD sites, for housing, to prepare for the Forces moving to Brussels.

Looks like you cannot talk about it.

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That’s a long list, many can recall. I first viewed David Coles exposure of the lies of the holocaust in the early 2000’s.


‘The Gas Chamber of Sherlock Holmes ‘ is also an excellent book. I have a copy. I used to have two but lent it to a friend and never got in back. I must ask him about it.

You will also be pleased to read in todays Daily Telegraph that the British army intents to phase out all combustion engine equipment and to Go Green, as this will show the MOD commitment to Green energy and encourage youngsters to join the army. LOL


AM Hants

Glad that I popped over to Truth Seeker and also checked out the list of writers that they use. Impressive, and must make sure to visit it regularly.

With regards the Telegraph story, for some reason I have got a picture of one of our few remaining tanks, being rolled out, with a wind turbine instead of a turret, to keep it powered and PC friendly. With the poor tank crew, wearing the latest stiletos, to keep their PC masters sweet and confused, with not knowing what they are meant to do.

Why are only ‘yes men/women’ being promoted in the UK Forces? Have they not figured out, that one of the reasons many have lost their interest is owing to non-stop wars, to benefit the bankers and then finding them, once retired, being forced before a court of law, whilst Tony Blair and his ilk, walk free?


You are truly brilliant,AM. Wind powered tanks etc , shiny solar panels on the vehicles as well perhaps. How about sails as well for these Land Ships?

It would tick all the Green Boxes then.

AM Hants

Well, we have to give the designers something to come up with for the next generation weapons and systems. With regards sails for the land ships, well, do believe we only have HMS Warrior and Victory left, and both come with sails, if I am not mistaken. So those bases are covered.

Shiny solar panels, well, would the scaffolding on HMS Elizabeth II, when she keeps having to pop back, to have her plumbing sorted, tick that box?

There again, would their be any benefits for the shareholders? haha.


HMS Warrior is arguably a hybrid :)

I spent a night on it a few years ago after a dinner on board. It was powered by coal and wind, and an Iron Clad to boot.

I still favour the latest Queen Elizabeth as a Prison Hulk for all the establishment traitors involved in the Brexit fiasco.

AM Hants

Bringing back memories, as I went to an event on the Warrior. Chicken and jacket potatoes, with some type of desert, was the menu of the day, back in the 90s. Funnily enough, my future husband was at the event, before we started going out with each other. It ended up a humourous evening, for a variety of reasons and left me with fond memories of the old Warrior. On the way home, a couple of young lads were being very complimentary with regards my legs, for some reason, as I was around twice their age. My future husband was not amused and started telling them off for their lack of manners. Which I found amusing, as I found what the youngsters said, funny and quite flattering, together with finding his reaction, even funnier. We were just friends at the time and it was an innocent evening.


A better response from your husband to be would have been ‘ Yes , my friend does have lovely legs, and she is with me’.

AM Hants

Haha, but, he was not with me, just walking together. It seriously made me laugh, the reactions of both sides and must admit, thoroughly enjoyed the attention, whilst ignoring what was happening haha.

AM Hants

Ooooops. left out the land ships and replaced them with the nautical type.


Take a look at this AM.

Lindeman was the strategist behind Churchill.

‘In Lindemann’s Jewish supremacist worldview, the “worker bees” would be mixed race and the “supermen” would no doubt be the Jewish Globalist elite.’


AM Hants

Thanks, I have just read the article, which I found interesting. Do believe my head is spinning, owing to there being so much going on, relating to history, not just your link, and trying to absorb it all.


There is a lot to absorb, yet when we accept that atop of the pyramid of deceipt is the Star of David, the veil of obfuscation and victimhood all falls away to reveal the age old ambitions of the money lenders to control via old fashioned slavery of the very poor nations or modern debt slavery in more affluent nations.

Tis time for another pogrom that has always been the traditional way to rebalance society.

AM Hants

Why does the Roman Empire and days of Caligula come to mind, when you mention rebalancing society haha. Do feel that the insanity, is similar to those days. Then, all of a sudden, it turned, just as you say.

Toronto Tonto

You a fiction writer , Putin is to blame for all deaths in Ukraine .

AM Hants

Yeah, really?

Riddle me this, who turned up in Ukraine with the cookies? Who was enjoying the Russian Winter Olympics at the time?

What happened next?

Nought to do with President Putin, now is it?

How much did the oligarchs make out of it all? How much went to off shore accounts? How much went on the people of Ukraine?

Why did NATO want to use their rapid response team, on a little town in a non-NATO nation?

What were the air targets, over in Feodosia, that NATO, under the command of some US General, operating out of Kiev and the US Embassy, were after, back in 2014?

Ralph London

TT: You’ve got shit for brains; why not get educated? Because you are speaking shit. Look up PNAC and the original AMERICAn – neocon – PNAC vis a vis ukraine, to find out the REAL culprit for what has happened in ukraine and in particular the Donbass. Then get back and apologise, ok?


Unnecessary conflict that needs to be end soon. Too bad that UkroNazi were not that smart. They could simply live a better life by having peace with Russia instead of being west’s stooges. UkroNazi had no place within societies, No goals of building sustainable and peaceful society, it exists solemnly for political purposes. Grave is their future.

Toronto Tonto

Peace with a terrorist Russia is not going to happen until Russia falls .


Wanna know something? there is saying, never wish your enemy a good thing, as your enemy always wish you a bad thing to happen. That is indeed very true.

Concrete Mike

None of the garbage you type will ever happen?

Ralph London

Hey you stupid dumbfuck tt: have you found those Iraqi WMDs in Iraq yet?

AM Hants

Back in 1991, around the time of the fall of the Soviet Union, what was the President of Ukraine saying?

Former Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk: In 1991 Ukrainians Wanted Independence, but in a Union With Russia… https://www.stalkerzone.org/former-ukrainian-president-leonid-kravchuk-in-1991-ukrainians-wanted-independence-but-in-a-union-with-russia/

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