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JULY 2022

Military Situation in Aleppo City on August 3, 2016

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The map depicts the military situation in Aleppo city on August 3, 2016.

Military Situation in Aleppo City on August 3, 2016

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Adam Tiny Ade Lindberg

Hard to Tell where this i headed, who has the upper hand?

John Whitehot

SAA retook the positions lost on 1st august but the situation is still tense. That’s the resume of several different medias around the web. Although the jihadists keep stating that they aren’t still finished, the government side has some sort of recon dominance (proven also by one russian drone crashing), so it’s very difficult that they can make any substantial move without getting immediately pummeled by airstrikes. On the downside, Moscow stated that it’s out of question that an operation to liberate the part still in jihadist hands will be launched, for the sake of the civilians in there.


The city of Aleppo will be retaken the same way Homs was retaken in 2014 when the jihadist were allowed to leave the city but for that to happen every attempt at breaking the siege needs to be repelled.


It’s gonna go back and forth like this a few times. But the SAA is a master of siege warfare, so as long as the aleppo supply line stays open, the siege of aleppo stays on until the eventual end. But more than likely the worst is over….

O'Brian Andrews

The key to taking Aleppo are fivefold 1. The SAA must hold and expand their positions continually and at all cost. The must repel the terrorists attacks every time, their defenses must not be broken 2. The aerial bombardment by the SyArab Airforce and Russian Airforce must continue unabated day after day without ceasing. 3. Aerial and ground recon must be strategic and tactical 4. The seige must be ruthlessly enforced. Humanitarian aid for civillians to be continued of course. 5. As in the taking of Homs the push must be to break the psychological will of the terrorists and convince them that their only alternative would be to leave Aleppo.


The SAA does tactical retreat to get the ISIS out of their holes into visibility so they can be bombed. The SAA does one step forward two steps back then bombs and goes forward three steps. This is to reduce house to house fighting against defenders that are very well dug in with small arms and ATGM . The SAA is very sensitive to attrition losses.


Is is possible the West has come to an agreement with Syrian coalition and they are now getting rid of their assets before they turn into deadly enemies living among them (the West)?

experienced soldier

work is completed. Aleppo will be rid of the Syrian armija.a terrorists “moderate opposition” suffered tremendous loss. Days of surrender to terrorists and progress on the Syrian army to Idlib.

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