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JUNE 2021

Military Situation In Afghanistan On June 7, 2021 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Afghanistan On June 7, 2021 (Map Update)

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  • On June 7, clashes between the government forces and Taliban continued in the Ghourian district
  • On June 7, unknown gunmen shot dead two security personnel in the PD8 of Kabul
  • On June 6, Taliban reportedly captured the center of Shahrak district in Ghor province
  • On June 5, Taliban forces reportedly captured most of Deh Yak district in Ghazni province.
  • On June 6, more than 15 security personnel were killed and wounded in a Taliban car bomb attack on a police headquarters in Balkh


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Peter Wallace

Nearly 20 years ago the US backed up by several other countries invaded Afghanistan to get Osama bin Laden . The Afghan government helped into power by the US don’t even control half the country now . Once the US leaves how long before the Taliban control all but Kabul and the takeover of the capital would only be a matter of time . What has the US achieved during this period. Apart from the waste of billions of dollars , the death and maiming for life of many of those that went there believing in the lies , I would suggest they haven’t achieved much at all. When the towers came down many in the world including Russians supported the US in their loss. Since then the world has turned from supporting the US to despising them with contempt and seen they are nothing but war mongers with their sole desire the complete subjugation of the world , friends and allies included. Instead of looking after their people and country the rich that control the US are solely interested in looting and raping all they can.


USA loses one more war
CIA refuses to pay for for propaganda to refute another humiliting defeat
they are too busy teaching jens about micro aggressions

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