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Military Situation In Central Syria On October 31, 2017 (Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in central Syria on October 30, 2017:

Military Situation In Central Syria On October 31, 2017 (Map Update)

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Nice – grab that border!

Joe Doe

SAA will be cut off, if they proceed to the border. Most likely there is a huge ISIS units, just waiting to attack in the huge packet. Poor SAA General tactics and planning


On the other hand, we keep hearing there is a huge ISIS force in lots of places, and they never materialized. Mayadin, the socalled new capital of the Caliphate fell in days. And the counter attacks on Sukhnah and the road to Deir Ezzor sapped a lot of ISIS strength. So maybe that huge ISIS force no longer exists?


More SAA “poor planning” from the Supreme Commander Field Marshal General John Doe again


Does anybody know the current conditions of the two bridges in BuKamal (the railway bridge and the other)? Amaq published a set of photos regarding the other bridge, but I have no info about the railway one.


I’m not sure how SDF plans to cross the Euphrates.


The same way they grabbed Tayba airbase? US helicopters for a ride.

The SAA better hurry up and send those Tigers down south as the SDF is already further south then they are. And ISIS is not putting up much resistance against them. Whatever remains of ISIS in Deir Ezzor can be dealt with any time they wish for, they’re not going anywhere. The SDF however WILL go anywhere.


Find it hard to believe the Tiger Forces are in D/E at this moment in time . Maybe just waiting to do a helicopter drop between Al Siyal and Al Bukamal .


Why its hard to believe?


D/E is important without a doubt , but at this point in time the road south to Al Bukamal would seem to be the priority .


agree, need to get it before SDF trash does

John Brown

The SAA is not rushing to Al Bukamal because the SDF already has it and everywhere ISIS and Al- Qaeda are the SDF is as well as they have been proven by the SDF to be one in the same. The SDF will have ISIS territory anywhere as soon as ISIS or Al Qaeda is ordered to put on their SDF uniforms. If they SAA rushes to Al Bukamal without securing their rear the SDF will launch an attack on the rear of the SAA after they put on their ISIS uniforms the no kurd part of the SDF ISIS that is.


Everyday is looking more grim to the Kurdish separatist project. Yes, they are exchanging uniforms and welcoming Daesh into their ranks too. But no, SAA is just waiting for the pieces to fall the right way. The Iraqis just cut off the lifeline from KRG, so US is having to start airdropping supplies now, they were not counting on that. You can’t fight a war with airdrops, they are just for special circumstances. In the circumstances SDF can take anything it wants, in fact it would be great if they took everything from Daesh E of Euphrates. The anti-ISIS coalition can finally go home. Syria will find it easy to negotiate with the Kurds: no unity after Daesh is gone, no ability to carry on a war with airdrops, independence is dead so even US in its arrogance won’t go for it. On the other hand the Kurds have committed some serious offences during the conflict, and they will weigh heavily on them during any settlement period. So don’t worry, the Kurdish strength is only for show, and won’t last. With the Iraqis virtually at Al Qaim Daesh is finished. That’s why SAA is ok with focusing on Idlib for a moment.

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