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Military Situation In Afghanistan On October 31, 2019 (Map Update)


Military Situation In Afghanistan On October 31, 2019 (Map Update)

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  • At least 5 soldiers were killed and 8 others were captured by the Taliban during clashes in Kunduz province, according to pro-government sources;
  • The US-led coalition announced that it had carried out 1,113 artillery and air strikes across Afghanistan in September;
  • The Taliban attacked the Nawbahar district administration center in Zabul province;
  • A Taliban insider allegedly killed 10 government troops in the Arghandab district administration center. 2 RPG launchers, 2 machine guns and 16 rifles were reportedly seized by the Taliban.




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  • Ed

    These updates are very helpful but why do they always seem to omit the almost daily attacks that Daesh seem to be making on the Taliban? Only yesterday they claimed to have killed a Taliban leader. Is it because all these claims are bullshit and they never actually happened?!

    • Mike

      Its BS from those fake Mossad, Saudi, and CIA mercs and phony Muslims known as Daesh. They always seem to pop up like clock work where Americans are stationed in Muslim countries and then go about mostly killing Muslims. I say its more then coincidence that this group is always on the coat tails of American military occupation, ISIS or Daesh are phony made for TV bad guys. Kind of a false flag or made up enemy by the state, like Emmanuel Goldstein and The Brotherhood from the novel 1984.