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JUNE 2021

Military Situation In Damascus’ Eastern Ghouta On January 5, 2017 (Syria Map Update)

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On January 5, an intense fighting continued between government troops and members of Ahrar al-Sham in the Armoured Vehicles Base area. Despite the recent gains, the Syrian Army was not able to reach the base and to lift the militant siege from it. Army troops still have to pass about 400m to reach positions of their counterparts encircled inside the base.

Military Situation In Damascus' Eastern Ghouta On January 5, 2017 (Syria Map Update)

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Deo Cass

All of Eastern Gouta needs to be liberated by the Syrian government forces, the sooner the better. It is unacceptable to have a hostile foreign presence at the heart of the capital city since this presence poses an existential threat to the Syrian state. So the Syrian government needs to concentrate much of its effort there. If the Syrian government foorces succeed in defeating the Zionist/Saudi proxies, especially Jaish al-Islam, in Eastern Gouta the Syrian government and state would have been saved.

Syria insider

That would be a huge task,the rebels are well fortified and entrenched and the SAA is to busy at other fronts at the moment but a summer offensive on the Ain tarma-jobar axis would be a great move.

Deo Cass

They could do it if the Syrian government forces open an attack on various fronts all at once. After all the terrorists are completely surrounded in their pocket.


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I commented earlier that I got weird vibes reading some reports here. Good news for Assad being reported early, often unconfirmed, bad news for Assad late and guardedly, often using : alledgedly”.

As for this report. The counterassault started early yesterday morning. That means the assault is over 24 hours old. A counterattack to break the siege of a small area must be full strength otherwise its opportunity will be gone and the besieged small area overrun.

Given that the assault started over 25hrs ago and was yesterday already reported as being some 250 meters away and advancing, it is very likely that the assault has spent itself and is even beaten back some 200 meters.

Likely the assault should be restarted immideately or they can forget the objective of breaking the siege. Forget as there have been reports by FSA late yesterdayafternoon / evening that opposition forces were entering the buildings and even taking prisoners, leading them away (incl pics). So it is even possible that the besieged buildings have either partly or fully been taken by opposition forces.

As SAA can redeploy reinforcements, so can opposition forces.

Every hour that does not break the siege, enhances the chance that SAA will be too late, if it is not already too late.

All in all, even if SAA gains the base ultimately, SAA forces have been bled with the loss of many of its officer corps, which is an important loss for the small army that SAA has become.

Gary Sellars

Why do I detect a certain smugness from our resident Jihadi-fondler terror supporter?


I agree to a certain smugness as I have been warning against overoptimistic reporting and commenting and it seems I am at the least partly right.

As for being Jihadi fondler, I am only fondling my wife and most certainly not a beardy bushman without scissors. Politically, I cannot stand Jihadists and dislike political islamists. I am pro democracy, gender equility, secularism. In the Syrian context, that only leaves SDF as a viable alternative.

Preferences apart, I am in favour of independent thinking, voicing opinions. Where I think Assad is right, I will say so. Where I think SDF is wrong, I will say so too, if relevant of course.


You’re a liar, Assad won the election and would win now. You’re a Zionist shill who refuses to debate Jew crime and evil because you know that the filthy Jews are criminals just like their SDF proxies and other Jew world order terrorists who’ve killed and injured millions of innocent Syrians in an externally fabricated and supported war for Israel.


Pal, whatever you want. live your live in your cosy sectarians dreams and the rest will live in reality.


You’re a truth hater. The reality is that Assad is a secular nationalist who won because of that and would win again. And the war is fabricated by your Jew buddies and their collaborators that you’re on these boards shilling for everyday with your hasbara propaganda trying to blame shift and divert attention from Jew crime and evil.


bitchnational is a paid, terrorist-loving piece of sh*t.


