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Military Situation In Damascus’ Eastern Ghouta On January 15, 2018 (Map Update)

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Government troops have recaptured Tell Farzat from Jaish al-Islam in the southern part of Damascus’ Eastern Ghouta. Clashes between Jaish al-Islam and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) were also reported in Hazrama and Hush al-Duahra.

Meanwhile, fighting is still ongoing in teh area of the Armoured Vehicles Base where Ahrar al-Sham continues its attempts to achieve some progress against the SAA.

Military Situation In Damascus' Eastern Ghouta On January 15, 2018 (Map Update)

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MD Ranix

weakening the syria coalition must be these illegal occupiers’ evil plan – they will always fail miserably – God is the best of all planners


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Hide Behind

Let us lay propaganda aside, within long held areas under resistance held areas the civil populations crave personal stability and have adapted to each of their local conditions.
Support is granted, even if coerced, in many subtle ways, selling of produce and paying tax, private business of any form is still profit driven, and a populace living in more or less safety from artillery and air bombing, is preferable to being invaded by their old governments military.
Refugees complain more about the destruction of homes and ways of living by
blaming the government war making.
SYRIA proper by now realizes that it will be a permanently divided nation, and that the areas they think they have ” reclaimed” still contains cells of discontent that in future will bring serious vonsequences to Damascus based power.
It cannot blow the living carp out of every settlement and suburbs of Damascus as they have done throughout rest of country. As there is vast amounts of interactions, relatives, ex loyalist of Adsads power group.
Their military assets need concentrate on gaining control of whatever the US terrorist organization is willing to cede them, thereby securing new borders of a Shrunken Syria.
That is, right now, their main mission.
Once that is accomplished , then let the bloodbath begin on a much strengthened terrorist controlled area.
That means a costly provision for most likely a million refugees, refugees who now feel no need to flee.

Deo Cass

What a completely false desription of facts. The native inhabitants who are under the US/Zionist foreign mercenary terrorists reign of terror wish nothing less than to be re-united to their beloved Syrian land and to be liberated from these terrorists. These terrorists uocupying their land are not native inhabitants. They’re invaders from other countries who were joined by their families and other women to steal their property and take away their homes and lands as their foreign Zionits masters did to the Palestinians. The native inhabitants crave to be liberated by their army from these US/Zionist/Saudi and co monsters and they will be.

Hide Behind

I respectfully ask that you research psychological studies of occupied people’s. Along with all the multiple media, corporate State and independent, outlets that actually intervene those civilians who flee their homes after, Wether US or Syrian forces invade the towns billed and communities.
Cut the patriotic bull crap, face reality,; both in Iraq and Syria when ISIL and Al’ Q over ran those nations the regular military ran like hell towards Capital cities and safety, as that is where the greatest military and police forces were concentrated. Placed there in order to protect ruling interest butts.
They ran away from confrontation with an almost unknown enemy or joined it with whatever relatives who were baddies. THEREBY ABANDONING a large populace, who fearing those same unknowns went shopping and fornucating as normal.
Also leaving a more or less destructive entry for the baddies.
Now look at destructiveness of Government and tribal malitias coming to liberate them.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Well let’s look at from a different perspective , these people are strong and many are not so easily persuaded. What we have seen is the high amount of foreigners who claim to be Syrian also Iraqi from Saudi Barbaria, Chechnya,Turkey ,Tunisia, Uzbek , etc.the list is massive and it doesn’t include the other gulf states. We wonder how this group called Al Qaeda got there largely in part from NATO and the Gulf States along with Israel funding the 50,000 man army in Jordan who turned into ISIS, then Al Qaeda are all those meatchopping gangs the west is in love with because of the western media promoting them as something they are not,”Opposition Rebels”.

The reason why major population centers are protected is a simple known fact in times with Terrorists you run to pack and regroup and then strike at these terrorists and destroy them knowing the majority have fled their path and those unable to leave are trapped but not without hope.

Now why don’t you do some research on this you on how these groups were coddled by the west and their extensive media has been colluding with the military. You can always look at the 1956 treaty with NATO in regards to dealing with the “Red Menace” Waahh! Wahhh! Red scare!! You can find documents in regards to studies in changing Al Qaeda and the Islamist Extremist groups image,from the Washington Institute a published study by Max Abrams authored by Fabrice Balanche.Then you can look at the Libertarian for more also Global Research.ca , many analysts have offered more insight than some Jewish financed studies by these other analysts.

Let’s look at the destructiveness of this Coalition of destruction and dissemination of disinformation, we don’t have to rehash old knowledge and current knowledge about it. The thing when we ignore the truth as everything they have said has been proven to be a lie, makes us as guilty of supporting their truth again without verifying it.

Deo Cass

The Syrian government forces never ran away from anything. They stood by their people. You are completely ignorant of the reality of things in Syria. The Syrian government forces are made up predominatley by the People’s Protection Units of each and every region in Syria. They are indigenous popular militia and soldiers from the same towns and villages they defend. They did not flee or abondon their families. They faced a US/Zionist well trained and armed foreign terror army invading Syria from Tirkey, Jordan, Iraq and the Israeli occupied Golan. They sacrificed their own lives in doing that. Why don’t you see the mass genocide of civilians together with the Peoples Protection Units who were exterminated and beheaded by these foreign invading terror squads coming from more than 80 different countries. Over 300,000 people were massacred by these terror squads and the carnage would have continued were it not for Hezbollah, Iran and Russian intervention which averted a much greater genocide of innocents.

