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Military Situation In Eastern Ghouta On April 2, 2018 (Map)

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On April 2, two buses arrived the Duma area of Eastern Ghouta in order to evacuate some Jaish al-Islam members and their families from the area to the Turkish-occupied town of Jarabulus in northern Syria, according to the Syrian state-run news agency SANA.

According to media reports, a total of 50 buses will be used to evacuate Jaish al-Islam members and their families from the area. However, no details were provided on the departue of militants and where it will be made.

On April 1, SANA reported that Jaish al-Islam had accepted an evacuation deal in Eastern Ghouta. However, later on the same day, Political leader of Jaysh al-Islam Mohamad Alloush denied that the deal had been reached. MORE DETAILS

Military Situation In Eastern Ghouta On April 2, 2018 (Map)

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Michał Hunicz

Saudis want to buy morale for their proxies to put in shadow their defeat.


bon it,s jayh al islam or fayq al islam and goe or not goe?? faudrait savoir merde!

Wolfgang Wolf

bomb them out of Douma. no discussion with terrorists


They will be dealt later..In idlib..

Peter Jennings

That’s going to be one hell of a battle and a jihadi sandwich.


Idlib is largely rural environment. Much better for SyAAF and SAA to operate their hardware advantage than in urban centres. Plus – Syrian state forces will be able to fight militants in Idlib without devastating their own urban centres and infrastructure as has been case in place like Aleppo and East Ghouta.


Today or Tomorrow…you will go Jaish al-Saudi…You will go…and you will get your Fiery Virgins…tails & horns included….


The SAA and company have done a phenomenal job clearing this terrorist nest. I hope that the one south of the city is cleared also.

chris chuba

I noticed that as the SAA conducted their brilliant offensive, featuring ground attacks that quickly eliminated the pocket, that the SOHR started upping the rate of civilian casualties. In order to come up with 1,500 dead civilians they had to escalate the press releases before the SAA won. I don’t believe the SOHR at all.


Is that the MI6 SOHR?

Peter Jennings

They are a bunch of liars and anti Syrian. After the defeat of murderers, sent there to kill Syrians by the US and nato, the sohr will shrivel and die due to lack of gov’t interest and funding.


Is this scumbag Mohamad Alloush even in Duma? I feel like he is sitting his ass down in Saudi Arabia while commanding his zombies to stay down there and die. And if he is actually in Syria, SAA and Russia should kill him as soon as the possible and may the next retard have more sense then him and surrender.
Also it’s only a matter of days until Duma is evacuated, the terrorists deny they will leave but they are in the process of leaving, just won’t admit it.


He is in London iirc.


After Duma, ZAIN pocket to free Damasco totally of any terrorists treat. I congratulate Syria-Iran-Hezbolah-Russia ground troops and mainly Russia aerospace force for their performance. I know you can do it even better. War continue, and I hope you can proceed fast, strong, without mercy, up to the end of terrorists.

Oscar Silva Martinez

They know it’s lost but of course they want to delay as much as possible the SAA’s victory in all Syria. By the way, I see two small more pockets in the lower-left corner of the map, one of them is ISIS, right?


Yeah, thats the Yarmouk camp.

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