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Military Situation In Area Of Raqqah On April 9, 2017 (Syria Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in the area of Raqqah on April 9, 2017. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), backed up by the US-led coalition’s warplanes, attack helicopters, artillery units and military advisers, are struggling to capture the ISIS-held town of Tabqa, the important ISIS defense site on the way of the SDF advance to the ISIS self-proclaimed capital of Raqqah.

Military Situation In Area Of Raqqah On April 9, 2017 (Syria Map Update)

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Going eastward, SDF is very close to the railway bridge over the river. Is that one destroyed too?

IS still seems to have counterattack capability out of Tabqa. Is there a timeline somewhere before they will be so degraded as to be incapable of large scale counterattacks out of the city?

Jens Holm

As far as I know both the railway bridge and the one at the little dam is gone some months ago.

I dont think they will fly until they are only 5 left or out of ammo.


I did not read about the railway bridge earlier.

Fleeing will be difficult as they are surrounded. As for assaulting the city, I do not see a need for a direct assault. A tighter siege, yes. The dam, yes too.

They should give Raqqah city priority or do they need to take Tabqa as a training op?

Jens Holm

Well, they decided Tabqa as well. make much sense to cut ISIS there. They are started and should finish, so they get the road at the dam.

Im not aware if its newcommers, which try to take Tabqa. But they need many, which is familiar to urban warfare. Raqqa is much bigger and also more difficult then Manbij.

So my conclusion is kind of Yours. Yes some traing for new ones would be very good. And to me taking Raqqa by hard figting is not important as well.

Reduction of importance and its getting out of order a little by little is fine. I dont want people to die for nothing or almost nothing and hope some more civilians can escape.


This sounds like a fair assessment

Jens Holm

Yes, lets hope some fair assesments are possible.


i thought US ceased all air operations over syria after russia suspended the agreement they had?

DJ Double D

The Air Communication Line suspension is not meant to stop US flying their sorties but a way of reminding them that their presence and actions in Syria is not legally binding. In order words, Russia gave them that benefit by signing that agreement. Now with blatant disregard of International Law having bombed Syria without UN mandate, no need keeping that recognition.


Yea but I saw an article saying US to suspend all air ops over syria

DJ Double D

Yes, that’s because they are now unsure of how Russia will react going forward. They usually do this until tensions start to cool down. They did same thing when Russia brought in the S-300 and S-400 to Syria after Turkey downed their plane.


if there is WW3 i hope russia and its allies win it, an reorder the world without zionism/globalism!


And I read that now Russia doesn’t have to tell USA who or what terrorists its bombing ahead of time, so americunts can’t tell them to get ready in advance haha


Works both ways off course.

gfsdyughjgd .

No USA jets grounded after after air communication line suspended by Russia.USA is desperate to achieve its hidden agendas.

Jens Holm

Well, Assads certainly are more open. There was even smoke at the gasattacks. Next time it will be in colors of a flag. Hurrah-Hurrah. Hip-Hip.

50 deads at 1 jail in Assad Mafiosa area: Hurahh – HipHip.

Johannes Steiger

Mr. Trump, how you are feeling now as a murderer?

Jens Holm

Ha-ha. Compared to whome. Gas attack from SAA or ISIS executing 33 civiliand north of Raqqa. ha-ha.


Compared Trump the Mass Murderer to your examples above:


(Besides, I wonder why you refer to the Americans as “we”, as you cannot be one of them, as your command of written English is one of the worst that I have encountered; actually, it is often beyond the point of comprehension.)

Jens Holm

Those manioulators has not the faintest ideas about what mass killing are .

Besides that, there has been several full scale wars before Trump came into the the seat.

The first I remember by newspapers when I really Young had Egypts in it at the Egyptian president didnt like his own soldiers and population growth.

“We” are Nato and as partner of the same world economy. We are active in Iraq today. We killed some SAA`s at Deir El Zor and has trained many soldiers and others things.

We are also a corvette outside Soamlia against pirates as well as logistic support by Hecules in Mali, Niger something.

And yes, my written enlish is not well. Until 3-4 months ago, i havnt written any english for 40 years. I really try and are improving a little by litle, but i also has to read and write a lot.

Im sorry for things being out of comprehensitivity, but some of that also depends of the level of the readers – No offence.

DJ Double D

If US with so called allies launch ground attack on Syria, then the war will engulf all the whole of Syria including the Kurdish territory that they so intend to occupy. It will be so messy of a war, the outcome of which will be such unpredictable that Trump will surely be a one time president. Mark my words guys.

Jens Holm

Thats rubbish. You are probatly one of those which also all the times has said kurds can only take sanded villages and hamlets.

And now, when they seems to might do it, You go on in the most infame way as Turks do, that everythings dirty is thrown to make them and SDF dirty.

So why are they dirty. Well because You sýstematicly do it with Your dirty fertilizer.

First You write for many Years that kurds will occupie this and that. Well it might be so, that You actually as a minimum are felt like that Yourself.

So now the americans are the dirty ones, and they want to occupy the Rojava.

One thing for sure: Its certainly not Yours at all. Go home to Your own country and stop all the AKP erasments. They are not only at kurds but more and more all over.

You not even know, what going on on borth sides of the borderline for many years and You deny it too. We westerns and many others know much more about that.

Even when we tell, that proofs are laws made by the Parlament and the Goverment, You deny them. Seems like You are not even allowed to debate Your own constitution.

DJ Double D

Hi Bro, You are way off topic!

Jens Holm

Thank You.

Jens Holm

Im in heaven having a hard time. Those cute little 18 year and a day are really exhausting. I already would prefare one, which is 72.

Wonder why they have done, since they already are here. I only know 2 tryed to learn to read, but their father told them, that newspapers were only toiletpaper for girls.

Real Anti-Racist Action

One thing I am impressed with is… The US at least knows how to surround an enemy so none will escape the final battles.
Thus far Syrian military and NDF and Iranians seem to not know how to master this very basic military need to know how. Though I do know that Hezbollah knows how, but often times lacks the man power to do so.
THe US is surrounding ISIS from a distance, then will close the noose and really eliminate almost all of ISIS, except for the Mossad and Jordan leaders which will be flown back to Tel Aviv for medals around their necks.
I like the Syrian military, but they need to know how to wipe enemies out after encircling them, and not leave them exit routs.
This war would have been over with three years ago had Syrian military known how to do this effectively.

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