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Military Situation In Eastern Part Of Aleppo Province After Recent Gains By Syrian Army (Map)


Syrian government forces have liberated the villages of Hamedaia, Mestariha, Maza and Wasteh near the ISIS stronghold of Maskanah in the province of Aleppo.

According to pro-government sources, clashes are now ongoing in the vicinity of Maskanah. However, if the Syrian Arab Army Tiger Forces face a significant resistance from ISIS terrorists, they will likely continue outflanking the town from the western direction.

Military Situation In Eastern Part Of Aleppo Province After Recent Gains By Syrian Army (Map)

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  • Joe Doe

    That will be good news. SAA and Tiger Force could continue advances South, than in some point East or South and East the same time. If SAA continue South, same infantry will be relief in the Atshanah area ans South continue forward. This addition could assist liberate the rest of Syria

  • Alex Black

    It is important for the saa to attack towards deir ezzor. they will attempt to advance along the west bank of the euphrates.

  • Barba_Papa

    I say just keep on flanking the bastards. Maskanah itself is nothing but an IED infested ISIS rat hole, which the rats will abandon if they are in danger of being cut off. Other then providing a lot of work for sappers and deminers the town itself is now not worth the life of a single SAA soldier, so please don’t waste any trying to take it.

    • Thegr8rambino

      what if there are some hidden goodies there are something lol

    • gustavo

      Why do we have to offend the rats ? These terrorists belong to much much lower level…maybe mites.

    • Gary Sellars

      A half-dozen large fuel-air thermobarics delivered by Tu-160s and the job is done. Send in the bulldozers, scrape the area flat, then rebuild.

  • King_GeorgXIII

    If the SDF trying to stop the SAA it will get messy!