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Military Situation In Afghanistan On November 1, 2020 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Afghanistan On November 1, 2020 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments in Afghanistan:

  • The Afghan Ministry of Defense says 12 Taliban members were killed and 3 others wer ewounded after they attacked ANDSF positions in the Dehrawod district of Uruzgan Province
  • An explosion took place at a police checkpoint in the city of Herat. Three people were killed and 2 others including a civilian were wounded
  • More than 261 civilians have been killed in Taliban attacks across Afghanistan in the past two months, the Interior Ministry said on October 31
  • Seyed Abdul Hanan Hashemi, the head of Afghanistan Telekom’s “Afghanistan 1”, was killed in Kabul


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“Who would vote for a candidate with the following manifesto:

“Our nation is bankrupt. We cannot make ends meet and we need to eliminate Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security and Defence totally to balance the budget. That will save us $3 trillion which almost covers the 2020 deficit.

The problem is that we expect a bigger deficit next year. Covid is paralysing major parts of the country and will be very costly. It will also have permanent negative effects. In addition, we expect major problems in the insolvent financial system. This will necessitate the printing of further trillions of dollars or even tens of trillions.

But as we print these dollars, we get an ever bigger problem. The value of the dollar will fall precipitously and we will need to print and borrow even more. That will create a vicious circle with a lower dollar, bigger deficits and bigger debts plus inflation.

So these are the facts. I am obviously very sorry to present these to you but I am certain that there can be no other outcome.

I sincerely hope that you will elect me on this platform. After all, I am the only presidential candidate in history who has told his people the truth and the real state of the nation.

And please don’t believe the fake promises of the other candidate. A liar doesn’t deserve to be president.

Finally, I promise to do my best to manage the coming disorderly collapse of the USA to the best of my ability.””

– Greyerz – As US Election Looms The Real Price People Are Paying For Gold Is Shocking –



Then use silver. It’s always been accepted. It will be no different this time.


Can you provide examples of this throughout history, or is it just conjecture on your part?

There’s a difference between not being able to buy something with silver because it’s not available, in which case barter isn’t going to do you any good either. And someone refusing silver in exchange for goods or services because no one will except it as a medium of exchange.

There’s also a difference between people preferring barter over money because they get what they feel is a better deal. Which happens now when everyone uses money.


Those aren’t really relevant examples to modern times. War zones and stateless societies without a functional government would be the closest. I’m not aware of anywhere where monetary metals lack value. Because all that you have to do is go to a border area with a functional monetary system. And they’ll buy you anything that’s for sale.


The US is heading for collapse. And if there’s a 50% to 75% reduction in gdp. It’s still a very large economy with the planet’s third largest population. If it holds together as a 50 state union during this. There will still be a functioning monetary system. How inflationary, stagflationary, or deflationary it will be is open to debate.

The function of silver and gold coins and bullion will be as an alternative monetary system. Not subject to hyperinflating to zero. And as a store of value recognized everywhere. If a lot of the population is so impoverished that they have no silver or gold. That won’t detract from the monetary value of the precious metals for those that do have them.


Your point was that:

“gold/silver is useless and will hold no value except for retards.”

That’s obviously not true. The retards will be the ones without it. Which is why they’ll be trying to get what they need with barter. Which most merchants won’t be interested in when they can sell their goods to those with gold and silver. Or can exchange it for fiat and spend it immediately before it becomes worthless.


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