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Military Situation In Donetsk People’s Republic On April 17, 2021 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Donetsk People’s Republic On April 17, 2021 (Map Update)

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  • UAF targeted DPR positions in Aleksandrovka with RPGs and a BMP
  • UAF shelled Donetsk city with 120-mm artillery
  • UAF targeted Donetsk airport with 120-mm artillery
  • UAF shelled Staromikhaylovka with 120-mm and 122-mm artillery
  • UAF targeted DPR positions in Veseloe with grenade launchers
  • DPR forces shelled UAF positions near Novhorodske, Marinka and Opytne with 120-mm artillery
  • DPR forces targeted UAF positions near Vodiane with grenade launchers
  • DPR forces targeted UAF positions near Taramchuk and Krasnohorivka with man-portable antitank guns
  • DPR forces targeted UAF positions in Pesky with grenade launchers and small arms


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  1. DeathToPutin+CommieLukashenko says:

    Just wait till Bayraktar TB2s start destroying pantsirs in Donbass haha

    1. dontlietome says:

      …………….will you be jacking off into your daddies pants while you fantasize over it ?………….Awwww C’mon, take the Vaccine and do us all a favour.

      1. catalin zt says:

        Ha ha ha like it! I did send him one mooooore consistent :) but fore sure will not be approved by SF … whatever ,thanks :)

    2. antarcticus says:

      the ones Russian Pantsirs have been downing by the hundreds in Libya? Sure, send them into Donbass. They need the target practice.

      1. DeathToPutin+CommieLukashenko says:

        Show me a video proof of pantsir shooting down anything. I can link you multiple videos of it getting destroyed :))

        1. Ricky Miller says:

          Video proof of drones being shot down out there in the blue or the dark are rare. Linked video of ground unit SAM’s being destroyed are way more common because they are easier to get. In the drone shootdown there might be a flash on the far horizon and a disappeared target on a glowscreen, but that’s not PR sexy, is it? The bottom line is that if Russian forces get directly involved you’ll see air defenses employed in an aggressive and competent manner, something beyond anything you or Bayraktar drone operators have seen before. Include in Russian aircraft on the top deck, looking down and tracking drones with powerful radars and the life expectancy of a Bayraktar over Donbass or Luhansk will be measured in seconds to minutes.

          Small minds have trouble seeing around the most basic of corners and identifying when patterns change, and when they might stay the same.

        2. Ricky Miller says:

          You seriously upvoted your own comment? That’s a considerable self esteem issue you have there.

        3. catalin zt says:

          Murican anglo maggot paedo fascist troll he is….

          1. DeathToPutin+CommieLukashenko says:

            I’m slavic, not an anglo tard

    3. viktor ziv says:

      Like in Libya. :) Slavs know how to fight, even neo called nazis you vote for.

  2. SOF says:

    Tribute by Russell Bentley from 7 years ago, to Russell Bentley and those standing their ground

    1. catalin zt says:

      I know him I’m amazed such anglo-saxon could exist….living proof that exception can be! But unfortunately such of anglo-saxon in the best case u find 1 in a MILLION with BIG FAT LUCK! :) The reality is that this CANCER breed of Frankenstein is ROTTEN and needs EXTINCTION! By the way the reason Russell is there is maybe that his grandma was Romanian otherwise he’ll maybe be one of the hegemon illiterate ,paedo mercenaries….

      1. Not Indian Paul says:

        A very ignorant and racist comment

  3. catalin zt says:

    I want to hear soon the following: The Free United Nations of Earth attacked ALL the anglo-saxon MAGGOTS NESTS with high power nukes and VAPORISED all MAGGOTS from baby future capitalist-fascist mercenaries to present adult paedophilic INFECTION ! Meanwhile the israHELL was neutralised in the same manner and NO JEW ABORTION survived from baby HYENA to adult HYENA! THE DIVINE MISSION to save the Earth was accomplished! Congratulations for the whole Humanity! From now on we will live in Prosperity,Freedom and Cooperation Forever on our Earth Paradise! The enemies of Humanity are gone!!!! Uraaaaaaaaa!!!! Uraaaaaaaaaa!!!! Love Forever!

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