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Map Update: Military Situation in Aleppo Province, Syria on August 28

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The map below shows the military situation in Syria’s province of Aleppo on August 28

Map Update: Military Situation in Aleppo Province, Syria on August 28

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Outdated; Turkey have crossed the Sajur river.

Death to Imperialism, freedom

Turkish backed militants and Turkish army are advancing pretty fast for now, I reckon it’s because SDF’s forces were fighting ISIS when Euphrates shield began.If they want to defend their territory they should hurry up and move their forces to combat Turkey and their militants.

Death to Imperialism, freedom

Wait, didn’t SDF say they will go back east of the Euphrates?

Sergio González

IIRC they did. I don’t know why they didn’t. US said they would lose their support if they didn’t. Maybe the Kurds aren’t US’s puppets anymore. Who knows. As long as they kill a lot of turks and the turks do the same it’s fine.

Jens Holm

Well again this primitive acces to the facts. Kurds are not one group and has 4 different alfabets too. You might check Yours.

KDF is a coalition, where YPG has delivered up to 80% of the groundtropps. Others kurds some, Turkmen some, manbij refugees some incl the major of manbij and Nato – especially USA has dekivered Airplanes as well as special forces.

The manbij projeckt was a great succes – and fine – after 73 days they too Manbij and the local surroundings.

But after that YPG part has gone solo.

Its very bad for the Kurds YPG gave Turks the perfect excuse to come in at all. The killing should be stopped, but YPG gave the stupid agression. And now the BIIIG TÜrks has do the honor for theur kind of respect for others incl. own citicens in Turkey.

Thats not fine for me at all.


Get the fuck out you stupid neocon piece of shit.

Jens Holm

Writing like this confirm my oppinoin of Your level very much. Not neoNcon ?


We know what your “level” is: A lying piece of shit propagandizing for jihadis, Erdogan and Anglo-Zionists. What happened to your false insincere “humanitarianism” that you were displaying a few weeks ago when the Syrian army and Russians were attacking Western Aleppo, dickhead? Where’s your “humanitarianism” now, when Turkish-backed jihadis are torturing and killing people? ANSWER THAT, SHITHEAD!

Jens Holm

You think Im member of some football team or a hooligan.

Im in oppostion in my country. My oppinion is very clear. We shou´ld never have been there as country or Nato at all.

There should be a wall around all Ypu blaming us for averything and blaming Yourself for nothing.

Helping that, there should be a high wall around You letting food in and oil out. Thats it. And If Ypou were still shouting like You calling for answers calling my names as well, we could send You only pigfood until You kept quiet or became dead.

All in Aleppo could just go home right now – Go out and tell them.

When millions are refugees in- and outside You BELOVED countries, something is terrible wrong.

When we from outside seeing, what You deny to change and tell You, You say again and again – everything is our fault.

be a modern sociaty copying the best things as we have develloped – or go back an stay in Your dark way of living as old days low producers of anything very slowly by handcraft and almost all women as non producers kept as sekund class citicens. Where the BNP is high woman are an equal part of education and jobs exept from, where the are having babis.

And divede power. Dont put it in a small FATHER group getting dictator after dictator.


Learn to write English properly and form a coherent sentence first, before posting opinions on message boards meant for intelligent adults, you pathetic blabbering idiot…

And no, I don’t think you’re a “member of some football team or a hooligan”. I think a football hooligan is much preferable to you. You’re something far worse than a football hooligan – you’re a miserable stinking wretched online propagandist-troll for evil U.S. globo-imperialists and Islamists. Instead of trying to do something about your own North European homeland going down the drain, you latch on to U.S./NATO imperialism as a way to make yourself feel good, like you’re part of the strong team.

Jens Holm

Nice to know someone knowing myself better than my self. I dont latch and Im trying to get us out of Your svamp, but we have a parlament, which for the time being unfortunetly waste time and money. It would slow the killing down everybody only could effort bow and arrow and made them themselves.

More like a zoo to me. likke feeding mouse and rats to feed tigers. There is a democrat and pig too.

You forgot zionist and hindu.

Death to Imperialism, freedom

Their interests are actively clashing now, and US has abandoned them

Jens Holm

They have never been US puppets. If You look at older maps, You can see how many kurds were killed and becomming refuges.

The common enemy was/is ISIS helping each other.


They said that YPG will move back to the east of Euphrates like Turkey demanded. However other groups in SDF will stay west of Euphrates. YPG =/= SDF.

Death to Imperialism, freedom

Interesting, but YPG is the bulk of SDF, right?I’ve also read they refused to advance on Raqqa

Jens Holm

Yes You can say that they are, but its a koalition with other kurds as well as several smal groups(arabs of manbij and Turmens) BUT the koalition have Nato/US as airstrike and Nato specialforces at the ground too(dont know – 100 or a little more).

Kurds are not a United Country and disagree a lot. So its a kind of ad hoc group.

And Yes Raqqa is out of, whar Kurds think is the part, they will live in. Along Eufrat its Sunni arab main ISIS territory exept Deir el Zor.

But it would make very much sense taking Raqqa cutting ISIS and the main pipeline and others things. But telling Kurds, that they will be a part of Assads – or something like that – confirm they dont have for Assad comming back hurting Kurds more as usual.

Jens Holm

SDF said the YPG/PYD part would go east of Eufrates.

I dont know exactly who is fighting, but KDF has Manbij Council and Turkmen group in it. They are home – but small.


So now you reveal your true colors as a Turkish and jihadi-supporting piece of shit.

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