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MAY 2021

Military Situation In Donetsk People’s Republic On April 14, 2021 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Donetsk People's Republic On April 14, 2021 (Map Update)

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  • DPR forces targeted UAF positions near the villages of Pivdenne and Zaitseve and Katerinovka
  • DPR forces opened fire near the village of Pervomaiskoe, using grenade launchers and smaller arms
  • 1 Ukrainian soldier was reportedly killed near the village of Majorsk
  • DPR forces opened fire near the village of Svitlodarsk, using grenade launchers and machine guns.
  • DPR forces opened mortar fire near the village of Majorsk
  • UAF targeted DPR positions near the villages of Zaitseve, 6/7 mine, using mortar, grenade launchers, smaller arms
  • UAF opened fire on DPR positions near the villages of Vodyanoe and Leninskoe
  • UAF targeted DPR forces near the village of Veseloe


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  1. John Tosh says:

    It’s obvious the CIA miscalculated on this one.
    The only problem is the world is ready with their baseball bats to clobber the little egotistic maniac called the CIA when the opportunity arises. The world is hoping Russia or North Korea/Iran start the process. Half of the world hates the USA out of pure human jealousy (US lived well and showed off its wealth while laughing at the poor of the world), the other half hates the USA because of all the wars, suffering, IMF-World Bank tricks pushed on them by the CIA!

    They are waiting, club in hand for world war 3 to start!!!

    1. Assad must stay says:

      yea time to smash the CIA with baseball bats hahahahhaa

    2. Supreme Blyat says:

      And which half of the world are you in?

      1. John Tosh says:

        I am an Observer, recorder and note taker for the future. It’s all been played out. It’s nice to see it with ones eyes!

        1. Supreme Blyat says:

          Why you capitalized observer? are you an alien specop?

          1. John Tosh says:

            Where do you go when you sleep? Why do you have to sleep. Your scientists believe in multiple universes and other dimensions but nothing on a different form of life.

            The truth is you are software running on hardware in a different dimension. You have to plug in to download and upload when you sleep

            This is the simplistic explanation of life on earth.

            The USA will cease to exist. It is too disruptive . Five centuries ago Russia China Iran all existed. The USA did not exist.

            You go back to that. It is more predictable.

          2. Supreme Blyat says:

            “Five centuries ago Russia China Iran all existed. The USA did not exist” such a long comment distroyed but such a fliwed logic. In which history book says that the youngest countries die before the oldest?

          3. John Tosh says:

            The old countries have always been there…. new experiments come up and go away…. Ever wondered why the North American continent compared to Europe or Africa have never been inhabited CONTINOUSLY? Africa goes back thousands of years, just like Europe… North America recently got inhabited by the native Americans etc when the frozen lands allowed Indians to cross over a land bridge.

            Environmental catastrophe awaits North America if human wars do not wipe it out.

          4. Supreme Blyat says:

            I guess it has to do with the Anunakis. Probably they informed Iran already to stay chill, big things is waiting America. Or Atlantida.. whatever the real name is.

          5. John Tosh says:

            You spend too much time on YOUTUBE… ANUKAKI or ANUNAKI is your area of expertise…. I am not interested in stupid concepts which have no bearing to reality.

            The USA ceases to exist for many reasons…. one of them environmental catastrophe….

          6. Supreme Blyat says:

            And what should I do with my savings in dollars?

          7. Lone Ranger says:

            Buy gold, silver, food, ammo…

          8. Supreme Blyat says:

            Thanks for advice, my home is not a warehouse.

          9. Lone Ranger says:

            You store toilet paper($) in it tho…

          10. Supreme Blyat says:

            Only the clean one. I donate the used one to your mom, for dinner.

          11. Lone Ranger says:

            Are you on your period again?
            So much anger…and passive agression…
            Need a Tampax?
            Maybe a heavy flow version…?

          12. Supreme Blyat says:

            No, keep the tampax for dinner, I know your family needs to make soup.

          13. Lone Ranger says:

            We aint ukrops we don’t eat tampax 🍲 like you guys…

          14. Supreme Blyat says:

            You don’t it it, you make soup and drink it. Then reuse it.

