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JULY 2020

Military Situation In Eastern Syria On December 10, 2017 (Map Update)


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah have liberated 2,000 km from ISIS in the  area between the T2 Pumping Station and the city of al-Mayadin in eastern Syria. The advance is a part of a wider effort to liberate the entire Homs desert from members of the terrorist group. MORE HERE

Military Situation In Eastern Syria On December 10, 2017 (Map Update)

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  • Daesh are just rabbits trying to outrun snowmobiles now.

  • Wegan

    Meanwhile, one important piece of news is not being reported. More defection from SDF are being reported.
    This is making the SDF vulnerable to ISIS. Good for the SDF that they signed a peace treaty with ISIS.

    Who would sign a peace treaty with a terrorist organization in his territory when they are clearly being defeated? Unless the SDF doesn’t really care about it’s country and has its own agenda. That for example will make the SDF very vulnerable to the local population. The only way for the short term survival of the SDF is to become a terrorist organization thus providing an excuse to the US to stay in Syria. No way around it for the US.

  • Walter White

    There cant be many ISIS fighters in the desert but best to clear every square meter of desert to make sure :( good job SAA and allies :)

    • Xanatos

      Actually, there are easily hundreds, maybe over a thousand Isis fighters in this pocket.

      They might be able to break out and escape to the region around al Tanf in hopes of refuge.

    • Lemon1987

      nice choice of avatar man:) Pantera is the best sh*t evr collided with music industry

  • Rob

    In the beginning of Syrian and Iraqi war America invested trillion US dollars on Al-Qaeda terrorists but at the end SAA and their allies defeated them. Then America invested trillion of US dollars on ISIS terrorists but SAA and their allies also defeated them. Then America invested trillion of US dollars on SDF, YPG etc but their position is also look fragile why because SDF, YPG etc should have to be completely consists of Kurds but there are Kurds are in minority and Arabs are in majority. So again US fail strategy. When God keep a country integrated then no powers can divide it.

    • Vidura

      ^ lol this guy and his America paranoia

      • FlorianGeyer

        Rob lives in reality though Vidura,whereas you live in the fantasy bubble of American Exceptionalism.

      • Gary Sellars

        Go away Murican clown.

    • Justin

      Kurds are majority in SDF. I doubt they spent 1 trillion for each group. Don’t forget each group funded itself with oil and gas reserves that even the Syrians bought off them. Lets not forget that this war was mainly funded by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and uae. 3 of the richest nations in the world.
      So Rob, stop bullshitting people please. You do this site a disservice with ur lack of knowledge. I hate USA too but pls, u sound like a God damn fool when u make these comments.
      Change it to billions not trillions. Change it to KSA, QATAR AND UAE.
      USA funded too but probably did pay fighters. Fighters were trained by USA tho. Fighters were paid by the Arab nations and Syrian and Iraqi oil sales.

      • Rob

        My comments are authentic because I see that how much weapons goes from where and how.

      • χρηστος

        i thought that sdf was 50% ypg-kurds and 50% moderate opposition (laughing) arabs

  • Rob

    Erdogan should have to defend Palestine not America and Israhell. Erdogan should have to lead the Muslim world and to kick out US ambassador from Turkey. Cut diplomatic relations with America and Israhell. America and Israhell creating problems in the world. The Muslim first Qabla is in threat. What Erdogan is looking for.

    • χρηστος

      Erdi is an mentally unstable fasist ,nothing more. He will lead his country to destruction slowly and then face the fate of all previous dictators around the world.

  • Rob

    According to Lebanese media, some protesters are demanding that kick out the US Ambassador from Lebanon.
    I think this is so reasonable treatment of US ambassador. This is tit for tat. I think all Muslim countries should follow Lebanon because their first Qabla is in threat.

  • Fernando Silva

    ends with them saa

  • Hide Behind

    Sorry folks but the US Empire is exceptional,; they act and rest react.
    They make world’s reality, which is all possible because almost all nations live under enclosed fantacies,; self imposed mostly,but always manipulated by a minority of their own.
    Not saying there is a bit of difference between what American people perceive of reality is any different than what most people’s worldview
    We in US may have bred a hell of a lot more clinicly insane % wise. We have not a minority but instead of % being low of knowingly supporting and being a part of ruling aristocricy, 28%, there also is just as fanatical group, some 80%, as any Islamic jihadist group, CHRISTIAN ZIONIST.
    The whole of North America, Mexico, US and Canada have , being primarily white and wanna be white peoples, have never as a nation had to pay or even seen the chaos their nations have caused.
    Better yet they have so long, generations of being told how good they have it and it is because they are good.
    Let us not forget US controls every Eurocentrics, most all of Africa, Central and South Americas nations foreign affairs and economic systems.
    That their leaders andXEO STRAUSS minority of elite leadership knows this and it is in their personal interest to keep that reality from public knowledge is understandable.
    What good is nationalism if people realize they have no nation and that their rulers are but lackeys to international interest.
    SO yes US and a very few worldwide elites have exceptional abilities, they have complete control over 150 nations, and the remaining nations are fighting to survive becoming the next casualties of Empire expansion.

  • Rob

    M Qaddafi Net Wealth was US $200 Billion.
    Saddam Hussain net wealth was US $2 Billion.
    Saudi Arabia King Salman, US $18 billion
    Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh Net wealth US $64 Billion, Pakistan Nawaz Sharif Net wealth US $1.4 Billion
    Egypt Hosni Mubarak Net wealth US $70 Billion

    The Egyptian president was great friend of America and Israhell. He was a head of Egyptian army but nobody could saved him even his own wealth.

    These leaders did not spent money on their own poor nation or they had not invested that money on industries and education in their own countries but had given to America and Europe.

    Their nation now don’t have clean drinking water, roof on their heads, food and health facilities and jobs. These are the reasons that nobody have supported them.

    Now where are Saddam Hussain, Ali Abdullah Saleh, Muammar Qaddafi all had billions of US dollars but people don’t learn lesson from them. They have had properties and businesses in America and in Europe but all left there.

    Barack Obama and David Cameron net wealth is in million US dollars because they know that we cannot carry this wealth to the grave with us but in Muslim world there is competition of wealth and their nation are dying due to starvation, diseases and other many issues. God protect all world nations from corrupt leaders. Ameen

  • Russian225

    I see that SDF gives ISIS a free ride.