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Military Situation In Bakhmut On April 15, 2023 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Bakhmut On April 15, 2023 (Map Update)

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  • Russian forces made advances in the Selyshche district;
  • Clashes are ongoing near the Bakhmut 2 Railway Station;
  • Clashes are ongoing near Chaikovskoho street;
  • Clashes are ongoing near the Avangard stadium;
  • Russian forces took control of City People’s House.


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Psionists slaves of America

This is so messed up. Looks like I gonna lose the I made that Wagner would take Bakhmut this weekend.

Wagner Cuck

It has been 9 months bullshit Bakhmut. What a progress. 1 flat per day, or should I say 1 dick a day. Major major offensive by these prison faggots called Wagner.

Last edited 1 month ago by Wagner Cuck

Black knights on the bridge.


Remember Putin’s words:”Demilitarize Ukraine” not “take territory”. That’s what’s happening. Thousands of Ukies ground to dust. Or maybe you prefer video games.


you do not understand very much these things. Artemovsk (this is the name, the other born few years ago after nazi coup) is a city not very small, approssimatively with 80k inhabitants which is not an easy goal to achieve, specially if the defenders have the objective of not leaving the city to enemy. Then Zelensky and his masters decided to mantain at all costs…….

I hope to explain you how in that way russian are taking city with minimum rate possible of losses. I think they are right in their tactics, rate of losses of attackers very low in front of the opposite for nazis


No Bakhmut is not a big city.

Russia has taken 10 months NOT to capture Bakhmut, the 56th largest town of Ukraine.

Only 56th largest town of Ukraine, and still Russia needed 10 months to take approximately at best 65% of the city.

So what now ?

Ass wide open Mr. Putin ?

Military shredded to pieces, next round of mobilization in RF to feed the hungry ukrainian meatgrinder war ?

That’s what communist litte Jewtin calls a special military operation. I’d call it an especially stupid decision, which cost senseless amounts of lifes, and will make Russia became the economical slave of China in the long run.

But maybe Russians deserve this, as they still dont realize that communism is a sadistic jewish-invented ideology, meant to enslave christians and make them become godless hatefilled red zombies, who then raid the neighboring christian countries, and try to absorb them into their shitty robotic red bolshewic system, same as the Borg do in Star Trek.

And of course world doesn t want such a system, thus in the end it will be defeated completely.

But till then, keep going and never forget to trust your great leader jewdy Jewtin the kosher dwarf and his red dick in your arse.

Trust the plan, bang boom bang.

Last edited 1 month ago by primo553

I agree with the Wagner cuck guy, but you have to understand there’s about 1000 ukrainians defending each flat.


Gallows noose is closing

Ukrainian Warrior killing ruskys

You are confused. It is your cuck ring that is closing.

Icarus Tanović

Looks like so. Cauldron is kind of a gettin closed. But they just doesn’t want that. Ukrotards and Americans fell into a big ass trap.

USA #1!

AFU is making russia pay for every inch of territory… and the fight will continue until russia is tired of losing Orcs… heheheh

La crampe

Well it looks like AI has made a lot of progress lately ^^


A lot of good progress today, thanks fellas!

Mark Johnson

Bahkmut is like a shrinking puddle full of fish lol

more leakers needed

looks like the damage control owns comments here? ukr lost long ago


The problem for Ukraine is that Russia controls all major roads going into Bakhmut. That one single lane road through Kromove can be seen from the ridge at Yagidne. It’s only 1km from the Russian controlled part of that ridge overlooking the road. Russia could flood the city with troops and equipment from 3 major roads in the south, east and north. If it wanted too. So, why don’t they? This strategy was deployed by Russia during WWII at Stalingrad. It’s a meat grinder alright meant to force the defender to direct resources at a city that is already lost.



If you look closely – you will see that a) you are right but b) you have to change the characters in this, this time, as it is Russia that is attacking the town, when back in 1942 it was the germans invading Stalingrad. And even though the germans in late Nov. had conquered more then 90% of the town – they eventually lost the battle. So all you wrote is true apart from the very last sentence. There you wrote, quote: “It’s a meat grinder alright meant to force the defender to direct resources at a city that is already lost.” When in fact it should read: “It’s a meat grinder alright meant to force the ATTACKER to direct resources at a city that is already lost.”

Last edited 1 month ago by primo553
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