And a two faced one at that. Trying to put lipstick on a pig.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Why do you support US backed terrorists one minute and then deny another group the next, you must be schizophrenic. With you and “your shit don’t stink complex” is really getting tiring do you like your new mantra?Guess that is your reality then.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

“Preferences apart, I am in favor of independent thinking, voicing opinions , Where I think Assad is right, I will say so. Where I think SDF is wrong, I will say so too , if relevant of course. ”

What kind of Horse shit do you think with that statement you made isn’t going to have people buzzing around you and pointing out your hypocrisy , you stepped into what you deserve.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The current distance is 100 m from the position that was hours ago and now all small arms fighting as this is just more than breaking the Siege but that of all the Foreign Terrorist Gunman in the region.

Protests have come out Beit Sahm ,Yelda and other townships for the Terrorist gunman to leave, all they have done is brought terrorism death and destruction to the people of these regions as they want to get on with their lives and the reconciliation process. This shows how unpopular these gunman truly are and similar protests have happened elsewhere.


2017 ?




خليل ้้้้้็็็็❁

1 u1 uur geleden
Faylaq_alRahman Mujahedeen advancing with no fears and destroying SAA/pro-ASSad militias fortifications at the surroundings of the Military Vehicles Management complex fronts in #Harasta town.
Eastern #Damascus cs #Syria Jan 5

Update as just posted. Maybe the report here should be updated.


bicthnational just go join your terrorist boyfriend and and die you dumb sh*teater


Video’s from inside of captured buildings of the base are now online : @worldonalert

There seems to be no fighting anymore, at least not visible.

Has the besieged zone within the base fallen?


very ‘raw’ account ……shows many Assad troops wounded ,dying, dead….even in war its a gross and inhumane !but i guess these apes havent reached even the lower standards for human beings.


I never show or retweet, in fact I do not tweet at all, but the baseline info matters.

I agree lots of movies and videos are gross. Like the ones of the now killed DeZ commander with the cut of heads of IS in his hand and his feet on their dead bodies, somewhere 2016. None of the ass-adophyles had any problems with those photo’s, were only cheering on.


i dont agree with that either. But lets put in the table all the atrocities ISIS has done…..burning people alive? come on ,Syria has become a hghway to the middle ages. one the one hand you have SYrians fighting for their country, their way of life as it was (i dont think they fight for Assad but for what Assad represents, Syria befor the war) .these guys are the ones that didnt flee to Germany to receive benefits, they risk their lives for their beliefs. on the other hand you have the magority of foreign fighters and Syrians as well that represent ‘values’ of the middle ages……darkness, violence, death. do they deserve equal treatment?givn the crimes they commited?


To adress your in itself correct report of standards, here a tweet by a pro ass-adophyle :

van Sidorenko

2 uur2 uur geleden
#Syria #Damascus #EastGhouta #EasternGhouta #Harasta Dead Militant Under the Boots of the Syrian Armed Forces ?????✌?


blah, blah, no one cares just go eat sh*t and die you braindead turd-ophilic, pedophilic, natophilic c*cksucker.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The police officer put the boot on the chest is nothing have you ever seen Western police do this? I can show you a myriad of Photos of them doing this but not the rifling of pockets and claiming personal property for themselves that’s the theft you see ongoing with criminal actions by terrorists. This is the same witnessed under the SDF and YPG units when coming across dead bodies of the SAA and allies.


first of all ….you must have noticed that i respect your opinion even if i agree with you. that is when you are serious and not trolling…..second thought…killing is a part of war ok?both sides post photos of dead fighters . i disagree with that. were i come from we have a history of 1000s of years of wars but one thing was certain. respect for the dead! the way they treat the prisoners is a totally different thing. you have international law protecting them. even adolf respected his prisoners in most cases (since you mentioned him). so i understand you hate assad thats your right to do so, but dont tell me you like to see prisoners covered in blood, one couldnt even walk spitting blood all over, being laughed at and mistreated……its a total disgrace even for a militia army.


bitchnational no one gives a f for your boyfriends home videos you pathetic, braindead terrorist-loving pile of feces…

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