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Military Situation In Donetsk People’s Republic On April 15, 2021 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Donetsk People’s Republic On April 15, 2021 (Map Update)

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  • The UAF’s 58th Brigade fired mortars and small arms at Donetsk. One Civilian was killed
  • The UAF fired small arms in the direction of the village of Lozovoe
  • The UAF deployed more weapons and military hardware to the village of Orlovka
  • A Strela-10 anti-aircraft missile system and two self-propelled Shilka anti-aircraft guns were deployed to Chernenko
  • Towed artillery and anti-aircraft guns were deployed near the village of Lomakino, near Mariupol
  • DPR forces shelled UAF positions near Svitlodarsk
  • DPR forces shelled UAF positions in Zolote-4
  • DPR forces used small arms to open fire on UAF positions outside Pesky
  • DPR forces used grenade launchers to target UAF positions near Nevelske


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Ricky Miller

And SF missed one. Yesterday a Ukrainian gunboat approached the Kerch strait, reaching as close as 35km. Five Russian patrol ships including one large FSB Coast Guard heavy intercepted and maneuvered around it in an aggressive fashion, as one should expect. The Ukrainians claim that they warned all five Russian boats that they were prepared to use weapons. The Ukrainian gunboat then turned back.

Jihadi Colin

What weapons, empty gorilka bottles?

(I love gorilka. At least the Ukrainians know how to make liquor.)

Ricky Miller

I don’t know. There’s some kind of little pipsqueek cannon on the front. A squirt gun or two maybe. A pistol, if the Captain remembered to load it first.


Yes and they seem to be under the influence of it most of the time.

Jihadi Colin

Sultan Erdoğan is apparently dispatching special forces to Ukranazistan. Now there’s a surprise 🙄


More reasons to negotiate joint joyrides between Russian troops and Turkish terrorists. Sightseeing in ISIS/al-Qaeda invasion zones is in fashion.

Assad must stay

who cares, theyre fair game for russians if they ally with ukraine


With Putin preoccupied how to respond to Kameltoe Biden’s new anti-Russian sanctions in a way that won’t affect business and partnership with the terrorist Ziocorporate globalists too much, EUkraine Zioterrorists gonna have lotsa time to position their crap around Donbass.

Assad must stay

i know right, they always say they will “respond” but whatever happens?

thomas malthaus


A critique of U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Moscow to close Kerch Strain until October
“The move, which will practically stop sea traffic from getting to Ukrainian ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk, comes hours after the United States imposed new sanctions against Kremlin.”

cechas vodobenikov

maybe ukraine can employ famous linguist Jens to confuse Russian troops w comic poetry, otherwise only strategy is to REQuest CIA assets to post comedy at SF—TOMMY, cornhole, tratz, freemasonman, hindoo dalit, etc

Aleks Noir

The comments on here are insane hysterical nonsense.

Russia deployed its troops after Ukraine sent thousands of soldiers and armored vehicles to threaten Donetsk. If the Russians were intent on invading, they would be a little more stealth about it. Putin has no desire to capture Ukraine. Its a worthless, poor crappy place. If the president of ukraine is insane enough to attack Donetsk, or Lugansk or crimea, the ukranian army will be destroyed, and a new buffer zone will be created extending from kharkov to odessa.

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