Hide Behind

I admit to not being there but , in my life I have been blessed by aquaintence of many people’s. My wife’s uncle now deceased during initial uprising by ISIL and their groupies, has family fled first to Lebanon and then France, and now and then we text.
My other contacts , are my buisness, but I am not totally ignorant of what went on there.
Also have contacts in other nations who have seen the scum of Syria so called refugee young men.
AL’Jazeera, not the false British one, has interviewed many of both Syria and Iraq. Dig into it.
One bit that hit US news media was of a young lad who had joined ISIL, been captured, returned to mom, and during interview of he and mom, he said ISIL beliefs were right.
Blink gone kaput now no copies extant.
I never said there was no resistance at all, but the facts are that the Old military ran like hell. Leaving the people’s to survive as best they could.
As in Iraq some active military either fled, surrender equipment or changed Islamic sects damn quick

One reason for initial easy and large ISIL and AL ‘Q initiaial was because of the lack in initial US sponsored Invasion was due to lack of any real military backbone.
I suppose you may well deny that there was demonstrations against Assad and the Damascus elites and Responce by Assad and the Damascus Responce as well.


Where do you talk about, cause when you talk about the Idlib province i agree with you, but when you talk about eastern ghouta i think many of the people who life there won’t live under de rule of assad once again. In the start of this civil(proxy) war they rise up against assad and until this moment this pocket hasn’t fallen yet. It means the people who life there support any form of rebels.

Tommy Jensen

For freedom.


Iraqis did so when they ousted Saddam and held the country occupied by people that don’t want anything to do with them. They eventually turn over what little resistance Iraq has against illegals invader so they be left in peace (mind you not because they don’t like the insurgent for resisting but rather because constant terrorism by occupying force). What happen then? Daesh and coalition carpet bombing v2.0.
Syria? Lesson learned. Let the people see what is actually going on and provide political protection as well military assistance to de facto government.

Hide Behind

In areas long held by baddies the populace in the main know little to nothing at all about what has transpired outside of immediate area.
They, the tough ones, have had to adjust to their present realities, unlike all their combat age male relatives who ran to Europe to molest children and women.
Many a combat aged male youth seem to of been living in quite a healthy manner under the baddies.
Syria and Iraq both were as corrupt a place to live as in US, so many just sat on butts waiting to see what their New masters would be like.
Many of their semi tribal village elders

said wait and see.
Give credit where due to Iraq Sovereign; they had put up with US atrocious invasion so they fought this new invader with blood tooth and bone. Nationalism in Iraq got a huge boost, so much so
that wheaa backstabbing Kurds tried to steal Iraq lands, even knowing they kissed US ass . They of Iraq said, “No F’n Way.”
Stick head in sand but many of Present Syria milita sat on thumbs not resisting until Russia put some backbone into Syria proper military and made some successes, then they joined in fighting invaders.

Deo Cass

The native inhabitants of the town and cities where these foreign Zionist terror squad invaded where mass exterminated, eradicated or terrorized and forced to flee deliberately, for ethnic cleansing purposes. Those natove Syrian inhabitants who did succeed to flee all went to seek refuge in the Syrian government areas or fled to Europe as refugees. Those who took tneir place and stole their homes and lands later brought in their own families from Europe and elswhere to change the demographic situation of Syria. The same thing as the invading foreign Kurdish invaders of Syria are doing to the native Syrian Arabs, Christians, Yazidis and Assyrians.


You sound like a C.I.A agent trying to persuade The Syrian People to give up parts of Syria to America, Canada, Western-Europe, Israel & Mossad, Foreign Kurdish fighters SDF Whahabbist and ISIS by painting the situation in a negative light.



Hide Behind ; your treason to the spirit of free peoples degrades you , and you will regret your falsehoods , there is no hiding .


It is widely accepted the safest place for civilians in Syria is in the government controlled areas. That is why the majority of the population is located there – and non opposition civilians displaced by battlefields tend to transit to government areas. The heavy battle-front pockets like East Ghouta are seriously depopulated – these pockets are controlled by few hundred militants and their supporters who are entrenched – and any non opposition civilians remaining there are subject to arbitrary controls of militants – ransoming, extortion, price controls and looting.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Sounds like some pretty good ideas in fiction, so when are you going to make the comment in Non fiction.

You can call me Al

Sorry to say this, but as an armchair warrior, I do not believe the SAA can suffer major losses here, so my solution whilst terrible, in my view the only one …………Father of all bombs.

PS Get as many innocents as you can first obviously.

Tudor Miron

I hate to disagree but I don’t think that this is a solution. Unlike Trump we’re not after cheap show but after restoring soveregnity of Syrian state and kill as many rats as possible but not at the expense of civilans if at all possible. West is trying hard to paint Russians as a mad (and drunk) bloodthirsty bears but if we look at history (WWII as an example) than it was not Stalin who annihilated Drezden in Germany and Hiroshima, Nagasaki in Japan. That was “Democratic world” who did it while still moaning about “values”. If you notice RuAF restrains from working that pocket – it is mostly SyAF operating in that area. Same happened inside Aleppo. Contrary to Raqqa and Mosul.
This pocket will fall into Syrians hands – in time. Idlib is more important at this point imho.

Wahid Algiers

This pocket is full of civilians (all normally paid by the Syrian Gov.). It will take a long time to devide the rats from the civilians and to overtake the control house by house, street by street. Idleb is more important. Right.


Once Idlib is cleared, the war west of the river will transition to the mopping up phase. And this area in the suburbs of the capitol will be part of the mopping up operations.

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