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Military Situation In Afghanistan On November 26, 2019 (Map Update)


Military Situation In Afghanistan On November 26, 2019 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments in Afghanistan:

  • Mawlawi Abdul Ghafar, the Taliban-designated shadow district governor of Almar district, was killed in an airstrike in Faryab, the Defense Ministry said;
  • A Taliban infiltrator killed 3 government troops in the Gizab district of Urozgan province, the Taliban said;
  • The Taliban conducted a large-scale attack on government forces’ positions in the Dasht-e-Archi district of Kunduz province. The group claimed that 20 government troops were killed, 25 others were injured;
  • 7 government troops were killed in clashes with the Taliban in the Nahri Saraj district of Helmand province, the Taliban claimed.




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  • Mehmet Aslanak

    There should be a map update for Libya, too. There is an intense civil war going on there.
    Also there should be an oil & gas infrastructure map for Libya. Which side owns what oil fields?

    • klove and light

      tottaly pointless…..if iraq is bad……..Libya is 1000x worse off……they wrecked Libya from the INSIDE OUT…..daily changing allies daily changing onwership of villages, cities etc…. VERY similar to the ANGOLA civil war ..from 1975 to 2002…. dozens of different Players/nations with different Goals…same in Libya…dozens of different Players/nations with different Goals and allies on the Ground…PURE MAYHEM……….Forget About Libya for the next 30 years!!!!! very sad very sad..but that is the doing of TWO Players…the british Crown and their Partners Zionist jews!!