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Military Situation In Deir Ezzor Area Following Lifting Of ISIS Siege From Strategic City (Map)


Military Situation In Deir Ezzor Area Following Lifting Of ISIS Siege From Strategic City (Map)

Click to see the full-size map

On Tuesday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies reached the 137th Brigade Base controlled by the Republican Guard in western Deir Ezzor lifting the 3-years long ISIS siege from this strategic city. These maps provide a general look at the military situation in the area following this development.

Military Situation In Deir Ezzor Area Following Lifting Of ISIS Siege From Strategic City (Map)

Click to see the full-size map



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  • Ono&Dsz

    Great, great, great !!!! Most beautiful day in those 5 years of bloody war !! Now burn all of those headchoper rats !!

  • Bru

    Congratulations, Syria, for this blessed day and putting an end for the hardships of these people besieged so long by the terrorists!

  • Ono&Dsz
    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      They were the 17th brigade and not Tiger forces as they were with Hassan securing the 3 km stretch.

      • Ono&Dsz

        Thanks for clarification, but we all agree it doesn’t matter which brigade..important is that siege is lifted !

  • That Guy

    I can see that an ISIS pocket is about to get formed.

    • Ivanus59

      I am 99.9% certain that that area is empty/deserted of any ISIS units. Would make no sense if they were still there just sitting and waiting to get encircled (and not even launching attacks of their own).

      • Moussa Saab

        Didn’t IS increase supplies to areas near Ghanim Ali? That means there is a lot to kill in this pocket!

        • Ivanus59

          Yess but I was not thinking of that one, I was referring to the area between Kobajjep and Bishri.

          • Moussa Saab

            Then I agree with you, it will not be a nuisance at all.

  • SVEN

    THEY’VE DONE IT!!! ALLAH, SURIYA, BASHAR W BASS!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HfW5b7PqZ8

  • cynic

    How long will it take to restore the oil and gas fields to profitable production?

    • Barba_Papa

      Fuck those for now, secure enough defensive terrain in depth around the airbase so the Russians can deploy their SU-25’s and choppers even closer. More loiter time above the battlefield! Shorter changeover between missions! More missions per day! For at least unlike other airbases the SAA retook this one has not been utterly thrashed by ISIS and has to be rebuild first.

      • Red Tick Alert

        The re-building of the air base will take a week – amazing how these engineer corps work.

        I do agree with you, but the oil fields are important as they will provide a great deal of money for the rebuilding process and maybe more importantly now further armaments.

  • Jesus

    The Tiger forces linking up with the Republican Guards in Deir Ezzor created another pocket, trapping ISIS forces north of Deir Ezzor. Also the 5th corps adavancing on M20 should send a unit to move and cut off any southern approaches to the city, creating another pocket, surrounding and trapping sieging ISIS forces. As ISIS has built fortifications around the city known to the city defenders, bring in the artilery and MLRS and pulverize their fortifications, aided by Suk 25 and gunships attacks.

    Also, after the pocket created by the Tiger forces is reinforced, some Tiger forces should cross Euphrates and start moving north east. With the blockade lifted, supplies and construction materials should reach the city and have the bridges spanning Eufrates repaired for immediate deployment of SAA and allied forces to recuperate the Deir Ezzor province in its entirety.
    US barking about supporting air attacks provided to SDF is mere window dressing, they know very well they are on the loosing end of this geopolitical and military chess game.

  • Rob

    Congratulation to Syrian Arab army SAA, Tiger forces, Hezbullah from Lebanon, IRGC from Iran, Lewa All Quds from Palestine and
    Congratulation to Syrian president Dr. Bashar Al Assad and to whole Syrian nation.

    Congratulation to Russian army, airspace forces and to their government especially to Russian president Mr. Vilademir Putin.

    This is a blessed day in Syrian history.

    Congratulation to all those commanders and soldiers that fought and martyred for the dignity, stability, integration and protection of Syrian nation and Syrian land against American and their allies backed proxy terrorists. God send their souls to heaven and give comfort to their loves one. Ameen.

    Long live Syria.

  • Ono&Dsz

    What are the words of song that soldiers chanting together ?? Anybody knows? something about Bashar…

    • posting@fastmail.com

      Allah Souria Bashar w bas” which means “only God, Syria, and Bashar”

      • Red Tick Alert

        Nice one thanks, on behalf of all of us.

        I am going to have to learn that.

  • Bob

    Has been steady SAA/ Tigers progress for months across east – but when think back to the precarious situation in 2015, it is really quite incredible that with Russian assistance, the Syrian state leadership and armed forces have prevailed and have reached Dier Ezzore. Sure there is long way to go, with Idlib, assorted pockets and US occupation of north east, but this was a colossally expensive US/NATO and Gulf State proxy war enterprise, consuming vast resources, and yet US/NATO and GCC have failed to achieve their primary aims.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      There are various forces not all of Hassan troops are Tigers forces all have been integrated to meet combat capabilities , they have been blending units to fight in brigade style combat which this war has come down to. They have been developing the right mix of troops to create effective fire brigades ,seeing which work well together and compliment each other in combat. This has been part of the new age of warfare since the 90’s, just the US is slow in implementing new tactics.