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JUNE 2023

Military Situation In Bakhmut On May 15, 2023 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Bakhmut On May 15, 2023 (Map Update)

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  • Wagner fighters captured several appartement buildings near Peremoha Cinema;
  • Wagner fighters are advancing north of Dekabrystiv srteet;
  • Clashes between the AFU and Russian forces continue west of Chaikovskoho street;
  • Clashes between the AFU and Russian forces continue near Khromovo.


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1 poseidon nuke enough to tsunamize the whole UK

The UK is a terrorist country killing Russian civilians. Tsunami them already or sabotage their under ocean communication cables, this is a good first step. Then play dumb, like they did with NS1 and NS2. And dont forget that they were the mastermind behind the Crimean bridge terrorist act. So terrorize them too, then deny everything but friendly offer to make a thorough “investigation” on the incident. Tit for tat.

Last edited 17 days ago by 1 poseidon nuke enough to tsunamize the whole UK

Speaking of that bridge , if you want any pictures better get them soon EH

last ukra's dead -American sons and daughters next

you Ukras already said this last year EH


I have pictures of your mom just before she died on dogs dick.

Peter Jennings

The last attempt didn’t work. The bridge was back in service within hours. This failure has put everyone on high alert, so lots of luck old chap. When the south of Ukraine is liberated there will be no more boating trips.


As someone who is British and living here, I still sympathise with your thinking.

Jame Connolly

I’m sure that in the fullness if time Russia will make the britz pay dearly for their military support for the clown of Kiev and his nazi cohorts. I’d like it to happen sooner than later. Payback should be one Kinzhal for every piece of english military junk supplied to the ukronazis, one for every operation that MI6 is involved in and one for every Russian hero who had given his/her life in this proxy war.

The arrogant brits will get their asses kicked.

Emanuel Gomes Bueno - Brasil

605 soldados ucraniano mortos em 14 de maio de 2023. 605 menos! Ucrânia mais fraca e débil. Zelensky usando mais drogas.


Just want to say that the majority of people in the west are being lied to and many do not want war with Russia.


Wrong we want Russia gone gone gone so the terrorist trash will not invade any more countries EH

Mexican-Illinoisian 🇲🇽Z🇷🇺

Your Canadian bitch ass does, keep dreaming cause Lord knows Russia will stay strong and intact.


Just ignore that troll, give a minus and don’t read this childish trash.


don’t read that canuck bullshit, i know, we have a dumb pm, don’t mean we’re all stupid, we didn’t vote for him, he stole the elections just like the rest of world scums. that canuck is probably 4 years old.

LD 1

So doing a coup of a country’s government (Maidan Coup of Ukraine, by the West) is OK, tolerable, even good. But ‘invading’ is bad?

Can I ask you something. If Ukraine was NOT amassing troops on the border with Donbas, prior to the conflict started, then uh… Why has that part of the frontline bared moved? Surely Russia should have been able to advance dozens of miles before Ukraine could move forces into position, and establish a defensive line?


No, most dont want that, only Hasbara Hurenkinder and NATO Troll morons like you and youalikes.

Tom the FBA sperm sewer

you are not Westener. You live in Poltava, admin can confirm your IP


The trolls are so stupid, they don´t realize that they are working for the other side :)

Victor R Talluto

You mean the United Snakes invading other countries, don’t you?


lucky for us, most canadian are lots smarter than you, must be a trudeau worshiper.


Very true. There is a reason the Nazi forbade to listen to the enemies broadcasts. Now the forbade RT, Tass and so on. If the western media were telling the truth, there would not be a need for censorship. Censorship is always a confession of telling lies.



Yes, that’s the reason why now in russia telling the truth about the evil and incompetent russian military is punished with life imprisonment, and that pointing out that the jews are behind all the censorship and wars and evil situation, too is banned by censorship and russians get punished for speaking out the truth with up to 20 years in prison. Check it out yourself before opening your filthy know-nothing rat-mouth !!!

William White

Another shitty incomplete report! Try firing some of the high school kids and the lazy old drunks and maybe you will be called reporters again?


Wagner’s advance, Russian forces only “clash” and with draw. Russia has lost its ability to win, the UK is pushing hard to give the Ukraine wester fighter aircraft, at that time Russia will be beaten.


hay que destruir el poder naval anglosajon incluidos sus 120 mil barcos mercantes

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