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JUNE 2021

Military Situation In Eastern Aleppo And Southern Raqqah After Recent Advances Made By Government Forces (Map)

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This map provides a look at the military situation in eastern Aleppo and southern Raqqah, according to preliminary reports. Government forces have liberated Al-Sabkhawi and nearby points from ISIS in the southern countryside of Raqqah and allegedly reached the Euphrates River and cut off the Al-Bukamal-Aleppo highway.

Military Situation In Eastern Aleppo And Southern Raqqah After Recent Advances Made By Government Forces (Map)

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Mmm some unconfimed reports are putting them 40 to 50km outside of Deir Ezzor, im sure the tactical silence will come to an end sometime soon, in anycase this is very good news well done to the forces involved.


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These are just rumors. So far the only visual confirmation has been from Al-Sabkhawi.

Justin Ryan

You are right!

“Tiger Forces managed to achieve a mammoth 22 kilometer advance down the western bank of the Euphrates reaching the town of Shayma – located 40 kilometers north of Deir Ezzor city”

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Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Sana reported an airstrike by US/Coalition forces killing and wounding tens of civilians in Mayadan during rush hour on a road way, that could be the attack never trust that site its pro terrorist/US/SDF(Kurds). The Tactical silence is generally about 2-3 days right now even the Russian and Foreign delegations upcoming visit to Syria is a secret. The US can’t be trusted to be honest or honorable and neither with the lives of foreign delegations.

solomon mlambo

SDF Forces must hand over to SAA all land they currently occupy south of the Euphrates and in Southern Raqqah Region peacefully because this in their future interests. They should prevail over their (USA) allies overarching geo-strategic interests in Syria and for once accept that they are strange bed partners in the war against ISIS.


For US, this SDF bridgehead across Euphrates was to fully secure the Tabbqa Dam water and hydro-electric asset, and also intended as means to simultaneously push for Dier Ezzore in conjunction with upward movement the southeast Jordanian FSA. Both of these groups are loaded to gunnels with embedded US SOF. But with the Jordanian FSA movement stalled and failed, the question remains as to how sustainable this SDF bridgehead is – as it’s pure overreach for Kurdish SDF to be sitting on south bank of Euphrates and in direct contact line with Tiger Forces. But US is extremely belligerent and is clear they are not planning to leave north east Syria anytime soon – SDF territory is US territory.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There are some other adjectives you forgot like arrogant, ignorant ,abhorrent , intolerant, duplicitous , Tyrannical and surrounded by a bunch of sycophants, there are more but the point could be assumed about the US.

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