          15. Lone Ranger says:

            You sound like an expert…

          16. Supreme Blyat says:

            Was tampax juicy?

          17. Lone Ranger says:

            You should ask your Mom.
            She is the Chef…

          18. Supreme Blyat says:

            You want my moms tampaxes for you family?

          19. Lone Ranger says:

            Your are losing it bacon.
            Try again after an espresso…

          20. Supreme Blyat says:

            What can I lose, yurta boy?

          21. Lone Ranger says:

            Your yurta…

          22. Lone Ranger says:

            Around 1.6.
            Most of Europe is barely above 1.

          23. John Tosh says:

            Buy GOLD. The US Dollar will no longer be as powerful as it was in the 1980s.

  2. Jihadi Colin says:

    I wonder if Orlov has lost his senses even more than the Faker. His solution to Donbass is to evacuate the population to Russia. Then of course Russia would be accused of mass kidnapping everyone.


    1. HiaNd says:

      “Russia would be accused of mass kidnapping everyone”
      what utter pile of nonsense (just as s.t.u.p.i.d as Ukrainian claim that people in Donbass took Russian passports by force)!
      If they all take Russian citizenship and leave in their free will, that can’t possibly be labeled as “mass kidnapping”!
      Specially if accommodation and job already waiting for them in Russia.
      I don’t say I agree with that idea…
      That would be dream come true for Ukraine, who want to use force, to kick out all the ethnic Russian population out of Donbass…. and replace them with Ukrainians from Western Ukraine.

      1. Jihadi Colin says:

        What they do doesn’t matter, what Russia is accused of is what matters. We are not concerned about the truth, we are concerned about the lies spread instead of the truth.

        1. HiaNd says:

          Russia would NEVER move all those people from Donbass.
          It would be equal to admitting defeat.

          1. Jihadi Colin says:

            That is more or less why I said Orlov has lost it.

          2. Supreme Blyat says:

            Russia needs fresh blood, the population is declining. Only the muslim population is growing, like in the West.

          3. HiaNd says:

            Oh, shut up Ukrainian….
            there are 30 -40 millions of Russians outside of Russia that will eventually come back to Russia…B cause Russia is rich and growth in Asia will make Russia prosper also !

          4. Supreme Blyat says:

            If they wait few more years they will come back in China.

          5. HiaNd says:

            Russia is resource very rich country, situated in fast growing Asia.
            There is not single reason why Russia can’t become very rich developed country (except war).
            If Russia rich, than Russians will come back home..

          6. Supreme Blyat says:

            Africa is a resource very rich continent. Japan is not. Though Japan produce more goods than entire Africa and the can buy their resources. Economic illiterate think resources are everything, fx the commies. The ethics and productivity of work and the trade spirit are above low key minds can understand.

          7. HiaNd says:

            Africa doesn’t control her resources just like Russia didn’t control them under Yeltsin and have ended up with total bankruptcy.
            Funny that you completely “forget” other examples of Arab countries (fr. example Qatar – FILTHY rich through production of LNG gas)
            Japan’s “production” is not so much in quantity but in added quality (value) of their products specially in domain of advanced electronics.
            You are “economic illiterate” because importance of access to cheap energy is of primordial importance for any society. Doesn’t matter how advanced.
            (“ethics and productivity of work and the trade spirit”) :) CLOWN !

          8. Supreme Blyat says:

            And with whom does Russian economy compare the most, with Qatar’s or Japan?

          9. HiaNd says:

            It is somewhere in the middle.
            It certainly not “pump station with the missiles” as some ppl. in US would like to present them.
            It is not resource dependent economy the way Qatar is.
            Or global top high tech economy like Japan.
            But even so, there are Quite few high tech domains where Russia dominates Japanese know how (outside military domain).
            Building airplanes, choppers, space rockets, nuke reactors etc.

          10. Supreme Blyat says:

            “But even so, there are Quite few high tech domains where Russia dominates Japanese know how (outside military domain).
            Building airplanes, choppers, space rockets, nuke reactors etc.”

            Indeed, Russia big tech industry can surpass even US in many aspects but that’s technologicaly tied to military industry. They need smaller industries for finite objects and services to bring wealth to the middle class.

            One example that comes in my mind right now is games. Russia is rising on the games market.

