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Military Situation In Afrin Area On February 13, 2018 (Syria Map)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in the Afrin area on February 13, 2018. The Turkish Armed Forces and the Free Syrian Army have recently established control over the village of Muhammadiyah and Amarah Hill and further advanced in the areas of Jinidres, Rajo and Saranjik.

Military Situation In Afrin Area On February 13, 2018 (Syria Map)

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You can call me Al

mmm, sorry, but is that all ?.


Yup. We must all fear the Ottoman hordes of the Great Sultan of Ankara. They’re fearless. Well……, maybe not quite.


Well, they do fit the description of an horde, a bunch of uncoordinated thugs.

King Tudor777

AMN is reporting that the Tigers will be deployed to the worst jihadi swamp in Syria, East Ghouta, if they finish it off and other troops(like Hezbollah and IRGC) finish Daesh pocket off, war will be won very soon. There are also reports of an upcoming operation in the Rastan pocket in Hama and Homs.



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jim crowland

It is time for the USA to start strikes on the Ottomans…..


The US has pretty much given the region to Russia with its stupid policies. In going after small fry victories (getting rid of Assad), they even managed to lose Turkey despite them also wanting rid of Assad.

Its latest move was, frankly, bizarre. Thinking that it is ok to announce a border force of YPG (and yes, every intel agency in the world knows they are PKK affiliates) is like a guy who has watched too much porn and taken too much cocaine thinking it is ok to get his cock out when a pizza delivery girl turns up.

The invasion of Iraq was the most counterproductive piece of foreign policy I have ever seen and everything they have done to deal with the consequences of it have made it worse.

Oktay Ferhatoğlu

i could not say it better myself

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