Military Situation In Deir Ezzor City After Recent Advances Of Syrian Army (MaP


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies have liberated Hatlah Tahtani village north of Deir Ezzor city, on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, according to pro-government sources.

Military Situation In Deir Ezzor City After Recent Advances Of Syrian Army (MaP

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  • Garga

    So there’s no ISIS between SAA and SDF lines in that area. SDF can’t shoot at SAA and pretend it was ISIS anymore.

    Meanwhile because oil and stuff, Raqqa is completely forgotten, except for US pilots that bomb it’s infrastructure and murder it’s civilians.

  • χρηστος

    is SAA going the wrong way?they should be advancing the other direction

    towards the remaining oilfields

    • Tudor Miron

      You seem to forget that SAA is actually fighting ISIS unlike those zio puppets that could have an autonomy but now want to grab foreign (to them) lands and with that “US will stay on Suryan land for tens of “years|.

      • χρηστος

        thats their hope….for US to stay. But its not an easy thing to do. establishing a base in Kurdish territory, but in SYrian soil?With the Russians having their own naval bases and airbases just a few miles away?like playing with matches in a gas station.

    • Floyd Hazzard

      ROTFL, that was my first thought too. I mean why worry about a cauldron? BTW, why isn’t the Deir Ezzor airbase being brought into action? Aircraft based there can project mightily.

    • Barba_Papa

      Maybe if the SAA can’t keep the Kurds out of the oil fields, at the very minimum at least maybe they want the Kurds to not be across the river from Deir Ezzor? Plus taking the opposite bank across the city it isolates the ISIS forces that are still inside the city,

      • χρηστος

        if isis is the target its another pocket in the making….as its done in so many cases…..isis will be encircled ,isolated, erased from the map slowly, painfully as they deserve.

    • CIWARS

      read above. It is a flanking motion to turn the dirty dog Kurds north into the waiting arms of the SAA and Russian forces. SAA flanking with concentrate the criminal kurds into one area so they can be slaughtered like they deserve.

      • χρηστος

        ok but if this doesnt work and the Kurds continue their way to the oilfields?its like inviting them to take them. even if the SAA flanks them they are not really enemies, declered, that is…so.?

        • CIWARS

          Lets think through this ok? The kurds just declared independence. Their borders are sealed. it is just a matter of time before Turkey comes across the border from the north and Iraq from the south. I hope you get my picture. The USA does not official support their independence. The USA Army is a rogue army that will meets death Inshallah in Syria. The kurds will retreat home to defend their homeland leaving the Americans to die alone.

          • χρηστος

            and ISIS will rise from its ashes .mybe thats why the US filled kurdish heads with referendums, indipendence etc. to save its beautiful creation ISIS

          • CIWARS

            Absolutely correct. The US government has caused the death of 500,000 Syrians, created Al Qaeda and ISIS and supports terrorism worldwide to aid their military industrial complex and rich Zionist of America.

  • MeMadMax

    If you can’t make it to the oil fields then just bomb whats left of them…..

    • Justin

      hahaha, I honestly think that the biggest goals right now is to seal the border with Iraq and start dealing with Idlib province!

      once ISIS is gone their will only be SDF and SAA!

      This is when proxy war 2 will begin because their is no way in hell that Syria, Iran, Iraq or Turkey are going to allow a Kurdish state!

      America and Israel can’t do shit about this since Russia is there!

      So lets calm down about the oil fields!
      Lets completely liberate Syria and deal with the Kurds after that!

      Containing Israel with a joined transit route from Tehran all the way to Lebanon is going to COMPLETELY fuck Israel and its plans! its a complete backfire!

      We are lucky that Turkey hates the Kurds so much! Having them on the same side as Russia is much more powerful than the US and Israeli alliance!
      Simply because they are within their borders and within their rights!
      Russia is there legally and USA is not!

      Liberate Syria first…. then get ready for proxy war 2 and the CONTAINMENT of Israel with Iranian ballistic missiles and Russian air defence systems!


      • Solomon Krupacek

        America and Israel can’t do shit about this since Russia is there!

        only buld up 14 military bases, make no fly zone, destroy several times saa units, planes …

        russia is not able to stop americans. its low budget army is nothing. russia was not able let in sevice 100 planes in syria.

        • Justin

          America can only create a no fly zone if they take out Russian Systems! If they do that its WW3!
          Plus Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria could contain Kurdish regions by land!
          The Americans would be forced to airlift everything in which is expensive and too little too late!
          For america to create a no fly zone means hundreds of cruise missiles, escalating to ww3. That aint happening!
          They will need western media to create hype about “the poor Kurdish people are being bullied and cut off and America is flying in food”!

  • DJ Double D

    I see the map and think there is still a way for SAA to liberate more of it’s oil fields to the north east but they have to make much better progress than they are now.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      The SDF hasn’t advanced that far west they keep making claims as such this is to deter SAA from cutting them off to the Khabur valley , best thing is force ISIS back into the lines with SDF.