            Few years ago Russia was number one second hand Toyota importer. Then they sold Lada to Renault. Then reduced second hand taxes… That’s a sign that middle class is not doing very well in Russia.

          11. Lone Ranger says:

            Russia is more advanced on all the things you listed.
            Are there japanese designed nuclear reactors or choppers?
            I dont know of any…
            But there are Russian, bot civ snd military.

          12. Supreme Blyat says:

            I was not talking with you, don’t follow me.

          13. Lone Ranger says:

            Oy gevalt..

          14. Lone Ranger says:

            Russia has the biggest population in Europe, and far not the oldest one
            I wouldn’t worry.

          15. Supreme Blyat says:

            They import work force from all the ex soviet states. Except from baltics who have it better.

          16. Lone Ranger says:

            Somebody has to do the crappy work…
            Its in all developed societies.
            Thats ehzy Polish plumbers are in the UK…
            They dont import from the baltics because they dont want neo nazis…

          17. Supreme Blyat says:

            If by developed societies do you mean countries with lower natality.

          18. Lone Ranger says:

            Russia has one of the highest birth rates in Europe.

          19. Supreme Blyat says:

            How high?

          20. Lone Ranger says:

            Around 1.6.
            Most of the EU is barely above 1.

          21. Supreme Blyat says:

            1.6 is still decline.

          22. Lone Ranger says:

            Still better than 0.8 or 1.

          23. Supreme Blyat says:

            Russia will have to compete with China, not with those midgets.

          24. Lone Ranger says:

            China already has 8 times the population.
            There is no competition.
            Russia unlike the U.S. has well protected borders.
            Aside from that they are allies.

          25. Supreme Blyat says:

            There will be no invasion, yurta boy. Just economic take over. Like Renault took Lada.

          26. Lone Ranger says:

            China already took over the U.S…
            Russian economy is in no competition with the Chinese.
            Unlike the U.S. or the EU. whom are getting strangled by China, especially the U.S.
            Renault is part owner.
            Unlike in case of Chrysler which was bought up by Fiat 100%.
            Its an Italian car company now…
            Only because you live in a yurta, doesn’t mean everyone else does…

          27. Supreme Blyat says:

            Wrong multiple times.
            Everybody is in competition with eachither on global market. Russia is part of it.
            Chrysler and Fiat are bouth owned by Stellantis, a multinational with headquarters in Nederlands. So no, Fiat didn’t bought Chrystler and is not Italian anymore.
            Economy is not for yurta boy

          28. Lone Ranger says:

            Indeed you are.
            Stellantis is only a joint coordinator between the French PSA group and Italian Fiat.
            And chrysler is an Italian car company now whether you like it or not.

            Russia and China aim at totally different sectors with their economy, they arent in competition.
            Indeed it’s not, you better start educating yourself in your yurta …

          29. Lone Ranger says:

            65% of Stellantis is Fiat.
            Only 7.5% is PSA.
            It was mainly created to share tech, design, and to penetrate the EV market.

      2. Supreme Blyat says:

        I don’t think western Ukrainians want to live in Donbas :)

        1. HiaNd says:

          Failed state…Ukraine.
          You are effing Africans in Europe with 3rd world standard of living.
          Nobody cares what they want.
          If not because of Russia, nobody would even talk to you… ever.
          Those Russians stay forever there anyways…

          1. Supreme Blyat says:

            They should stay there, only the warlords should be droned.

  3. Jihadi Colin says:

    Meanwhile, this is a good article, which doesn’t fall for the propaganda. But then Donetsk people can see the truth for themselves.


  4. erwin vercauteren says:

    The US and NATO are scared because “When Russia can move several armies to a distance of five thousand kilometers in a few hours, this is something that no army in the world can do today. And indeed, this is taken seriously. and this is just a routine for Russia these boys are combat ready and eager for revenge and hunt for fascist pigs and i bet the corridors of NATO HQ and Pentagon smell of acute diarrhea all the way RUSSIA ura ura ura

    1. Assad must stay says:

      russia/soviet union lost 27 million people in world war 2. if anyone deserves to rule the world, its them

    2. John Tosh says:

      Soon adult diapers will be needed in NATO.

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