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Military Situation In Central Syria On August 7, 2017 (Map Update)

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies have liberated the strategic town of Sukhna and the nearby areas of Rjam al-Saboun, Tal Abu Qul, Rajm al-Qun and Tulul al-Meleh in the province of Homs and are now advancing on Doubayat gas field.

Now, the Syrian military command have two main options:

  1. To develop the advance along the road between Sukhna and Resfafa in order to cut off the ISIS supply lines to the eastern Hama countryside;
  2. To continue advancing in along the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor highway in an attempt to reach the city prior to the moment when ISIS is able to make successful flank attacks on the advancing grouping.
Military Situation In Central Syria On August 7, 2017 (Map Update)

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I liked the old system much better where the hi-res map would open in a new window or tab. That way I could continue to read the text while the detailed map was loading. Also, I can’t be the only one who wants to see the text and map side by side. And weren’t these “detailed maps” more detailed previously?


yeah, we could zoom them also…

Solomon Krupacek

right mouse click & open in new tab


Ah, left-click now works differently, but (for me on Firefox) right-click -> open in new tab still gives the previous functionality. Thanks! So that only leaves peace in Syria…

Graeme Rymill

Don’t know why it isn’t still working for you… it is for me. Try another browser?

Peter Krueminch

The SAA in Sukhna should push straight on to Deir Ezzor. It’s not as if the main ISIS section in DE province is in any position to resupply the East Hama front in any case, so why worry about making the pocket? I’d expect now a three pronged Blitzkrieg with each of the pincers heading to DE City (or possibly Mayadin in the case of the southern prong). When this is launched, they could overwhelm ISIS and break the siege in as little as a week. ISIS are on the edge of a precipice, now is the time to press home the advantage!


While agreeing with you on D/Z being vastly more important than the pocket , an expansion of secure space around the T2 area , to enable its use for helicopter backup is my call . Seeing the siege lifted from D/Z will be like Christmas in August .

Justin Ryan

I know everyone wants to see DEz liberated! But let us be more realistic, the front line of the SAA is amazingly huge! The old saying of “slower is faster” comes to mind! Lets say the SAA runs to DEz, but then constant ambushes occurs on the spread out front lines that cut the supply line for this front, suddenly another area is weakened and needs to be strengthened and once again, the front lines become thinner and thinner until the SAA pushed past their resourceful limits! No…. Take care of the Hama pocket first and push it all the way to Suknah and Bir al-Zamlah. This will free up soooo many more SAA forces and ENSURE DEz has enough forces to take the city and its eastern oil and gas fields, but also ensure ISIS can’t flank its positions or allow HTS to take advantage of the shortage of SAA forces so they can attack Aleppo and Hama!

“Slower is faster”! This is a common saying especially in the building trade! Im sure its used elsewhere!

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